Best Fuji Lens for Street Photography in 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Collections

Are you looking for a fuji lens for street photography? If yes, then you are in the right places. Photography demands a specific lens for specific photo shooting. That’s why you cannot jump with a random lens for your street photography.

Professional street photographers must have considered a lot of things while buying a lens. It means they have to make sure the lens size, aperture, and focal length for better output.

However, to make the buying analysis rapidly, you can choose the best fuji lens for street photography. It will save you time, plus ensure the premium lens and photo quality.

That’s why our expert team spend hundreds of hours finding out the top-notch fuji lens. Keep reading to pick your desire lens.

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XF 23mm Fuji Lens for Street Photography | F1.4 R
XF 23mm Fuji Lens for Street Photography | F1.4 R

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XF16-55mm Fuji Lens for Street Photography | F2.8 R | LM & WR
XF16-55mm Fuji Lens for Street Photography | F2.8 R | LM & WR

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XF10-24mm Fuji Lens for Street Photography | F4 R | OIS
XF10-24mm Fuji Lens for Street Photography | F4 R | OIS

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XF16mm Fuji Lens for Street Photography | F1.4 R | WR
XF16mm Fuji Lens for Street Photography | F1.4 R | WR

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XF50-140mm Fuji Lens for Street Photography | F2.8 | LM, OIS & WR
XF50-140mm Fuji Lens for Street Photography | F2.8 | LM, OIS & WR

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Best Fuji Lens for Street Photography Reviews

In this reviews section, you will be encounter each and every spec of these selected lenses. It will help you pick the most efficient one. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. XF 23mm Fuji Lens for Street Photography | F1.4 R

Different types of photography demand a different focal length lens. That’s why you should choose the right lens for street photography. In this instance, you can rely on the Fuji XF 23mm lens.

For those who want perfect photography with carrying minimum stuff, this would be the most suitable lens for you. Though you will get the 23mm focal length, it will make your confidence in every capturing.

XF 23mm is one of the smallest lenses in the Fujifilm lens pipeline. But this is the sharpest lens among Fujifilm lens collections.

If you are looking for a focal lens between 23-36mm, you can find everything here in this outdoor lens. This is because the 23mm lens is equivalent to most of the 35mm lens.

For street photography, the lens should have high resistance against all weather. However, you don’t think about the weather protection for this lens. It ensures maximum protection through 9 sealing points.

Therefore, if you consider the lens in terms of features, performance, and quality, you cannot skip this collection. Plus, the desire to have this lens would be more intensified due to its affordable price. So, you can consider the lens for street photography.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective lens
  • The maximum focal length is 23mm
  • Focal is equivalent to 23-36mm
  • Aperture measurement is f1.4

2. XF16-55mm Fuji Lens for Street Photography | F2.8 R | LM & WR

What is the best lens size for street photography? 16-55mm, isn’t it? In fact, the Fuji XF16-55mm lens is one of the multipurpose lenses that focal length is equivalent to the 24-84mm lens.

To get perfect photo quality even in difficult lighting, you can rely on this fuji lens. Besides, it offers a maximum f2.8 aperture that has control over the depth field.

Let’s talk about the optical design of the lens. The optical design consists of both extra-low dispersion elements and the aspherical that is good enough to reduce color fringing and distortion.

As a result, it has ensured sharpness and color consistency while zooming.

The fascinating feature of the lens is it autofocus system. Thanks to the Twin Linear Motor autofocus, that ensures quiet, faster, and precise focusing for both still photography and videography.

Outdoor photo shootings lens should have high resistance against weather. However, the lens comes with 14 sealing points that resist dust. Along with that, 10 degrees low-temperature operation makes sure temperature resistance.

Finally, the Fuji XF16-55mm lens has engineered through Nano-Gi coating technology that reduces the lens flare and ghosting even in extra lighting. That’s why it considers as the best lens for fashion photography as well.

Key Features

  • Focal length 16-55mm
  • Can easily replace 24-84mm
  • Offers a soundless autofocus
  • Provide dust, water, and temperature resistance

3.  XF10-24mm Fuji Lens for Street Photography | F4 R | OIS

If you are a travel enthusiast and looking for a lens to capture a wide-vista landscape or do street photography, then hold on a sec. Fuji brought the XF10-24mm for you. It can easily replace the 15-36mm lens.

For a travel photographer, a lightweight camera is much appreciated. Thus, Fuji made sure of a lightweight lens for travel photography. Apart from that, the f4 aperture offers consistent performance while measuring lightness.

The lens includes 4 aspherical and 4 extra-low dispersion elements that reduce the chromatic variation and color fringe.

That means it will ensure color fidelity and high clarity throughout the zoom range.

Fuji engineered the lens through a super EBC coating. That’s how it reduces the ghosting and lens flare. Besides, it also works to improve contrast and color quality, even capturing in extreme lighting.

In terms of its wide and closer end, it is one of the widest lenses in the Fuji lens lineup. The 10mm out wide will enable you to capture the landscaper or city-wide views.

Along with that, the 24mm closer will provide a natural field of view for the closer short, like in street photo shooting or architectural photography. That means you have the best lens for outdoor photography.

Key Features

  • Lens focal length 10-24mm
  • Can replace the 15-36mm lens
  • The angle of the view is 110° – 61.2°
  • Make sure clarity and color fidelity in zooming

4.  XF16mm Fuji Lens for Street Photography | F1.4 R | WR

Are you looking for a budget-friendly for your street photography? Fuji introduces a search ending XF16mm lens for the professional or amateur photographer. Due to its amazing features, it becomes the best fuji lens for street photography. Let’s dig up the other features.

The maximum focal length of the lens is 16mm. However, Fuji challenges that the lens can easily take over the other 24-35mm lens. So, you can assume how effective the lens for wide-angle capturing.

The angle view of the lens is 83.2°, and the maximum magnification is 021X. However, you can capture the photo within a very limited distance.

The minimum photo shooting distance is 6-inches. As a result, you can use the lens for indoor capturing besides street photography.

Most of the lenses got attacked by the fungus or mold due to long weather exposure. However, you can free out this apprehension. Fuji XF16mm comes with weatherproof protection. So, it would be a reliable one for outdoor photography.

Moreover, the lens comes with a Nano-GI coating that can alter the refractive index to reduce the flare and ghosting. Besides, the x-mount is adjustable with this lens.

Key Features

  • The maximum focal length is 16mm
  • Works as 24-35mm focal format
  • Angle view is 83.2° & magnification is 021x
  • Resist weather by 9 sealing points and 8 areas

5. XF50-140mm Fuji Lens for Street Photography | F2.8 | LM, OIS & WR

Last but not least, the XF50-140mm Fuji lens is a versatile one. For those who want to do landscape or wildlife photography besides street photo shooting, then fuji XF50-140mm would be most suitable for them. Let’s unlock the other exciting features.

XF50-140mm lens is considered the best zoom lens, which is equivalent to the other 70-214mm lens. Unlike other Nikon/Canon 70-200m expensive lenses, Fuji offers the same razor-sharp zoom coverage at an affordable price.

The lens incorporates one Super ED element and five extra-low dispersion elements.

As a result, it can reduce the color fringing and the chromatic aberration to increase clarity and color accuracy.

The F2.8 aperture provides consistency in the performance while zooming in and out. Plus, it also helps to capture the perfect image even in critical lighting conditions.

To control flare and ghosting for better color accuracy and contrast, it comes with HT-EBC coating (High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating) that has applied for altering the refractive index.

You will get 100% security by its weather protection feature. It can resist dust, water, and temperature. So, it is compatible with all season photography.

Key Features

  • Focal length between 50-140mm
  • The maximum aperture is F2.8 R
  • Provides weatherproof protection
  • Cover the focal length 76mm to 214mm

Things to Consider Before Buying Fuji Lens for Street Photography

Best Fuji Lens for Street Photography

While buying some technical products or professional stuff, you must consider some crucial points. Otherwise, you may suffer after buying harassment. That’s why we have put together some points so that you can pick the best lens for outdoor photography.

Focal length

For doing particular photography, you need a particular lens. That’s why it is important to consider the focal length while buying the lens. The focal length of the lens will determine the maximum success of your works.

As a result, you must confirm your desire focal length before purchasing. For street photography, you can choose the focal length between 16-84mm. The interesting thing is that you can do other particular photography with such length.

However, if you work on a versatile project or just a travel photographer, in some cases, you can choose the lens’ focal length 55mm plus.


The aperture of the lens mainly works for enhancing or reducing the lightness of photography. As you are looking for an outdoor photo shooting lens, so a less aperture lens would be perfect in this regard.

However, if you think you need to do some photography at night, then you can choose the aperture 1.4-2.8. This is the appropriate aperture size for indoor and outdoor photography.

Size of the Lens

Travel or wildlife photography needs a lightweight lens for the convenience of the job. In this instance, the prime lens would be the best because it is difficult to carry the heavyweight lens for a long time. For professional outdoor photography, you must consider the lens size.

Here above, the street photography lens comes in lightweight.

Auto Focus

Choosing an autofocus lens is important for a beginner photographer. However, some professional photographers prefer to choose an autofocus lens in order to ease their shooting. If you think you don’t enough time to concentrate on manual focus, then chose an autofocus lens.

Weather Resistance

While choosing the lens for outdoor photography, you must consider the weather resistance. Otherwise, the lens gets fungus or mildew. As a result, if you have many possibilities to expose the lens to weather, then consider choosing a weather resistance lens.


Lens coating is an essential feature to consider before buying. The coating technology can be varied from lens to lens. However, the function is the same for all. For example, the lens coating technology reduces the flare and ghosting. That’s how it improves the color quality and contrast of the photo, even in the strongest lighting.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What would be the best focal length for a beginner?

As a beginner photographer, you can start with a medium focal length lens. It could be 55-84mm or 55-140mm maximum.

2. Can I use these lenses for travel photography?

Yes, you can.

Most travel photographers prefer these lenses for its focal length. Plus, the main advantage of these lenses is its lightweight. As a result, it would be convenient for your travel photography alongside street photography.

3. Do the lenses have any outdoor resistance?

Yes! Of course.

These all above lenses come with huge weather resistance. That means you are welcome to use them in an outdoor environment randomly.

4. How can I choose the best lens for outdoor photography?

Fujifilm always comes with a quality product. So, you can choose any lens according to your photography.

While picking the lens, you must consider some factors such as focal length, aperture, lens weight, and resistance. If these things are okay, that means you are about to have a better lens.

5. What is the perfect lens aperture for outdoor shooting?

Basically, the aperture maintains the lightness of the photo. As outdoor has always more brightness, so you can choose a lesser aperture size for outdoor shooting. However, if you have to shoot at night, then you must consider the larger lens aperture.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying the lens for professional or amateur street photography; you should always choose the best fuji lens for street photography. It will determine the overall performance of the lens and make sure a better-quality photo.

I hope that you can easily find your desire street photography lens by considering the above factors and expert reviews.

Have a Quality Photo!