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Top 5 Best Gun Range Bag – Our Picks, Alternatives & Reviews

Are you planning to go shooting with your friends? Firstly, you should ensure that you have every necessary things in your collection. Secondly, you should figure out to keep your belongings safe while you are at the range. And lastly, you should have the best gun range bag to carry.

When you frequent a gun range, there are certain accessories such as a gun, plenty of ammunition, and water. You will also need a safe way to transport all these items, as well as protection when you store them. A range bag is a perfect solution to this dilemma.

If you are a gun owner, you have probably heard the phrase, “Owning a gun is like having another set of hands.” This statement could not be truer when it comes to choosing the right gun bag for your setup.

We will enlighten you on how to pick the right bag for your needs, see this article.

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REEBOW Tactical Gun Range Bag For Shooting | Water-Resistant
REEBOW Tactical Gun Range Bag For Shooting | Water-Resistant

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DBTAC Gun Range Bag For Shooting | Tactical 2-Pistol Bag
DBTAC Gun Range Bag For Shooting | Tactical 2-Pistol Bag

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SAVIOR Equipment Gun Range Bag For Shooting | Specialist Series
SAVIOR Equipment Gun Range Bag For Shooting | Specialist Series

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EXOS Gun Range Bag For Shooting | Weather- Resistant
EXOS Gun Range Bag For Shooting | Weather- Resistant

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Orca Tactical Gun Range Bag For Shooting | Transport Equipment
Orca Tactical Gun Range Bag For Shooting | Transport Equipment

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Best Gun Range Bag Reviews

For protecting your guns during transport, the gun range bags are designed to keep them safe and secure in storage. This segment will provide you with the right information about the top five gun shooting bags to ensure that you make the right choice.

1. REEBOW Tactical Gun Range Bag Deluxe Pistol Shooting Range

Do you need a range bag that will help pass all the tests? Check out this Tactical Range Bag from REEBOW. It is great for traveling to the shooting range or even hunting. This Tactical range bag comes in just about every color you can imagine.

We have seen that this bag has two main compartments. One with a velcro divider, one large compartment, two exterior side pockets, two exterior front pockets, and one exterior back pocket.

Also, this water resistance range bag does not hold water because it is made with Nylon.

The interior compartment has three straps that hold our pistol securely in place while in transit. The handle on top makes it easy to carry around and also to pull out our weapon when we need it most. It is a perfect fit for us because we want to carry everything together.

This range bag can carry a whole bunch of gear and keep everything organized. The large main compartment of this shooting range bag features an adjustable divider panel that allows us to customize the space to fit our needs.

If you want extra pockets in your gun bag, you can try the next product.

Most Liking Features

We like the fact that the range bag fits 4-5 guns and has plenty of space for ammo, hearing and eye protection, and other accessories. The bag is also made of heavy-duty material and won’t rip or tear easily.

Probable Drawbacks

The zipper of this range bag does not work. Therefore the bag does not stay closed.

Key Features 

  • Fits all tactical guns
  • Gear stays protected.
  • Affordable price
  • Water-resistant nylon bag

2. DBTAC DO MORE & BE MORE Gun Case Bag Small

Are you looking for a tough case best multi-gun bag that keeps your pistol and accessories safe when you are not using them? Then range bag from DBAC is the right option for you. It comes with 2 different sized pouches, one on the top and one on the side, which hold extras like magazines

It is the best multi gun bag, durable enough, and practical for everyone.  The closeable main compartment has an adjustable divider and it also has two zippered side pockets for extra items. You can also check our article on CZ 75 holster.

This tactical bag is the perfect combination for us according to its functionality and style. The heavy-duty construction makes it ideal for us. However, the upgraded security features of this tactical gun bag keep our valuables stay safe.

This tactical Range Bag lets us take along and carry our favorite guns with ease. It is the answer to all our needs when it comes to transporting anything from rifles and pistols to airsoft rifles and shotguns. Hence, if you expect a superior quality bag, you can go for the next product.

Most Liking Features

We like the fact that the range bag is smaller but gives us a big surprise. It has plenty of space that we can carry our guns as well as important documents. Also, it is durable and waterproof that keeps our elements protected.

Probable Drawbacks

The lock loops on one zipper were not circular and they did not align. Therefore the lock cable could not pass through.

Key Features 

  • Great design
  • Durable enough
  • Easy to carry
  • Adjustable straps.

3. Savior Equipment Specialist Series Tactical Double Scoped Handgun Bag

If you are looking for a gun range that will assure you superior durability and long-lasting quality then you should try the SAVIOUR Equipment Specialist Series gun bag is what you looking for.

The Saviour equipment range bag is the ultimate 2-gun carrying solution for target shooters, tactical operators, and military service members. We can also use it to carry and store a variety of other long guns such as rifles and carbines.

It is a protective case for our firearms. This padded case is not only durable but also has a high-quality zipper to prevent the gun from accidentally being ejected.

It features a main compartment with a soft lining to protect our firearm from scratches and damage.

It is built from ultra-durable, abrasion-resistant black Cordura nylon and is frequently used by SWAT, tactical units, and police officers around the globe. We can be confident that our firearms will be safe and sound with this case among all the other products we have mentioned.

Most Liking Features

We liked the fact that if we are going to be taking a lot of pistols out to the range, it’s a good idea to get this bag that will accommodate both of them.

Probable Drawbacks

We had a great experience with this tactical range bag. We hardly faced any drawbacks to this bag.

Key Features

  • Long-lasting tactical bag
  • Fairly priced
  • High-quality zipper
  • Easy to carry

4. Exos Range Bag, Free Subdued USA Flag Patch Included

If you are searching for a tough, but lightweight and the best gun range bag that can stand up to the rigors of constant use, you can take a look at The EXOS Range Bag. It is constructed of heavy-duty ballistic nylon, yet it weighs only 4 lbs.

It is built to last with heavy gauge, high-density polyethylene foam that will not break down over time. The heavy-duty zippers are color-coded for easy identification.

The zipper pulls are oversized and are designed to be operated with thick winter gloves on.

The EXOS bag features a large main compartment for ammunition, firearms, and accessories. The padded interior features two quick-access, zippered pockets along with a mesh pocket ideal to carry magazines and ear protection.

It has an interior net pocket to organize our gear as well as a front pocket with a velcro-flapped cover. Among all the bags we have mentioned here, it is the most perfect bag for any avid shooter who wants to travel light and keep valuables protected during transport.

Most Liking Features

We liked the construction and good zippers of this bag because this well-made piece of luggage will last for years and also light enough to carry around conveniently.

Probable Drawbacks

The price seems a bit higher compared to the other similar products.

Key Features

  • Overnight bag
  • Easy to carry
  • Large back pocket
  • Stylish outlook

5. Orca Tactical Pistol Range Bag Gun

If you are searching for a roomy and rugged gun range, Orca tactical bag will be the better choice for you. It features lots of pockets to keep our equipment organized. It is constructed with 1000-denier nylon for durability

It can be carried in many different ways, making it very easy to transport our firearms and ammo safely. The wide straps distribute the weight and balance out the load for comfortable carrying.

This bag is the ultimate solution for the safe and secure storage of all of our shooting gear.

It is a heavy-duty canvas bag with reinforced stitching and padded interior walls that assure our safety.

Whether we are packing for a day at the range or just heading out for the weekend, the Orca Tactical Gun Bag is built for comfort and function. Though the quality seems a bit low compared to our other products, whilst the price is almost similar to them.

Most Liking Features

The most liking part of the bag is it has a ton of pockets and pouches to make it easy to organize our accessories.

Probable Drawbacks

The little pockets inside the bags are too small. We barely can keep anything in them.

Key Features

  • Ultimate travel companion
  • Durable and well-padded
  • Military-grade
  • Affordable price.

Things To Consider Before Buying Gun Range Bag

Best Gun Range Bag

Using a range gun bag is very essential to keep your tools safe and harmless. You can carry your guns, mags, ear protection, and important documents in a gun bag. You should choose the best range gun bag that will fit your every problem.


Before buying a range bag you need to make sure that the bag you are going to buy is made of good material. You need to ensure that it can withstand tear and water. You will get many types of bags in the market. Of all, we prefer using nylon bags because they are highly resistant to tear and water. You may also be interested in some of the Holsters for Springfield XDS from our list.


Durability is important for a bag because you are expecting a long time of service from it. If the bag is not durable enough, it will soon tear apart when you go on a shooting range and carry heavy magazines and guns. So you must check if it is enough durable and giving you long-lasting performance.


You must check the price before buying a gun bag if you can afford it or not. You need to make sure that you are getting a better quality bag at an affordable price. No matter how much you fix your budget for a range bag, you will get the good one. At least, you do not need to break your bank to purchase your desired product.


Not every brand can give you the service you are expecting. Before buying a bag you should compare among different brands and choose the right brand for your bag. Do not waste your time in hesitation while choosing a branded gun bag because there is a reason why the branded bags are renowned- the quality.

Available Room

Enough room is what you need in a gun range bag. Before buying a bag you must check if there is enough room for your gun and mags so that you can keep them safe.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Does it have a solid bottom?

Yes, it does.

It has a solid bottom. It is not hard rock solid but sturdy enough. It will allow you to carry any heavy-duty guns, ammo, or magazines.

2. Can the zippers be locked?

Yes, they can.

You can lock the top zipper with a luggage lock. But you cannot lock the zippers of the internal or external pockets and pouches.

3. Can I bring loaded magazines to the range?

Most shooting ranges have no problem with you bringing loaded magazines, as long as they are separated from their respective guns. If you have spare magazines for your gun, load them up before leaving. In this way, you can spend your time shooting rather than loading ammo.

4. Is there any room for ear protection and ammo?


You can store ear and eye protection in the bag along with several boxes of ammunition and several handguns in the best pistol gun range bag. Plenty of room for everything.

5. Is the bag is durable enough?

Of course, it is durable enough for your regular usage.

You can carry it anywhere without any problem. It is made of high-quality material that can easily pass the durability test and you can roughly use it.

Final Words

If you are a novice or professional shooter you need the superior bag. Gun bag ensures us to carry several guns, mags, ammo comfortably.

Also, it keeps our belongings secure and safe. So we can ensure the above-described bags are worth buying and you can own the best gun range bag from these.

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