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Top Fashion Photographers like Jerry Avenaim are rare, he is internationally recognized for his high-profile work in celebrity photography, fashion, portrait, actor headshots, model portfolio photography, advertising, corporate portraits, and editorial magazine photography. Although he specializes in fashion photography, celebrity photography and advertising photography in the Los Angeles area, he ranks highly among the best professional film and digital photographers working not only in the U.S. but also throughout the world, it's hard to find that when looking for model portfolio photographers in los angeles.

Just as the best magazines, advertising agencies, design firms, and corporations have Jerry on their short list of Top Los Angeles Photographers, when your assignment calls for the highest level of professional digital commercial photography, you know who to call, Jerry Avenaim. Jerry’s outstanding comfort level with famous celebrities, super models, star athletes, and talented people in many other fields including the corporate world, along with his years of experience, makes him the best person to photograph high profile individuals.

As you navigate this site, you’ll find the achievements of an exceptional career. Jerry Avenaim’s online portfolio includes award-winning work in entertainment, beauty, model, lifestyle, fashion photography, actor headshots and corporate photography. In model development portfolios it is welcome that a model bring an escort photography. His A-list client portfolio includes award-winning, first class commercial clients. Jerry’s best editorial photographs appear on the covers or in major photo spreads in the world’s top magazines, including Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Newsweek, and TV GUIDE. His advertising roster includes; Merle Norman Cosmetics, Guess Jeans, Phat Farm, Ford Motors, McDonalds, Warner Bros., and Twentieth Century FOX. Jerry works with many top advertising agencies such as Young and Rubicam and J. Walter Thompson to create attention-grabbing, award-winning advertising campaigns. Recognizing the importance of always being in the forefront of digital technology, Jerry and his team in Los Angeles founded Atomic Digital Capture, a company offering the best full-service digital solutions for professional photographers.

With his belief that passion and originality are the driving forces behind his success, Jerry brings a high energy and a fresh perspective to every assignment. As a top photographer, he moves from fashion photography and celebrity photography he can easily switch gears to advertising photography and corporate portraits, from location shoots to studio portraits, from stills to video, and from film to digital photography, Jerry Avenaim embraces the wide scope of his assignments with intensity and purpose to make them all his very best. From his base in Los Angeles, Jerry travels all over the country. Recent shoots and lectures have taken him outside Los Angeles and Orange County to New York City and the East Coast, Washington, D.C, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, Miami, and Europe. His corporate sponsors include; Mamiya, Sekonic, Tenba, Profoto, Leaf Digital, Pocket Wizard, Lexar Media, Olympus, Kodak and Chimera.

In addition, Jerry Avenaim is also a powerful Public Speaker and leads Top Photography Workshops all over the United States. He has been a regular speaker to the students at a number of colleges including Harrington College of Design, Santa Monica College, College of Southern Nevada, and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Taking the best experiences and knowledge of his years as a seasoned fashion, celebrity, advertising commercial professional photographer, Jerry has authored many articles on his photography style and techniques. Click on the provided links to learn more about some of those articles and interviews. His services also include private photography workshops!

Jerry Avenaim ‘s bio documents 20 years of excellence and innovation which has led him to the distinction of being one of America's Top Fashion Photographers. At nineteen, Jerry began his career in photography as first assistant to the legendary top fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier. In 1985 he ventured out on his own. His first major assignment was a foreign edition Vogue cover of the then rising star, Cindy Crawford. Living in Milan, he initially worked for Italian Vogue under the direction of Editor in Chief Franca Sozzani. Even today Jerry Avenaim continues to explore many avenues as he pursues his artistic vision as a fashion photographer. Early in his career, Jerry worked as a Playboy Photographer in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami. His fine art nude photography has appeared in Playboy Magazine and countless top fine art photography magazines worldwide. In addition, he is recognized as a renowned landscape photographer.

In the early 1990’s, with an already established career as a fashion photographer, Avenaim moved to Los Angeles where he is now based. With a shift in focus, Jerry began his journey in celebrity photography. He immediately fell in love with the genre. "I love actors and have such a great respect for the craft and it's process." Through the years, he has gained the trust of some of the most strong-willed celebrities, because of his reputation for never doing anything to make them look foolish in his photographs. In the last decade Jerry Avenaim's celebrity photography resume of mega-watt stars reads like a who's who of Hollywood’s royalty.

As an artist, Jerry Avenaim continues to explore all aspects of fashion photography and as a highly sought after top celebrity photographer. His fascination with feminine beauty continues to have an enduring influence on his career. As a highly successful top fashion photographer, he regularly captivates viewers with his work. Having reached the pinnacle of his profession, Avenaim now takes great satisfaction in encouraging young photographers to become the best top fashion photographers thay can. It is the sign of a top photographerwho gladly gives back to the profession that has given so much to him.