Gun Belt for Appendix Carry

Top 5 Best Gun Belt for Appendix Carry – The Must Have Selection for 2023

Ordinary belts are very plain and boring, for keeping the holster in the right position you need the best gun belt for appendix carry. Those look sophisticated and do not damage from the heaviness of the gun and holster.

The weapon is supported by a gun belt, which retains it in one position. The usual rule is that the stiffer the belt, the heavier the gun. Gun belts keep the weapon and its holster from sagging outwards, exposing the weapon.

So now you know the necessity of having a gun belt for holding the guns. After long research, our team has come up with some top and highly rated gun belts for our precious readers.

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Wolf Tactical Gun Belt for Appendix Carry | Support Heavyweight
Wolf Tactical Gun Belt for Appendix Carry | Support Heavyweight

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Tactical Men Gun Belt for Appendix Carry | Stainless Steel Buckle
Tactical Men Gun Belt for Appendix Carry | Stainless Steel Buckle

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Kmioc Gun Belt for Appendix Carry | Italian Leather
Kmioc Gun Belt for Appendix Carry | Italian Leather

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Relentless Tactical Gun Belt for Appendix Carry | Traditional Look
Relentless Tactical Gun Belt for Appendix Carry | Traditional Look

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Wolf Tactical Gun Belt for Appendix Carry | EDC Belt
Wolf Tactical Gun Belt for Appendix Carry | EDC Belt

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Best Gun Belt for Appendix Carry Reviews

There are plenty of belts available in the market but not all of them are suitable for guns. So here we try to bring up all the details of the top five gun belts for appendix carry.

1. WOLF TACTICAL Heavy Duty Quick-Release EDC Belt

Everyone wants to invest in something that is long-lasting and performs well. The USA-based company Wolf Tactical promises to give a belt that will last for a lifetime. Those are specially made to survive any kind of situation.

Mainly I decided to buy this belt because I carry a full size gun so I needed full support and a belt that I can trust.

The thing I like about the belt is it provides a quick release, and the stiff material makes it stronger and makes it able to support heavyweight.

The Heavy Duty Quick-Release EDC Belt has a metal quick-release buckle that allows for easy attaching and detaching. Because there are no holes in the belt, I can totally customize the fit to my handgun, gear, and accessories.

The main problem that we often hear about the ordinary gun belt is that they cannot take much weight, but in the case of Wolf Tactical, the situation is totally opposite. The belts can give support to the heaviest guns.

Most Liking Features

There is a Velcro hook that makes the running end of the belt is fully secured. Also, the belt includes a loop to ensure that it stays tightened and never slips.

Probable Drawbacks

As the belt can support heavy guns, it weighs more than ordinary belts.

Key Features

  • Quick-Release system saves time
  • Two layers rugged is durable
  • Suitable for extreme condition
  • Built to last for years

2. 5.11 Tactical Men’s Military Trainer Belt

Looking for a gun belt that can be worn casually and professionally? If yes then the belt from tactical Men would be the right choice. You can wear it on the duty in the field and also in plain clothes.

I am working as a police enforcement officer, and I first noticed some of my colleagues are wearing the same belt when they are on the field, then I got myself one. I bought the medium size belt and the belt was as thick as claimed, and it was well-made.

The Trainer Belt is  1.5″ in width which is made of ultra-strong nylon mesh and has a solid stainless steel buckle that has been tested for tensile strength up to 5,100 lbs. All of these make the belt a popular option among professionals and police enforcement officers.

In most cases, the customers do not get exactly what they are promised to get. But Tactical Men Gun Belt is exactly what you are seeing on the Amazon, the color, texture all are the same

Most Liking Features

The gun belt is made of stainless steel and has a tensile strength of up to 5,100 pounds. Resistant to fading and ripping Mesh made of ultra-strong nylon Stitch reinforcements. The buckle is available in matte stainless steel or black.

Probable Drawbacks

Some of the customers complain about the size, but it is up to you. Because if you can’t select the right size for yourself then the belt won’t fit.

Key Features

  • High quality with the premium-grade material
  • Heavy duty is suitable for different weather
  • Trainer belt is appropriate for professionals
  • Different sizes are available

3. Kmioc Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt

Our third product is different from the previous two, this is completely made of leather. We know how much you appreciate the leather and it provides a premium experience. The leather belt from Kmioc is made of Full-Grain Italian leather.

This belt is designed to support a 9mm Baretta and a leather holster. It’s almost twice the thickness of the belt I usually used to wear with jeans, and it’s a great belt for just pants.

This belt is more than capable of performing the duty for which it was purchased.

Kmioc Gun Belt is just a superbly constructed and finished leather belt that fits all of our criteria for a high-quality pistol belt. It includes a steel core, thick and heavy-duty, strong enough to carry all your gear.

Most Liking Features

The belt has a high-quality finish which allows the belt to be used as a dress belt if desired. You can add everything you need to carry and still there will be no stretching.

Probable Drawbacks

As the belt is made of 100% Italian leather, the price of the belt is higher than any ordinary cheap belt

Key Features

  • Italian leather is used in the making
  • 5-inch wide belt
  • Thick and heavy-duty
  • Long-lasting in rough uses

4. Relentless Tactical Ultimate Steel Core Gun Belt

If you are one of those who desire a belt without an insert then the belt by Relentless Tactical is the one you should go for. The Leather Steel Core Belt has a traditional tough look that can be worn everywhere.

When I was searching for belts for my daily use and carrying the gun, I find the one from Relentless tactical. By seeing the amazing customer I went for this. And guess what, I don’t regard this decision because I could never find such a belt with this price

The Ultimate Steel Core Concealed Carry Leather Gun Belt is handcrafted in the United States of America from top-quality American leather.

We all know that the USA does not compromise with the quality and it is not made in any small factory.

The price is the main advantage of the Best Gun Belt for Appendix Carry. The black professional-looking and long-lasting belt come at a great price. And the ​​Spring Steel Core makes the belt stronger and makes it able to take the heaviest weight.

Most Liking Features

The addition of a steel layer will greatly improve the gun belt’s durability and lifetime. Look no farther than The Ultimate Steel Core Concealed Carry Leather Gun Belt if you want to exercise your Second Amendment rights.

Probable Drawbacks

This belt is not suitable for a fat person.

Key Features

  • Spring Steel Core is strong
  • The USA made Leather
  • Suitable for OWB holster
  • Fully black elegant color

5. WOLF TACTICAL Heavy Duty Simple EDC Belt

If you undertake any type of rappelling, then the Wolf Tactical’s Belt should be your first pick for an EDC belt. t has a two-clip locking and unlocking system that allows you to release it quickly with just one hand while also keeping you safe.

Wolf Tactical is true to their sizes. I’m a size 29 waist and ordered the 28-31 size. Fully adjusted to my liking and holding my EDC’s without sagging or becoming uncomfortable, there’s still around 1.5 inches of Velcro to play with.

The belt is adjustable, so, if necessary, you can tighten the belt.

The Heavy Duty Simple EDC Belt has an extremely slender polymer buckle for a sleek, low-profile aesthetic, and it’s ideal for AIWB appendix carry.

Because there are no holes in the belt, you can fully modify it for a bespoke fit depending on the firearm, gear, and other factors. And surely you don’t get that advantage in all of the belts.

Most Liking Features

The Heavy Duty Wolf Tactical Gun Belt is made of 2-ply rip-resistant nylon webbing that is reinforced to support IWB and OWB holsters without rolling over. Moreover, the running end of your belt is secured with a Velcro hook and loop to ensure that it stays tightened and never slips

Probable Drawbacks

There is also a problem with the size chart, but the size is perfectly right. You just have to make sure that you are purchasing the right size for yourself

Key Features

  • Comfort and fit for all ages
  • Polymer buckle gives strength
  • Law enforcement is very smooth
  • Suitable for outdoor survival

Things to Consider Before Buying Gun Belt for Appendix Carry

Best Gun Belt for Appendix Carry

If you have a good gun and a good holster, but do not have the right belt to carry it, then all the effort goes on waste. You have to pick the right belt that can take the weight of your gun and provide full support. There are few things that you need to look for before having the best belt for appendix carry. Here we will discuss all those elements.


The first and the most important thing to look for is the size, because if your waist is 34” and you’re picking a belt of 29” -32” then the whole money will be wasted. So you have to ensure that you are ordering the right size.

Then to receive the best support, make sure the holster is the same width as the gun belt. The most common widths for gun belts are 114 – 134 inches. Holster slots come in a variety of widths, with some even including adjustable belt loops. Make sure you also check our guide for foam for gun case.

Metal or Hardware

Many consumers make the critical mistake of purchasing a belt with poor quality hardware, such as the plastic buckle. Those are not suitable for carrying a gun or any heavy equipment. Soft metals should be avoided at all costs. If the buckle is flimsy enough to bend with your hand, it won’t survive long. So always try to go for stainless steel and a hard buckle. Besides, you can choose a gun range bag.


Most of the time we ignore the importance of strong stitching. A belt can have minimal stitching and still function as a pistol belt. Many belts will frequently have less stitching and can be used as gun belts.

However, in the vast majority of circumstances, more stitching is always preferred. Not only should the belt have plenty of stitching, but it should also have strong stitching without any loose frays. Also, check the length of the stitches whether they are of the same length or not.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can the gun belt support 2000 pounds?

Yes, even they are built to support more than 4000 pounds.

2. Will I feel uncomfortable when the belt touches skin?

If you are purchasing the best belt for appendix carry and it comes into contact with your skin, you will not be bothered. The nylon is tough but not harsh, and it breathes well.

3. My waist is 33”, what size I should go for?

You should follow the size chart of your desired brand. Generally, the M would be the choice for a 33” waist. If you plan on carrying a holster or a firearm, you can also get the L size.

4. Is it necessary to remove the buckle in order to pass it through the belt loops?

No, that is not the case. Some of the gun belt’s loops will accommodate the female end of the belt, but others will not. It depends on the brand.

5. Is the buckle steel or plastic?

A plastic buckle would be a very bad choice for any gun belt. So most of the gun belt’s buckles are made of stainless steel

Final Words

Those who carry a gun with them will understand the importance of having the right belt. If you fail to choose the right belt for carrying the gun you may end up losing the gun. There are several features of belts offered by different companies, but always try to make sure to provide main focus to length, width, and hardware. The best Gun Belt for Appendix Carry should be your ultimate selection.

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