Best Chain for Stihl MS290 in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

A chainsaw is the most common power cutting tools for doing professional or household projects. However, you are using protective gear and other stuff before using a chainsaw. But what about the condition of the chain? Is it sharp enough to cut the object?

If yes, then you are good to go. However, if no, then you are heading toward a disaster. While encountering an object by a blunt chain, it may lead to dangerous accidents. That’s why you should choose a sharper chain.

If you use the Stihl ms290 chainsaw, then you will find here the best chain for Stihl ms290. It doesn’t matter whether you are cutting hardwood or a small brunch of trees. You just need a shaper chain whatsoever.

Keep reading to pick your desire Stihl ms290 chains.

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8TEN Chain for STIHL MS290, 362 & 650 | 20″ Saw Chain | 3 Pack
8TEN Chain for STIHL MS290, 362 & 650 | 20″ Saw Chain | 3 Pack

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Oilomatic Chain for STIHL MS290 | 74 Drive Links | 18″
Oilomatic Chain for STIHL MS290 | 74 Drive Links | 18″

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8TEN Chain for STIHL MS290, 310 & 440 | Guide Bar + 2 Chains
8TEN Chain for STIHL MS290, 310 & 440 | Guide Bar + 2 Chains

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Oregon Chain for STIHL MS290 | Versatile | 72 Drive Links | 20″
Oregon Chain for STIHL MS290 | Versatile | 72 Drive Links | 20″

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Oregon Chain for STIHL MS290 | 81 Drive Links | 20″
Oregon Chain for STIHL MS290 | 81 Drive Links | 20″

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Best Chain for STIHL MS290 Reviews

In this section, we will showcase to you the essential feature of the Stihl chains. It would help you to choose your intended chains for the Stihl ms290 chainsaw. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. 8TEN Chain for STIHL MS290, 362 & 650 | 20″ Saw Chain | 3 Pack

Our chain list kicks off with a professional-graded Stihl chain. While you are searching for a chain for professional or personal projects, it will meet your requirement since it comes with all the features that a premium chain has.

Let’s talk about the performance of the chain. The main feature of the chain is its sharper cutter that stays sharp for a long time. There is no need to sharper the chain regularly. But you can sharp every now and then to get a long-lasting chain.

Due to the sharp cutting edges, the 8TEN chain obtains a great cutting precision.

The chain doesn’t care whether you are cutting hardwood or firewood. It will ensure the maximum cutting precision in every attempt.

The more fascination feature of the chains is its cutter design. The cutting edges are so sharp and smooth that they can easily penetrate through even the hardest wood. As a result, you can complete your project faster. Plus, you can use premixed fuel to enhance the chainsaw’s performance.

Along with the performance, the chain becomes popular among the DIYer or beginner because the 8TEN ensures maximum safety during operation. So, you can grab the chain for your home improvement project.

Key Features

  • Compatible with various models
  • Ensure 100% cutting precision
  • Comes with a unique cutting tooth
  • Provides the best quality, safety, and performance

2. Oilomatic Chain for STIHL MS290 | 74 Drive Links | 18″

Professional chainsaw operators are always looking for a sharper chain that lasts long. If you are one of them, then our runner-up Stihl chain selection would be most suitable for you. Let’s see the other features.

This is one of the special chains from Stihl itself. They have engineered the chain by oilomatic technology. The chain gets extra lubricant on the chains than other brands. As a result, it can prevent premature wear and tears.

If you are looking for an 18″ chain for Stihl ms290, then it would perfect choice. The chain got a .325-inch pitch and .063-inch gauge. Along with that, it comes with 74 drive lengths.

Most of the chainsaw vibrate profusely due to the chain fittings. It may lead to accidents or fatigue the operator. However, Stihl makes sure the accurate chain fittings to reduce the vibrations.

Besides, Stihl comes with a huge safety measure for the operators. They contain the kickback and make it safer, so it is an ideal chain collection for the DIYer or beginners.

Therefore, if you want a non-stop cutting performance regardless of wood, you can have the Stihl chains within a reasonable price.

Key Features

  • .325″pitch, 063″ gauge, and 74 drive lengths
  • Measure all safety issues
  • Reduces vibration and kickback
  • Special cutter ensures fewer frictions

3. 8TEN Chain for STIHL MS290, 310 & 440 | Guide Bar + 2 Chains

For those who are looking for a combo Stihl chainsaw accessory, this pack is selected for them. Basically, the pack has designed with a chainsaw guide bar and 2 chains. If you need a guide bar alongside the chains, then it would be the best chainsaw chain for Stihl.

The combo pack offers the best features for professional operators. You can encounter any types of wood such as hard or frozen because the chains ensure maximum cutting precision and reduce wood dust.

8TEN has engineered the cutter edges for long-lasting cutting performance.

It enables the chainsaw to penetrate through the object effortlessly. Plus, it ensures minimum friction while cutting.

The combo pack is famous for its compatibility. Besides ms290, you can use the chains and chainsaw guide bar on the other Stihl models.

If you are a DIYer or beginner in chainsaw operation, you also easily operate the chainsaws. This is because it ensures the tight-fitting with the chainsaw guide. That’s how it reduces the kickback while in extreme operation.

Therefore, if you want a professional-graded chain that ensures maximum safety, then this combo pack would be the most suitable package for you.

Key Features

  • Comes with a chainsaw guide and 2 chains
  • Ensure the sharp cutting-edges
  • Reduce maximum vibration while cutting
  • Easily compatible with most of the Stihl models

4. Oregon Chain for STIHL MS290 | Versatile | 72 Drive Links | 20″

Are you looking for professional-graded Stihl chains that stay sharper for a long time? Then you are a few steps back from such a durable Stihl chain. The chains are from Oregon, which brought exciting features in this chain.

First, talk about the combability of the chain. To speak, it is a versatile chain that can easily adjust with most of the chainsaw models in the market. If you frequently use a various chainsaw for professional purposes, you can use the chain on the other chainsaw models.


The chains offer a heavy-duty performance in all types of wood. Besides using professionally, it is ideals for DIYers because the chains maintain a good balance on the chainsaw and produce less vibration.

Another interesting feature for the operators is its safety measurement. The chains have a tight-fitting with the chainsaw. That’s how it reduces kickback. So, this chain is recommended for amateur operators too.

Oregon makes sure the quality while manufacturing.  They maintain a lubricated chain for cutting faster. Besides, it helps the chain stay longer.

So, if you are on a tight budget but prefer the best chain for Stihl ms290, you can consider this cost-effective chain.

Key Features

  • A versatile chainsaw chains
  • Most cost-effective chain
  • Ensure mush safety for the beginners
  • Comes with a better cutting precision
  • Have huge longevity with keeping the sharpness

5. Oregon Chain for STIHL MS290 | 81 Drive Links | 20″

Last but not least, the chain is also from the reputed chainsaw manufacturers called Oregon. Besides manufacturing chainsaw, they have come up with some quality chains for the other brands.

Due to the chain quality and customer loyalty, Oregon dominating the chainsaw industry since 1947. Those who are constantly using the chainsaws and other accessories they are familiar with Oregon.

The fascinating feature of the Oregon chains is its lubricity. They make sure a substantial oily substance to enhance the longevity of the chain. That’s how the chain becomes durable and prevents wear and tears.

It is a 20-inch chain for Stihl and other brands. It has come with a .325-inch pitch and a .063-inch gauge. Plus, the chain also has 81 drive links.

The secret behind its long-lasting performance is its Blued Cutters. This cutter has resistance against corrosion. That means the chains keep their sharpness for a long-time with exact cutting precision.

Besides sharpness, Oregon made the cutter so smooth to penetrate the hardest wood. Therefore, it would be hard to overlook the chain if you always prefer a high performing chainsaw chain for Stihl Ms290.

Key Features

  • 20″ Chain with .325″ pitch, 063″ gauge, and 81 drive links
  • Blued cutter able to cut through hardest objects
  • The chain can resist corrosion
  • LubriTec ensures a long-lasting and less friction chain

Things to Consider Before Buying Chain for STIHL MS290

Best Chain for Stihl MS290

While buying tools or accessories for machinery, you must consider some important factors related to the product. Otherwise, you will fall in danger or suffer after buying harassment.

However, don’t be worried! We have put together some crucial points to consider while buying the best chainsaw chain for Stihl. Let’s get them.

Cutting Precision

The first and most significant feature that you should consider is the cutting precision of the chain. This is the main feature of a chain. The chain offers much accurate cutting that considers as the best chain.

You can easily determine a quality Stihl chain by measuring its cutting performance. The more a chain can cut precisely, the fast you can complete the projects.

Lubricity of the Chain

All of the premium chains come with a lubricious chain. Basically, the manufacturers use the oily substance to enhance the longevity of the chain. If a chain has a substantial oily substance, it can perform well and prevent wear and tears.

Therefore, don’t forget to check the chain lubricity while choosing a chain for Stihl ms290.

Cutter Quality

The cutters of the chainsaw should be sharper since it has to cut various types of wood. Apart from that, a shaper cutter can easily penetrate through the tree. So, to have quality chains, you must check the cutter condition.

Besides sharpness, some cutters come with a smooth finishing. It helps the chainsaw to cut the wood smoothly.

Heating Dissipation

A chainsaw chain must have a heating dissipation feature. Otherwise, the chain wears and tears quickly.

If the chains have a reasonable heat dissipation ability, you can use the chainsaw for long-term projects.  So, don’t discount such a significant feature of the chainsaw chain.


Most of the chainsaw chain easily deteriorate due to the low resistance. The low resistance also reduces the sharpness of the chain. That means it cannot stay for a long time.

So, check whether the chains have enough resistance to fight against corrosion. However, if you want a high resistance chain for your Stihl, you can consider the above list.


Though you are looking for Stihl ms290 chains, that not means you have to choose exactly that one. There is a lot more option for these models. In fact, it is better to choose a versatile chain for a particular model.

If you are a professional operator, you must choose a versatile chain for this model. That’s how you can ensure maximum use of the chain in other chainsaw models.


Though it always prefers to choose a cost-effective one, that not means you have to discount the quality of the chain. Some manufactures offer a combo pack for chainsaw accessories.  So, if you need other accessories along with the chain, then you can consider the combo pack.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use the chain on my 55 Rancher from Husqvarna?

Yes! You are welcome.

Though these chains are consciously chosen for Stihl MS 290 models, these chains have multiple compatibilities that adjust with other nearby brands or models.

So, the fourth chain from the above list would perfectly fit with your 55 Rancher.

2. How can I choose the best chainsaw chain for Stihl?

That’s easy.

You have to consider the chain based on some parameters. First, check the cutting precision and sharpen it. Along with that, check whether it has resistance against corrosion or not. Finally, see the longevity and compatibility of the chains.

If all the above features are okay, it sounds you are about to have the quality chains.

3. Can you use the chain for cutting frozen trees?

Yes! You can.

The chains offer sharper cutter and cutting precision. As a result, you can cut the frozen tree and any types of trees. There is no chance to break down the cutter if you choose a quality chain.

4. Why my chainsaw becomes hot while cutting?

There are various reasons for this. First, the chain is not enough sharper to cut the trees. Second, the chain has not enough heat dissipation capacity. That’s why you experience a hot chainsaw after a while of cutting.

5. Are they secure enough to use at home?

Basically, most of the working safety depends on the operator. If your side is okay, then come to the chainsaw. This chainsaw chain reduces maximum kickback and minimizes the vibration too. As a result, you are also safe from the chainsaw side.

Final Words

A chain is the most crucial and primary accessory of the chainsaw. If you aren’t able to choose the quality chain for your chainsaw, that means you are heading for a disaster. So, choose the best chain for Stihl ms290 consciously.

Suppose you pay attention to some features of the chain such as the overall performance, chain quality, sharpness, resistance, and cutting precision. That means you are about to get the top-notch chain for your Stihl ms290.

Have a Great Cutting!