Glock 19 Appendix Holster

Top 5 Best Glock 19 Appendix Holster – Recommendations for 2023

As a fire weapon owner, the protection and the security of the weapon is a very prominent factor. And during this regard, there needs to be an exquisite carrying holster that will be a defender for the firearm. Thus holsters invariably keep the gun secured and guarded.

Recently, there are a plenty options available in the market for Glock 19 holsters. However, the prime concern is what holster will be the accurate for Glock 19? No more queries! Let’s’ get straight to the reviews of the best Glock 19 appendix holster.

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BLACKHAWK Glock 19 Appendix Holster | Ambidextrous
BLACKHAWK Glock 19 Appendix Holster | Ambidextrous

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DeSantis Glock 19 Appendix Holster | Magazine Pouch
DeSantis Glock 19 Appendix Holster | Magazine Pouch

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Sunsmith Glock 19 Appendix Holster | IWB Kydex Holster
Sunsmith Glock 19 Appendix Holster | IWB Kydex Holster

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Alien Gear ShapeShift Glock 19 appendix Holster | OWB Paddle
Alien Gear ShapeShift Glock 19 appendix Holster | OWB Paddle

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Best Glock 19 Appendix Holster Reviews

Here we have mentioned the highest preferred Glock 19 appendix concealed holster in order that you can have a vast plan concerning what appendix holster can accomplish your necessities and keep you gun secured. So let’s see the reviews and other information.

1. BLACKHAWK Ambidextrous Appendix Reversible Carry

BLACKHAWK has been served the best holster with ensuring highest performance every time. Similarly, the BLACKHAWK Glock 19 holster didn’t dishearten us by its superb quality manufactures and functions. It is an amazing quality IWB holster.

This holster carries spectacular flexibility and comfort through its reversible carry design. It can perfectly work with any size side arm, even with the other Glock concealed carries. In fact, it provides the most solace assurance by its soft inner elements.

Besides, this appendix reversible carry holster is incredibly straightforward to utilize. It keeps itself free from unnecessary printing. Plus, it has both side adjustable retention detent clips. That’s why it is very easy to flick up the retention with your thumbnail.

Most importantly, this holster is good for both right hand and left hand gun users because this appendix holster is ambidextrous and versatile as well. It offers two adjustable belt clips. That’s why this marks itself as the best appendix iwb holster for Glock 19. Check out the most essential Review for Concealed Carry Holster for Glock 17.

Most liking feature

The versatility and the ambidextrous, as well as the adjustable usage feature, are the most amazing quality of this holster.

Probable Drawback

This holster is a very good quality concealed carry holster but it is instructed that carrying a rounded chamber with the holster might cause some difficulties in using.

Key Features

  • Being an amazing quality reversible concealed carry IWB holster
  • Ensures highest comfort and versatility
  • Being very easy to carry and use with the gun
  • Suitable for any size concealed carry holster besides Glock 19

2. DeSantis Gunhide, Pegasus, Pipe Hitter

DeSantis appendix holster may be a certified and tested manufacturing company that serves high standard exclusive quality leather holsters. They particularly style the holsters in such a process that they match with most of the guns with proper safety.

This holster is made with 100% original Kydex with premium leather and extremely strong and robust stitching and manufacture. Even the leather used in this holster is processed with highly secured and thus free from toxic chemicals.

Besides, this holster is not only appropriate for Glock 19 but also easily goes with other Glock series like Glock 19X, 23 etc. This holster can be placed inside the pants with very ease. Even it provides adjustable C style clips by which it can be used & removed very easily.

Last but not the least, this holster has a fascinating technology in it that is an integrated magazine pouch.  Thus the holster can be adjusted at any height and cant. Thus the holster makes itself a step ahead as the best appendix holster than others.

Most liking feature

The holster features an adjustable cant by which it can be customized as per any requirements. Even it uses full Kydex (TM) material.

Probable drawback

This holster is undoubtedly a good quality holster that everyone wishes for. But sometimes a few find it uncomfortable for its too much rigidity.

Key Features

  • Made with 100% original leather and Kydex material
  • Perfectly fits with other Glock 19 series
  • Provides adjustable cant and height facility
  • Includes an integrated magazine pouch

3. Sunsmith Holster AIWB Series – Compatible with Glock

If you are searching for the highest quality concealed carry holster, then you can definitely have this Sunsmith appendix holster without any thought. They are only made in the USA and also with only original US materials.

This holster uses superb quality Kydex material that is thicker enough in the maintenance of the firm integrity structure of the holster with single hand operation. Plus, it uses Nylon polymer belt clips so that it can be used easily for any tactical use or dress.

Moreover, this holster possesses an adjustable auto-locking holster retention system including a carry angle. Up to 0-15 degrees can be angled through it. Plus, it has a magazine release button which saves the gun from accidental release.

In addition, this holster features an uncommon ‘claw’ push system that reduces the risk of printing of the grip to the body. This amazing feature will not be available in any other holsters outside. So definitely this holster would be a holy grail for your Glock 19.

Most liking feature

The claw push button helps increase concealment and makes a better draw. And this would be considered the most amazing feature of the holster.

Probable drawback

The holster is a Holy Grail product for all Glock 19 series owners. But those who look for a budget-friendly holster, this would not be that much helpful.

Key Features

  • Built with high quality Kydex material
  • Provides adjustable retention system including with cant & angle
  • Having a claw push to decrease printing & increase concealment
  • Saves the gun from accidental release by carry angle

4. Alien Gear ShapeShift Core Carry Pack – 4

Are you tired of using leather and typical plastic holsters and so wanna try new strong and lightweight material made holsters? Then the Alien Gear ShapeShift holster will be a perfect match to your needs and requirements.

This holster is covered with a custom-molded shell that gives proper fitting and security to the gun during carrying. It is fully fitted with S&W M&P 380 Shield gun. Even the holster uses ShapeShift technology that makes integration with any ShapeShift gear.

Besides, this holster comes with a multiple core carry kit with four common holsters that gives the scope of choosing the holster as per the needs. Even the kit comes with four carrying options like IWB, appendix, paddle & belt including a mount system.

Most surprisingly, this holster is wholly adjustable and there requires no tools to adjust and switch the holsters, prepare the heights and cants, or even the retention also. Thus this holster becomes the best Glock 19 appendix holster than others.

Most liking feature

The exceptional ShapeShift technology with the multiple concealed carry holster options will be considered one of its spectacular features till now.

Probable drawback

The holster is overall a good quality holster but its configuration system is very poor which seems quite unpleasant to users.

Key Features

  • Covered with custom-molded shell that secures the gun during carrying
  • Fully adjustable cant and other tools
  • Ensures a perfect comfortable concealed carry holster
  • Allows multiple carry options with a mounted integration

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Best Glock 19 Appendix Holster

1. Will it fit with the Taurus g2c gun?

Yes, surely it does.

It will obviously fit with the Taurus g2c gun. You can definitely be sure that it will fit with the Taurus PT111 gun because it has all the adjustable necessary tools for this gun.

2. Can it be fit with Glock 19 Gen 3?

Yes, it can.

The holster has all the necessary elements that are needed to fit with the Glock 19 Gen 3 firearm. Even it has fast draw and better retention that can be a vital point for Glock 19 Gen 3.

3. Is it ambidextrous?

Yes, definitely.

The holster is fully ambidextrous. Both the right and left hand users can use the holster as it has the adjustable concealed carry for both sides.

4. How can I get the best appendix carry holster for Glock 19?

First, you have to check the concealment & material of the holster. If you choose leather, then check its proper manufacture. If there needs Kydex holster, then check its formation to have your desired holster. You can check this Holsters for Sig P365 XL article.

Final Words

Holsters have a significant role to maintain the firearm’s safety and prevention from unwanted accidents and damage. And so you’ll terribly be cautious about the quality and functionality with the holster to get the best Glock 19 appendix holster.

Have a great carrying!

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