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Top 5 Best Custom Kydex Holsters – Recommendations for 2023

If you are an expert on holsters and like to carry guns with style then you would understand the benefits of a custom Kydex holster. That type of holster is an effective, durable, and quality holster.

Most of the Kydex holsters are designed with the highest quality materials. All of those are made by hand according to the preferences of their customers. The best custom Kydex holsters gives an even better fitment experience.

Not all those adjustable holsters can be trusted. So we bring here the custom Kydex holster that will give you the ability to fine-tune to your liking. So stay with us and find out more about the holster.

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POLE.CRAFT Custom Kydex Holster | Sharp
POLE.CRAFT Custom Kydex Holster | Sharp

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POLE.CRAFT Custom Kydex Holster | Impact Resistance
POLE.CRAFT Custom Kydex Holster | Impact Resistance

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Concealment Express Custom Kydex Holster | Carbon Fiber
Concealment Express Custom Kydex Holster | Carbon Fiber

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TEGE Custom Kydex Holster | Concave Shaped
TEGE Custom Kydex Holster | Concave Shaped

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Sland Custom Kydex Holster | Durable | Resilience
Sland Custom Kydex Holster | Durable | Resilience

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Best Custom Kydex Holster Reviews

There are several things that you need to look after before selecting the right holster, the quality of the holster mostly depends on the preference, so different users perceive the same type of holster differently. Hope, the following section would help to select the right one for you.

1. POLE.CRAFT Custom Kydex Holster | Sharp Click

The holster by POLE.CRAFT is not only a carrier but also it boosts confidence when the user carries this, this helps to bring a different attitude. Besides being highly precise, the holster is durable and rugged.

I always prefer holsters that can be hidden and can’t be seen from the outside. POLE.CRAFT Custom Kydex Holster can be hidden and no one could ever understand that I am carrying a gun.

The holster is sweatproof so I can carry it even in the summer. Moreover, the weight is so light that does not feel any burden.

The sturdy, durable, waterproof sweat-proof,  and washable, providing comfort and confidence in any situation.

This easily accessible holster is favorite to its users because it can be adjusted as need, and can be hidden under the garment. Also, the security of the holster is unbeatable.

Most Liking Features

The Posi-Click Audible Retention Lock system on the Kydex holster ensures that the gun is securely placed, and the handgun makes a sharp “click” sound when it is inserted. The screw is to change the tightness to estimate the force required for extraction because reaction time is vital to survival.

Probable Drawbacks

The screws coming loose over time, so you have to tighten the screws after a while

Key Features

  • The holster is Lightweight with Kydex
  • Anyone can adjust it to their size
  • Sweatproof material is very comforting
  • Totally safe to use during the mission

2. POLE.CRAFT Custom Kydex Holster | Impact Resistance

There are very few brands in the market that introduced just promising quality in their holster like POLE.CRAFT. That’s why our second recommended brand is also from POLE.CRAFT. They are the only ones who mention appendix carry as a possible option for their holster.

I personally recommend this holster because of its convenience and it provides comfort and convenience in any situation. As the holster covers the full body, it prevents sweating and ensures safety.

Many Kydex IWB holsters may be worn in an appendix carry position, but they may not be comfortable or easy to put on or remove if necessary.

For example, if you need to use the restroom while carrying.

Very few brands include tightness adjustment, which makes the holster suitable for every user, male and female. Moreover, the price is very reasonable compared to the quality.

Most Liking Features

High strength, toughness, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and aging resistance are all characteristics of this material. It can be utilized in a variety of situations. As a result, you may count on it to save your life at any time.

Probable Drawbacks

This holster is the first choice for many users and highly recommended product. So sometimes customers misunderstood it as something different and built high expectations. But you have to remember it is just a holster.

Key Features

  • This is abrasion resistance
  • Tightness adjustment increase flexibility
  • Appendix carry position and easy to move.
  • Reasonable price with better quality

3. Concealment Express Custom Kydex Holster | Carbon Fiber

It is very hard for left-handed people to find a suitable holster. But there is good news for you! Concealment Express has brought a holster that is specially designed for left-handed people.

A sweat guard is another feature that Concealment Express includes in the holsters. This isn’t something I considered when I first received my holster. However, after wearing a holster for a short time on a hot summer day, I learned how much moisture the holster absorbs.

The product is designed and built in the USA. From start to finish all the process is done in the US, so you can already guess the quality of the product.

The quality and durability are the main strength of the holster.

All of the main gun manufacturers’ brands are covered by Concealment Express. If you have a gun from a well-known manufacturer, you must know about the promising quality.

Most Liking Features

Concealment Express Custom Kydex Holster is made of carbon fiber which gives a quite subtle and very sharp look. The paddle grips the pants well and is super comfortable.

Probable Drawbacks

Those who prefer a full black holster, might not like this one because Concealment Express Custom Kydex Holster is made of carbon fiber

Key Features

  • Carbon fiber body is durable
  • Covered by Concealment Express
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • The Cant is Adjustable and super flexible

4. TEGE Custom Kydex Holster | Concave Shaped

TEGE, the best Custom Kydex Holsters is designed ergonomically with a thinner paddle which can be easily clipped anywhere inside the pant waistlines or belt. So convenience is the main advantage of the product.

This holster was purchased for my Glock 44 and fits it perfectly. It’s not as tight as some of the other paddle holsters I’ve tried. When re-holstering, the retention feature is simple to utilize and gives a positive click. The weapon’s cant can be adjusted, and the holster is pleasant to wear.

The paddle cant can be adjusted to 60°, as I can fit it comfortably at any position with the Allen key.

This polymer holster is composed of a high-quality polymer that is waterproof and resilient, requires little maintenance, and adapts to all types of poor weather.

The adaptivity in any weather type and the high-quality polymer protects the gun in any condition. There is a safe border around the trigger so this is totally safe to use. And all of these make it is one of the top holsters

Most Liking Features

This paddle holster’s excellent design includes a wide concave-shaped piece of plastic that serves as the holster’s backing, which keeps the pistol away from the hip and ensures a strong grip, as well as a quick and hassle-free drawing movement.

Probable Drawbacks

The price is high, but better products come with a higher price tag.

Key Features

  • Concave-shaped piece
  • Comfortable to wear all day long
  • Made with High-quality polymer
  • Strong grip and light weight

5. Sland Custom Kydex Holster | Durable | Resilience

Slang has been made of very high-quality plastic which is less vulnerable to temperature and impact. These are among the hardest holsters available. Even the coat hardware is made of stainless steel.

Without a doubt, this is a high-quality holster. Others exist but this was the cheapest I could find, may be it does not look very elegant but it is not important, right? Regardless, this one looks nice and securely grips the rifle, but not excessively so.

This will ensure that you are comfy for an extended period of time.

Unlike other belly band holsters, the custom Kydex holster has been thoroughly tested for durability, resilience, and the capacity to support the weight of the weapon.

The Retention Pressure and Carry Angle are easily adjustable and customers find it very convenient. Moreover, it last for a longer period compared to other brands.

Most Liking Features

This can hold your pistol for you and allows you to quickly draw while staying in place. The stainless steel materials make it more durable and safe.

Probable Drawbacks

This does not look sophisticated like other holster as they mainly focused on safety.

Key Features

  • Made and manufactured in USA
  • Very safe to use
  • Last for a long period
  • Comfortable material and does not leave any scratches

Things to Consider Before Buying Custom Kydex Holsters

Best Custom Kydex Holsters

You may think all of the holster look same or all of them has same purpose, but no, you are wrong. There are some important elements that is needed to be looked into before making the final decision. Here in the following section we tried to bring up all those issues that a buyer should focus on before purchasing. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the holsters for sig P365 xl.


Most holsters come in a variety of colors, so you’ll be able to choose something that suits your needs. But we commonly known Kydex holster as black in color. Because of the material, and also black looks good with guns. But the holsters that are made of carbon fiber have a different texture, they have a white dot on the black surface. So if you love color black then Kydex holsters would be the right choice. Checking the holster for bodyguard 380 will be helpful as well.


Because of the reduced price of these holsters, many holsters manufacture to cut corners on the quality of the materials utilized. As a result, you’ll have a holster that scratches easily and loses its shape or retention. So always try to have a holster that is not too cheap and from a reputed brand. And you can also go through some customer reviews, here you will get some honest opinion.


When you are purchasing a product, the first thing that you would want is the durability, anyone would want their product to last long. But unfortunately not all the brands provide the promised good, as a result the holster suddenly break while using. So make sure you are purchasing from our top five list, not because we are suggesting those products but to utilize the money properly.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the perfect thickness for Kydex holster?

The right thickness range of holster is from 0.05 to 0.060. This thickness is ideal for holsters since it is light enough to disappear on the hip while also being sturdy enough to safeguard your pistol from everyday use.

2. Do you use leather in the Kydex holster?

For decades, leather has been the preferred material for holsters. Modern gun owners, on the other hand, expect more from their holsters. The versatility, light weight, and great strength of Kydex make it a popular material. We can create better holsters with Kydex in less time than we can with leather.

3. On which side do I have to wear the holster?

A right-handed concealed carry holster is one in which the gun is holstered and the belt clip is on the right side. A left-handed concealed carry holster has the belt clip on the left side.

4. Does it provide a warranty?

If you are purchasing from a trusted brand then yes, it does. Most of them covered by lifetime warranty (clip, eyelet, screws, slabs, and of course the holster itself).

5. How long does it take to deliver the product?

Each of our custom holsters is handcrafted and sent within 8 to 10 business days. The best custom kydex holster take more time because they provide a high quality product. Before each concealed carry holster is delivered to you, they test it for retention, comfort, and finish.

Final Words

These are some good firms that we have suggested to check into for a full Kydex holster if you’re just starting out and looking for your first holster, or even if you’ve been around firearms for years and want something fresh.

Picking the right holster for your favorite gun is not easy, so we tried to help you by picking the best custom Kydex holsters for you. Those will keep the gun safe and the inside is covered with soft material. Moreover once you buy the holster those are going to last for lifetime.

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