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Top 5 Best Holster for 1911 Commander – Recommendations for 2023

If you own a 1911 commander, then you deserve the right holster for the gun. This should not be like any ordinary leather or Kydex holsters. The popular company tried to make the best holster for 1911 commander by keeping thin of a profile.

For making the holster for 1911, the team needs expertise and years of inspection. For a year after years, the engineers are trying to modify the design to give the customers full comfort.

There are several holsters in the market that claim to be the number one choice, but you cannot trust all of them. So here we would try to help you by picking the top five holsters for daily use.

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Relentless Tactical Holster for 1911 Commander | Made in USA
Relentless Tactical Holster for 1911 Commander | Made in USA

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CYTAC Tactical Holster for 1911 Commander | Polymer
CYTAC Tactical Holster for 1911 Commander | Polymer

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Fobus Holster for 1911 Commander | Adjustable
Fobus Holster for 1911 Commander | Adjustable

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XCH Holster for 1911 Commander | Comfortable
XCH Holster for 1911 Commander | Comfortable

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POLE.CRAFT Holster for 1911 Commander | Convenient
POLE.CRAFT Holster for 1911 Commander | Convenient

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Best Holster for 1911 Commander Reviews

Before buying the holsters for 1911 commander, you first have to know more about the different types of holsters, then considering all the factors you can make the right purchasing decision.

1. Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster

The confidence depends on the item that you are carrying with you. A good quality holster can increase confidence and keep you unique from the crowd. The holster from Relentless Tactical is made from high-quality leather and is well designed.

I’m happy to report that their bull hide leather holster is of excellent quality. I’m shooting a 45 ACP Rock Island Ultra 1911. The fit is really snug and requires some break-in time. Once broken in, as with most leather holsters, it’s really comfortable to carry with the proper attire.

The leather holster is available in five different sizes to accommodate a wide range of firearms. So it can fit all sizes of 1911 commanders. So here you will get exactly what you are promised to give

Relentless Tactical is made in the USA. They provide exceptional value to the clients without cutting shortcuts or outsourcing manufacturing. Almost every concealable handgun on the market is compatible with one of our holsters.

Most Liking Features

This comfortable, form-fitting holster is made to last while providing maximum protection, allowing you to enjoy day-in, day-out comfort and performance for the rest of your life. This is designed to provide maximum concealment and accessibility when you need it most.

Probable Drawbacks

The holster is heavier than the other one. But this makes the holster stronger and durable.

Key Features

  • American Made construction
  • Durable holster last for a long time
  • Maximum protection with high security
  • Maximum concealment within a reasonable price

2. CYTAC 1911 Full Size Holster 5 inch, OWB Holsters

Getting the perfect retention for the holster is not easy. But you can look for CYTAC, the best IWB holster for 1911 commander which has high retention and automatic lock-on trigger. Besides the material and design is top class

A thermosetting polymer has been used to make the holster.

If I talk about the main attributes from my personal experience that the holster has, I would mention Mechanical strength, dimensional stability, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and durability.

Your weapon will be totally safe and scratch free in the holster because it has a bright interior surface to avoid such occurrence. Moreover, as the material is polymer, it is very easy to clean and maintain,

The auto trigger lock to give you the utmost safety is very unique. Also, the stripes are skidproof which helps to recognize the holster through the sense of touch.

Most Liking Features

There is an amazing automatic button. So that when the gun is holstered, it automatically locks the trigger with a sharp click, and when the gun is drawn, it unlocks the trigger with a touch of the button.

Probable Drawbacks

There are less varieties of sizes, most of them come in the same size.

Key Features

  • 1911 A1 Airsoft
  • Military Grade Polymer Material
  • 360-degree Adjustable Cant
  • Heavy duty material makes it reliable

3. Fobus Holster for Commander | Adjustable

Having a holster that is comfortable and stable is every gun owner’s dream. Fobus brought such a holster that is light in weight and can support heavy-duty guns. The weight is only 2oz, so you won’t feel any extra weight while carrying the holster.

I  love the Fobus Holster because of its toughness and lightweight. Gun owners like me can acquire high-quality holsters at reasonable prices.

Besides, Fobus has been able to offer a wide range of features and customization options for their products.

These holsters have a paddle that goes inside your waistband to keep the holster securely in place at your hip. The paddle has a rubberized backing and a reinforced rivet attachment for all-day comfort and stability. The passive retention pressure is also adjustable.

In most cases, the guns that are light in weight, do not last long. But for Fobus holsters, the situation is totally different. It is light yet lasts for a longer period.

Most Liking Features

A shielded sight channel is included in the one-piece holster body to safeguard your firearm’s sights from injury. With its low-profile design and rubberized surface, the gun will be in the right place without any chance of an accident.

Probable Drawbacks

This will fit perfectly for the 1911 commander but is not suitable for other guns

Key Features

  • Protected sight channel with high protection
  • Ensures Comfort and Stability
  • Secure holster is safe to use
  • Sleek and Sturdy design

4. XCH Shoulder Gun Holster Sig Sauer

Have you ever heard the term ”wear the gun with style?” XCH Holster has taken this phrase more seriously and made the most stylish shoulder holster ever. They are taking care of your daily comfort and reliability by providing the Best Holster for 1911 Commander.

This holster, in my opinion, has it all. Comfort, capacity, and Galco quality all in one package at an accessible price.

It includes a double mag pouch for capacity and balance, and the thinner leather is simpler to hide and requires less break-in time, which is a significant benefit.

There are swivel points for movement and comfort, as well as tie-downs to hold everything in place. A Galco full leather holster is also available for a terrific price. This one appeals to me greatly, and I believe you will as well.

The trade-off is that it has thinner leather than the Classic, which means it won’t last as long. It also only comes with a vertical mag carrier, and compared to Kydex or contoured, full-grain leather, I believe it has less positive gun retention.

Most Liking Features

This holster is a jack of all crafts but a master of none, offering a good balance of comfort, quality, and price, but lacking in positive retention and full-grain leather longevity.

Probable Drawbacks

This is a shoulder holster, so you are fond of small holsters, this won’t be for you.

Key Features

  • The shoulder holster gives off a nice look
  • Made of authentic Leather
  • This includes colt Defender
  • Provides a Good balance

5. POLE.CRAFT 1911 Holster OWB Kydex Holster Fits

When you are investing in an item, the first thing that you want from it is durability. Here POLE.CRAFT holsters provide a lifetime warranty and it is made of a KYDEX alloy plastic sheet. This is very thin and less than 100g

I appreciate that this can clip onto my belt instead of having to be threaded on. When needed, the clip is secure and easy to disengage. It’s a tad big and extends the pistol a little off the hip because it does release.

Adjust the screw to obtain tightness, the best extraction strength, and the best use habits, while aiming for the quickest reaction time.

To make it easier to put the gun in and avoid scratching the gun body, the entry has been expanded.

POLE.CRAFT Holster for Commander includes a safety lock for a 1.5 – 2 Inch belt. So this is convenient to use. There is also a safety lock to avoid any unwanted circumstances

Most Liking Features

The design of the holster boasts high strength, impact resistance, high toughness, abrasion resistance, and age resistance in addition to being waterproof and sweat-proof. It can be utilized in a variety of circumstances. As a result, you may count on it to save your life at any time.

Probable Drawbacks

As this is not made of leather or any breathable material, it will feel hard.

Key Features

  • Kydex construction which gives high strength
  • Adjustable retention is helpful to the users
  • Scratch proof features protects the gun
  • Abrasion resistance which is an important feature

Things to Consider Before Buying Holster for 1911 Commander

Best Holster for 1911 Commander

Buying a holster just seeing the brand name or some customer reviews is not enough. You have to understand the features that you should be concerned about. Always try to ​​buy the best concealed carry holster for 1911 commander measuring all the pros and cons.


The most crucial thing we provide is safety. When it comes to firearms, and holsters are no exception, safety always comes first. Many people believe that carrying is both enjoyable and useful. There are a number of things that can go wrong when it comes to carrying a pistol. If you choose to conceal your firearm, you must accept the trade-offs and train until you are completely comfortable with it.

Accidental discharges, gun jackings, and firearm theft are all scenarios that can and do occur. The majority of the time, this is due to the person carrying not having spent enough time training or making an unintentional error. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the Concealed Carry Holster for Glock 26.


Steel and alloy frames have been used in the manufacture of 1911s. The weight of the gun is a consideration while choosing a holster. The 1911s are usually heavy in weight. Steel frames are heavier; therefore the pistol is more likely to pull away from the belt.

This makes it more difficult to conceal the weapon. 1911s with alloy frames are lighter. Some holster designs keep a heavier gun closer to the body than others. So pick the holster that can support the weight of the gun and in order to do so the holster has to be strong and reliable. Checking the Concealed Carry Holster for Sitting will be helpful as well.

Double Stack

The term “double-stack” refers to magazines that include two offset rows of cartridges, providing for more ammunition capacity. Cartridges are arranged in one row in a single stack. And this is usually seen in 1911s.  A normal commander would not fit well in a holster designed for a double-stack.


When you are spending a lot on money buying your favorite gun holsters, you must want it to last for a longer period. And durability is also related to safety. If the holster rips off while you are wearing it, you may end up losing the gun. So make sure the gun you are purchasing is durable and well designed.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Will the shoulder holster reach my belt if I’m 6’4″ tall?

It’s tough for tall people to adjust holsters far enough then for a low waist and broad shoulders. You might have to adjust some of the pieces to make them comfortable enough for everyday carry.

2. What is a military-grade polymer of a holster? Is it good?

A thermosetting polymer, often known as thermosetting plastic, is a type of thermosetting polymer. Mechanical strength,  heat resistance, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and durability are all positive attributes.

3. Is there a belt attachment included with this holster?

Most of the holsters have a horseshoe flap that slides between your waistband and your hip. There isn’t any requirement for a “belt attachment.” The belt holsters are not suitable for carrying 1911s.

4. What is the frame size of a 1911 holster?

The Manufacturing Companies are responsible for the present sizes of 1911 holsters. The size is different for different brands.

5. What is the price of the holsters for 1911s?

The price varies brand to brand. You can find best holster for ruger 1911 commander  holsters at a cheaper price and also at a higher price

Final Words

We are no one to tell you what to buy and what not to. The decision is totally upon you. What we can do is show you the right guidelines and provide necessary information to buy the best holster for 1911 commander. So take your time to select the right one, always keep in mind that for holsters safety comes in the first place. For any further information, do not hesitate to knock us.

Have a Happy Shopping.

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