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Top 5 Best Gun Belt for OWB – The Must Have Selection for 2023

While holsters keep the gun safe and abrasion-free, you cannot move around with the holster in hand. Again keeping them in the bag is not practical in terms of quick draw.

In such instances, gun belts are an easy way out. Apart from gun placement, the best gun belt for OWB will eliminate hitching. Moreover, the tuck won’t be disturbed while drawing.

And if you have made up your mind to get an OWB belt, the difficult part of choosing begins now. Even though you can get away with any belt, a few can do justice to the price.

To make your choice effortless, we have listed down a few OWB gun belts. Let’s check the specifications and pick one!

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

JUKMO Gun Belt for OWB │ Easy Wear
JUKMO Gun Belt for OWB │ Easy Wear

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Relentless Gun Belt for OWB │ Leather Belt
Relentless Gun Belt for OWB │ Leather Belt

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FAIRWIN Gun Belt for OWB │ Sturdy
FAIRWIN Gun Belt for OWB │ Sturdy

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Groove Gun Belt for OWB │ Magnet Buckle
Groove Gun Belt for OWB │ Magnet Buckle

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WOLF Gun Belt for OWB │ Open-ended
WOLF Gun Belt for OWB │ Open-ended

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Best Gun Belt for OWB Reviews

In this segment, we will try to provide an insight into our selection of OWB gun belts. Nevertheless, not all of them will make a perfect pair with your holster. Thence, we recommend you going through the fors and againsts of each product.

Let’s get them!

1. JUKMO Tactical Belt, Military Hiking Rigger 1.5″

Do you struggle with the accurate fit in OWB gun belts? Then getting a gun belt from JUKMO can make your task effortless.

Whether you are a long-term user or a beginner, fixing the JUKMO OWB belt will not be taxing. After securing the belt in place, we did not notice any hitching either. So no worries about drawing the gun!

Although the belt is not efficient in concealing firearms, it does a substantial job of external carry.  In addition, you can find suggestions for cobra belt in here.

Added to its benefits, the brand offers post-purchase customer service. On that account, there are no worries about fixing malfunction issues after the purchase.

Nevertheless, we will not suggest the JUKMO gun belt for all-day wear. The moderate rigidity restraints it from being in a fixed place. Hence, this gun belt will be great for occasional OWB carry.

Most liking Features

Despite being easy to attach lock, the buckle has a sturdy hold. It does not loosen up over usage.

Probable Drawbacks

The belt may intertwine with a moderate load.

Key Features

  • Easy to adjust buckle
  • Feasible usage for everyone
  • Pure nylon belt for adequate stretch
  • Commendable customer service

2. Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt

Not everyone prefers using a conventional nylon gun belt. For such needs, leather gun belts from Relentless can be the way out.

Many gun belt users might be skeptical about the stretch endurance of leather belts. Nevertheless, the Relentless gun belt does not have any issues regarding twisting.

Considering the stitching, the belt has a solid finish.

There are rarely any threads coming out from the ends of the belt. Plus, the even leather finish does not scratch the skin.

Users can easily carry and draw the loaded gun without worrying about the sagging. Moreover, getting the gun belt will not break the bank.

All in all, Relentless can work as the best gun belt for OWB carry. Its flexible utility will cover a range of necessities. If you have never used a gun belt before, the Relentless belt for OWB can be a kickstart for you.

Most liking Features

The overall look of the belt is chic and formal. As a result, users can use both for formal and casual wear without compromising on gun carrying.

Probable Drawbacks

Gun belts from Relentless are not an option for water resistance.

Key Features

  • Leather belt to minimize stretch
  • Thin yet sturdy built
  • Flexible conceal for carrying a gun
  • Budget-friendly option

3. FAIRWIN Tactical Belt, Military Style Webbing Riggers

Are you someone who looks for nothing but utility on a gun belt? If so, checking the attributes of the FAIRWIN gun belt can be accomodating for you.

With in order coverage and minimum hitching, these gun belts are apt for OWB carry. Users will not need to struggle to draw the gun from the holster. And these gun belts from FAIRWIN are well known for their consistent functionality.

Besides, the hard-wearing construction helps the belt in balancing the overall weight of the gun and magazine. Finding a rugged and durable OWB belt like FAIRWIN is not easy.

Considering all the facets, the FAIRWIN is a sturdy yet flexible gun belt pick. You can use it for daily wear or professional use. Nonetheless, regular users will not need all the advanced facets. We recommend this belt for professional use only.

Most liking Features

Because of the solid hold, the belt does not allow the holster from its place. As a result, the jerking is reduced by manifold.

Probable Drawbacks

Putting on the FAIRWIN gun belt can be taxing.

Key Features

  • Smooth gun draw
  • Ideal for professional use
  • Reliable customer service
  • Adequate concealing for everyday use

4. Groove Belt by Groove Life – Men’s Stretch Nylon Belt

Want a break from the regular metal buckle belts? Then magnet buckles from Groove will be the best gun belt for OWB option for you.

While most magnetic buckles in the market are flimsy, the Groove gun belt is an exception. To assure longevity, manufacturers have used an aluminum coating over the magnet buckle. Herefore, there are no issues with magnet misplacing.

Even though the buckle has a snap lock, users get feasible adjustments with the belt.

However, this gun belt lacks proper concealing.

No matter how efficient a gun belt is, all goes to vain without congenial fit. On that account, the stretch of Groove OWB belts is up to par. If you prefer shoulder carrying, you can find our picks for the nylon gun belt here.

The functionality Groove gun belt fits everyday use. Nevertheless, it is not apt for professional use. Herefore, if you want to avail a premium belt for EDC, Groove gun belts will not disappoint you.

Most liking Features

The groove gun belt has a solid sealing between the magnet and belt. As a result, the chance of magnet buckle fall out is minimum.

Probable Drawbacks

The concealing of this belt is not up to mark.

Key Features

  • No rust issues
  • Decent conceal for EDC
  • Easy magnet lock buckle
  • The aluminum coating on the buckle for durability

5. WOLF TACTICAL Heavy Duty Quick-Release EDC Belt

Although most gun belts come with a one-way utility, won’t you like to try out a multi-utility belt? Yes, multi-utility. You can use the WOLF gun belt and IWB carrying.

When it comes to the quality of the belt, there is rarely any glitch. This thick nylon belt is sturdy yet breathable. Plus, cleaning this gun belt is easy as well.

Despite the flexible usage, the belt does not compromise on any functionality.

Both in IWB and OWB carry, the holster does not move from its place. We did not face any trouble with jerking as well.

In addition to the steel buckle, there is the use of Velcro in the belt. That way, users will get a snug fit without the trouble of trimming.

Because of the multifaceted functionality, users can use the WOLF gun belt and IWB. That surely is beneficial for many handgun enthusiasts. Even if you are a beginner, you can get away with a WOLF gun belt.

Most liking Features

WOLF gun belts allow ample air passage along without compromising on the fitting.

Probable Drawbacks

Once the Velcro wears off, the belt becomes unusable.

Key Features

  • Usable for both IWB and OWB
  • No gun hitching
  • Steel buckle for longevity
  • Velcro for assuring a better fit

Things to Consider Before Buying Gun Belt for OWB

Best Gun Belt for OWB

As you are going to use an OWB gun belt every day, risking the quality is not likely. Instead, investing in a potent belt will assure functionality in the long run.

Despite being a personalized pick, you should never compromise on the quality check of OWB gun belts. In this regard, we recommend examining the four primary facets- Thickness, rigidity, buckle, and material.

But what attributes to check on these facets? Let’s find them!


While thickness might appear an unimportant facet, that is not the reality. As pistols and handguns weigh heavy, flimsy belts will pull down the holster. As a result, users might face difficulties in a smooth draw.

On that account, getting a regular belt from your nearest clothing store will not help. Usually, brands fix the thickness of the belt in proportion to hook and buckle. We will recommend going for a belt that is of a decent thickness, about half an inch.


As a pistol is not a lightweight firearm, you will need a sturdy belt to endure the mass. In addition, the OWB belt must be comfortable enough for daily wear. Otherwise, you will end up with hitches from the gun.

To get a smooth and swift gun draw, pick an OWB gun belt with moderate thickness. The nylon ones will make an economical option. The quick dry out and ventilation of nylon belts will keep you at ease all day long.


Considering the safety factors, checking the buckle adjustments is imperative. No matter how many bucks you spend on your belt, it will not serve the purpose without a suitable fit. By fit, we indicate the comfortable adjustment and holster positioning of the OWB belt.

Plastic and alloy buckles are widely available in the market. If you are on a budget, you can get away with plastic buckles. On the contrary, if you prefer longevity over cost, you can invest in a metal buckle.


Among all the items, nylon and leather bets are most common for OWB carry. These materials allow ventilation, quick dry, and flexibility of usage- ideal for daily use. Still and all, we prefer nylon over leather for easy maintenance.

Nonetheless, not all nylon belts are of the same quality. So it is crucial to check if the belt is in order. Go for a belt that has double stitching. Don’t forget to inspect the tensile strength. That way, you are sure of investing in a quality belt.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Is it possible to trim the belt?


If you get a nylon belt, trimming a few inches will not affect the functionality. To get a cleaner cut, we will recommend using a sharp pair of scissors.

2. Does the belt move from the place or bend over?


All of these gun belts sit on the waist giving the user a snug fit. That way, there is little scope for belt displacement.

3. Which material will be a durable pick for buckle?

Brands commonly use different kinds of metal alloys and plastic to make the buckle of the OWB belt. While plastic buckles are inexpensive, metal buckles will be a durable pick. Based on your preference, you can pick either of those.

4. Why checking on thickness is imperative while picking gun belts?

The utility of any gun belt is partly dependent on its thickness. To pick the best gun belt for OWB carry, go for a belt with half-inch thickness. That will help in balancing the weight of the gun.

5. Do I need to get a belt with Velcro?


If you are using a V-ring type hook, Velcro will hold the belt in place. Nonetheless, you will not need Velcro for other locks.

Final Words

It is improbable to find the best gun belt for OWB suited for your requirements. We recommend you going through market research and comparison among the options. That way, you are well aware of the pros and cons of the belt you are buying.

With a few trials, you will find the facets that you need in the belt. From here on, there is no looking back!

Stay safe!

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