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Top 5 Best CZ 75 Holster – The Smarter Choice for You

Whether you’re in law enforcement, or hunting, or just a gun enthusiast in general, a CZ 75 is something everyone loves. It’s one of the most recognizable, well-adorned and loved guns out there!

However, with a weapon like that, you need the right precaution as well, and that’s where a gun holster comes in. A good holster holds the weapon in place and prevents misplacing or accidental shots from the handgun.

So, having the best CZ 75 holster can be a game changer for anyone! But, considering how saturated the market is, finding the right holster can be a bit hard, and that’s where we come in! Our team of experts have searched the available markets to find the best there is. Let’s begin!

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Universal | OWB CZ 75 Holster | Compact | Adjustable with RH/LH
Universal | OWB CZ 75 Holster | Compact | Adjustable with RH/LH

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1791 | Beretta 92fs | Leather CZ 75 Holster | Right-Handed OWB
1791 | Beretta 92fs | Leather CZ 75 Holster | Right-Handed OWB

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HQDA | CZ 75 Holster | 360°Adjustable | Tactical Waistband Polymer
HQDA | CZ 75 Holster | 360°Adjustable | Tactical Waistband Polymer

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TEGE | Drop Offset CZ 75 Holster | SP-01 | 360°Adjustable
TEGE | Drop Offset CZ 75 Holster | SP-01 | 360°Adjustable

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Black Scorpion | Gear Pro | Competition CZ 75 Holster
Black Scorpion | Gear Pro | Competition CZ 75 Holster

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Best CZ 75 Holster Reviews

Finding the right holster for your CZ 75 can be a hard task. The market is pretty saturated with products and not every product is worth the money. The products in our list have been checked and reviewed by experts to be the best in their field!

1. Universal OWB Holster Options: Fit Subcompact & Micro-Compact

First up on the list is the OWB CZ 75 compact holster from the CYTAC store. One of the most versatile, easy to use holsters out there, this is one of the best holster for cz 75 sp 01 we could find, and for all the right reasons!

The size of the holster is perfect for most barrels within 4-5” size. So, you can use this holster for other guns for as long as they fit the size. However, it works the best with the 4.5” frame of the CZ 75 due to it’s size.

Made of military polymer material, this is much sturdier than most holsters you can find in its price range. The material makes it light while the design makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Also, it’s skidproof so it won’t fall or get damaged from movement.

Most Liking Features

What caught our eye the most in it’s list of features is its special emphasis on safety. The holster locks automatically when you put your handgun in and makes a “click” sound to let you know that it’s locked.

Furthermore, the holster has a 360° tooth gear for omnidirectional rotation. You can rotate it any way you want without any hassle, so you can keep it anywhere you want and still access our weapon effortlessly.

Possible Drawbacks

One possible drawback is that it’s not suitable for all sizes. Although the holster can fit sizes from 4-5”, it fits perfectly for guns within the 4.5” range. So, it might not be ideal for everyone out there.

Key Features

  • Compatible with handguns within 4-5” barrels
  • Level II safety retention
  • Automatic locking for safety
  • Made of high-end military polymer
  • Easy to wear

2. 1791 – Beretta 92fs Thumb Break Holster

Next up on the list is the 1791 leather holster for CZ 75 compact from the 1791 Gunleather Store. A classic looking holster that does its job perfectly while looking like a perfect piece from your favorite western movie!

Made with 100% original American Steerhide leather, the holster has been double stitched and reinforced to make a strong, sturdy holster that holds very well and protects your handgun. Ideal for most small handguns including the CZ 75.

Furthermore, the material is lightweight. So, it’s very comfortable. You can keep it in your belt for hours and you won’t feel any additional pressure on you.

Ideal for people in law enforcement who need to carry a holster for long hours.

Although it’s leather, unlike other holsters of similar material or price, it doesn’t compromise your security or your gun’s safety. The thumb break and the multi-cant design ensures quick draw and prevents misplacing or friction.

Most Liking Features

What we like the most about this holster is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. So, whenever you have a problem with the product, you can receive top-notch customer service and get a repair or replacement whenever necessary.

Possible Drawbacks

Although there are a lot of things to like about the product, the leather material might not be suitable for everyone, it’s a bit stiff and thus, it might not be the best option for everyone out there!

Key Features

  • 100% American leather
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Multi cant positioning available
  • Thumb break and easy lock for safety

3. HQDA CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Holster with 360°Adjustable Cant

Next up on the list is the 360° adjustable holster from HQDA built especially for small handguns like the CZ 75. A well-built holster with hand-picked features that get the job done perfectly fine for most professions!

One of the key features of this holster is that it especially focuses on your security.

The holster locks automatically and has a trigger guard that only releases with your forefinger, ensuring maximum security and preventing the chances of misfires.

Furthermore, the material is heat and scratch-resistant, so it can keep it in your belt for long hours and prevent any damage to your weapon, thus protecting both you and your weapon from any injuries.

However, unlike other holsters of similar type, this one is very easy to conceal. The material is thin and sturdy, so it hides easily under your waistband. You can stay covert and keep your gun away from the public effortlessly.

Most Liking Features

What we like the most about this holster is that it’s adjustable. It can fit any belt within the 2” radius easily and the paddle cant angle can be rotated from 0-360 degrees, ensuring you get the maximum ease of use.

Possible Drawbacks

While the holster works perfectly, it doesn’t have any locking mechanism for the angle. So, the holster keeps moving with your movements, which can cause a bit of trouble at times.

Key Features

  • Adjustable paddle to fit most belts
  • Easy to wear and conceal
  • Automatic lock and trigger guard for security
  • Heat and scratch resistant

4. TEGE Drop Offset Holster for CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow

Next up on the list is the OWB gun holster for CZ 75 compact from TEGE. One of the best CZ 75 holster we could find around and for all the right reasons. This right here is a robust, efficient, holster that doesn’t take up a lot of space and gets the job done right!

To begin with, this fits most handguns similar to CZ 75 without any laser or sight.

So you can use it for a plethora of handguns if you have multiple weapons of similar size. Thus, saving you from making multiple investments.

The holster contains a rotating paddle that helps you move the holster from 0-360 degrees effortlessly. You can push the side panel and move it based on your needs, making sure you have the perfect fit for you!

Also, compared to other holsters of similar kind, the material it provides is top-notch. It’s scratch and damage resistant, so it will keep your handgun safe from a lot of sticky situations.

Most Liking Features

What we like the most about this holster is it’s attention to user safety. The material has a level II retention to ensure safety when mounting, carrying and dismounting the gun. There is also an index finger lock to prevent any mishaps or misfiring.

Possible Drawbacks

Although not directly a drawback, the standoff mechanism is somewhat weak. So, if you have a heavy handgun, this might not be the way to go for you!

Key Features

  • Works with most handguns like CZ 75
  • Rotating paddle going from 0-360°
  • Level II safety retention
  • Made of tough, durable material

5. Black Scorpion Gear Pro Competition Holster fits CZ 75

Last but not the least, we have the Gear Pro holster for CZ 75 from Black Scorpion. A very simple, yet affordable holster that might be perfect for you if you aren’t looking forward to spending a fortune on holsters at the moment!

To begin with, this holster is compatible with most handguns similar to the size of CZ 75, including the likes of SP-01, Sp-01 Tactical, etc. So, if you have multiple handguns of similar kind, this might be the holster to go for you!

There’s also an adjustable retention for you, you can tighten or loosen up your gun based on your needs and how easily you want to unmount your gun from the holster. This helps prevent accidents when moving with your weapon.

Also, one thing we like about it is that it has level II retention to ensure your safety. Features like these are generally not available for holsters of similar price range. So, if safety is your first priority, this should be a must have.

Most Liking Features

What we liked the most about this holster is that it has room in it for scopes. Generally, holsters are made in a way that you can’t put your sights inside the holster, which isn’t the case for this one. So, if you use sights regularly, this might be one for you!

Possible Drawbacks

One possible drawback here is not about the product, but rather the customer service. A number of customers have expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the after sales service, so you might want to consider that before purchase.

Key Features

  • Can fit most belts from 1-1.75”
  • Can adjust or tighten screws without any tools
  • Compatible with red dot sights
  • Maintains gun at 90-degree angle

Things to Consider Before Getting a CZ 75 Holster

Best CZ 75 Holster

If you’re planning to get a CZ 75 compact holster, you have to keep a few things in mind for the best possible experience. These include:

Size of the Holster

The size of the holster is the first thing that you should keep in mind when getting a new holster. The CZ 75 has a barrel size of 4.5” and your holster should be able to hold a size like that at the very least.

Furthermore, if the holster is not sized uniformly, it might not fit your handgun snugly, thus preventing you from using the locks. So keep that in mind as well. Additionally, you can check our review on gun range bag.

Size of the Belt

Although not the most important, the size of your belt matters just as much when you’re getting a holster. An average belt can be anything from 1-2” and your holster has to correspond accordingly. If it doesn’t fit your belt, you need to change either your belt or holster. You may also be interested in some of the Holsters for Springfield XDS from our list.


What is the ideal material for a holster? It depends on a lot of factors including your profession, area of work, comfort, etc. If you’re not wearing tactical clothing, carrying a polymer or metallic holster might not be very comfortable for you, so keep that in check.

Additional Support

Do you carry anything else with your gun? Do you have extra large magazines or sights attached to your handgun? In that case, make sure your holster has the option to hold them as well. Otherwise, it will cause more trouble than necessary.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can you conceal a CZ 75 easily?

The CZ 75 is a fairly small handgun, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. So, paired with the right holster, you can easily conceal it in your clothing.

2. What is the most comfortable way to concealed carry?

The easiest way to conceal a handgun is by hiding it in your waistband. This helps you hide your weapon easily with your coat and makes it very easy to mount your weapon fast and easy!

3. What is the best material for a holster?

Generally, this is very subjective and depends on people. However, we’ve found that leather holsters are generally more comfortable to carry because they work well with your clothing. However, other tactile materials aren’t hard to carry either.

4. Are leather holsters bad?

Not always! However, since leather is a material that can be damaged by moisture and dirt, your holster will definitely accumulate some wear and tear over the years. So, make sure to replace your holster after a number of years!

5. How to choose the best holster for CZ 75 compact?

If you’re looking for a holster for your CZ 75 compact, we recommend that you get one that corresponds with the size of your handgun and belt, the material is good quality and it supports the additional features you need!

Final Word

A holster is not only an easy way to carry your weapon, but also a matter of your security. If your holster isn’t top-notch, it can get you into sticky situations and risk the safety of people around you. So, having a good holster is a must!

For this reason, our team of experts has chosen holsters that are the best CZ 75 holster in certain categories. We hope this article helps you find what you need!

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