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Top 5 Best Foam for Gun Case – The Must Have Selection for 2023

Many a time, we unintentionally damage our guns while traveling. The juggling can result in damages from minute scars to broken adjustments. To avert such erosion, choosing sturdy yet delicate boxing is mandatory.

And for the smooth and easy transport of firearms, there is no alternative to gun cases. These protective cases work great to hold the gun in place.

However, it is the foam that makes a difference in the casing. Choosing the correct foam for the gun case can make or break the game.

Therefore, to help you out, we have listed the best foam for gun case currently available in the market. In the end, there is a detailed guideline from our experts as well.

Let’s get them!

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

IZO Acoustic Foam for Gun Case │ Economic
IZO Acoustic Foam for Gun Case │ Economic

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IZO Convoluted Foam for Gun Case │ Unique Pattern
IZO Convoluted Foam for Gun Case │ Unique Pattern

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Case Club Foam for Gun Case │ High-density
Case Club Foam for Gun Case │ High-density

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Pelican 1121 Foam for Gun Case │ Convoluted Pattern
Pelican 1121 Foam for Gun Case │ Convoluted Pattern

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CASE BUILDER Foam for Gun Case │ Precut
CASE BUILDER Foam for Gun Case │ Precut

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Best Foam for Gun Case Reviews

After elaborate market research, our experts have narrowed down the list to five gun case foam. Nonetheless, you can’t ensure maximum utility if you don’t choose a case that’s apt for you.

On that account, we recommend you going through the delineations. This way, it will be easier for you to pick a gun case foam suited for your needs.

1. IZO Acoustic Foam Panels Soundproofing Foam Recording Studios

Who says decent foam inserts have to be expensive? We are about to break this conviction with our first pick- IZO Acoustic Foam.

Despite being low-priced, these foams are flexible enough to fix in the case. This elasticity is pretty effective in preventing scratches on the firearm.

Furthermore, we didn’t notice any crumbling while making small pieces out of the board. One board is enough to cover a standard-sized box. Here to mention, these are not polyurethane-based boards. If you are looking for those, you can skip on these boards.

One thing to know before buying these foams is they are highly flammable. They can catch fire from slight metal frictions. For that reason, keep them away from fire and also children.

For the most part, the IZO foam is a substantial pick for gun cases. However, it doesn’t come with an adhesive. If you wish to get them, order a good quality adhesive as well.

Most liking Features

Along with holding the gun in place, this foam can cancel noise to some extent. Therefore, the gun won’t hitch caused by vibration.

Probable Drawbacks

There are often issues with measurements. So check the foam during delivery.

Key Features

  • Extremely pliable structure
  • Partly sound-proof
  • Highly flammable
  • Affordable price point

2. IZO All Supply Convoluted 2 Inch 12in W x 12in L Egg Crate Panels

As many of you might prefer using a polyurethane case, we picked one from the affordable range. The  IZO convoluted foam is the second pick for our list.

Although this is a noise-canceling material, its performance as a gun case cover is commendable. The material bends easily and can cover the corners too. We didn’t face much trouble fixing it to the case.

As the name suggests, the structure of IZO convoluted foam is not plain. There is a unique cone-like pattern all over the casing material.

Even though we were unsure about the efficiency, there was no difficulty in carrying the gun. When it comes to functionality, there was no visible scarring. The gun didn’t jiggle that much as well.

Overall, this is not the best gun case foam available in the market. However, there is no doubt that these foams are worth the price. For regular usage, you can get away with them without any issues.

Most liking Features

IZO has an option for the size of the foam board. From 12 inches to 36- you can pick any as your need.

Probable Drawbacks

The color may slightly differ from the picture.

Key Features

  • Cone patterned material
  • Bendable structure
  • Reasonable cost
  • Wide array of size

3. Case Club Customizable Polyethylene/Polyurethane/Convoluted Foam

Many of us, especially beginners, struggle with fragmenting the foams. For them, the Case Cube foams can come in handy.

The Case Club Foam gun case foam is not a single-layered one. Manufacturers have used thin layers of foams to pile up and make it a high-density structure.

We found this layering of foams is ergonomic for customization. While making blocks, we could easily cut off one layer at a time. The sturdy structure is convenient to cut without damaging the layered foam.

As the material doesn’t absorb oil or water, it is going to last for long. The wide array of alternatives for size and thickness is commendable. For the price, the pack is a steal.

On the whole, the Case Club foam inserts function well without costing a fortune. If you face difficulty in fragmenting the foam, this high-density foam will make your task less taxing.

Most liking Features

What captivated us the most is this foam is washable. If it gets dirty, users can wipe it off and get away with it. The foam won’t absorb any moisture.

Probable Drawbacks

As mentioned in the product description, the thickness of the foam varies slightly from the given measurement.

Key Features

  • Block of layered foams
  • Polyethelene based formation
  • Washable material
  • Durable

4. Pelican 1121 3-Piece Foam Set

If you prefer a cubic pattern on your foams, the Pelican case foam can be another option for you. Its unique physical traits are utilitarian during quick fixing of the foam in the case.

As we are concerned about product safety inside a convoluted foam, we got a few tests done. After wrapping a camera lens with this foam, we didn’t notice any scratches. Nonetheless, it works like any other best foam for gun case.

Besides, the stiff surface is easy to trim and shape without difficulties. There is no crumbling while cutting the foam.

Although the Pelican case foam is sturdy, it is flexible enough to bend while fixing in a box.

However, all these provisions and durability come with a high price tag. If you don’t have to limit yourself with a budget, Pelican case foam can be a substantial pick for you.

Most liking Features

Manufacturers of Pelican case foam has commendable customer care service. They deliver quick replacements if users require any.

Probable Drawbacks

The air pockets in this gun case foam are larger compared to regular ones.

Key Features

  • Sturdy yet bendable
  • Cubic pattern
  • Easy to trim and manage
  • High-end foam inserts

5. CASE BUILDER 5 Pistol 18 Magazine Storage Foam Case

Are you someone who wants to avoid the trouble of cutting out foams? Then precut foams from CASE BUILDER can be your way out.

Users are often skeptical about the precision of the cuts of such foams. For that reason, we gave trials to a few foams and liked this one the most. The trimming of these foam inserts is up to par. Handguns can sit inside the holes without any trouble.

The foam inserts rarely absorb any moisture or oil from the surroundings. Hence, there are barely any chances of magazine dampening.

In addition to that, these foams are easy to mount. It doesn’t take up much glue and get easily fixed to the surface. You can check out the plate carriers for law enforcement as well.

Note that you can use these foams for handguns and magazines only. If you are a user of rifles, these foam inserts won’t do the work for you. Nonetheless, this gun case foam will be of significant use to handgun users.

Most liking Features

A lid comes along with the CASE BUILDER foam. On that account, this set can ensure elevated protection from hitching and scratches.

Probable Drawbacks

You can use these foam inserts for handguns only.

Key Features

  • Low moisture absorption
  • Cutout foams for handguns
  • Accurate fit
  • Comes with a lid

Things to Consider Before Buying Foam for Gun Case

Best Foam for Gun Case

With several options in hand, deciding on a gun case foam can get intimidating. Hence, considering some facts before making a purchase is crucial. These details help in ensuring longevity and coherent performance from the foam inserts.

However, the requirements of foams may vary based on usage. To solve this issue, you can note down your tasks and preferences first.

To make your task easy, we have listed a few aspects of the best foam for concealed gun case. Let’s get them!

Quality of the foam

By quality assurance, we mean looking into a few aspects. If you can ensure the quality of foam inserts, it is going to serve you for years.

One of the basic facets to consider here is the air pockets in the foam. We would recommend you getting foam with small piercings. This way, less amount of moisture will enter the foam. Hence, there will be fewer cases of damp magazines.

In addition, it is better to get washable foam inserts. One can easily wipe off the dirt from washable foams. You can also check the recommendations for the kydex holsters for revolvers here.


The primary task of the gun case foam is to cushion the weapon from scratches. Besides preventing scratches, the even material will ensure that there is no spark production from the friction of magazines. On that account, getting the texture of the foam right is crucial.

If the material is coarse and uneven, it will form marks on the surface. No one wants that to happen. For that reason, get foams that have a smooth texture. In case you are up for a convoluted foam insert, check if the tips are blunt.

Feasibility of Customization

If you like to cut and trim the foam inserts by yourself, this is one factor you need to consider. Elsewise, this task is going to be taxing.

For gun case foam customization, foam needs to be sturdy enough to trim conveniently. At the same time, it needs pliable to fit in the case. High-density layered foams work great for this task. One can cut and adjust each layer according to need.

We would recommend you avoid using hot electric knives to cut the foam. The heat will crumble the foam and create a mess.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the process of attaching the foam mat in place?

The procedure is very convenient.

All you need to do is use a strong hold adhesive to the sticking surface and tap the foam gently. And the foam won’t move.

2. Can I cut the foam mat into smaller portions?


You can cut the foam inserts into smaller parts. Nevertheless, most manufacturers offer foam customization. You can contact them as well.

3. Can I use these gun cases to store other electronics as well?


These foams are capable of protecting electronics on the go. However, don’t wrap any lens with these foams. The foam can form scratches on your delicate lens.

4. Are these foams noise-proof?

Not really.

Although these foams can cancel the noise to some extent, it requires a solid base to be sound-proof. Using the foam against a wall or concrete base can be helpful.

5. Will the gun with optics get adjusted in these foams?


As the best gun case foam is customizable, you can adjust optics in the case. In case you do that, make sure to leave some space so that the optics remain scratch-free.

Final Word

Despite whichever gun case foam you pick, make sure to mount it precisely. Most premium case foams fail to perform for lack of maintenance. If you can trim and mount properly, you won’t be dissatisfied till last use.

We hope our guideline was helpful to have information about gun case foams. Like always, we tried to create a balance of cost and functionality. Now, it is your call to pick the best foam for gun case as per your need.

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