Holster for Beretta 92fs

A complete guide to choose the Best Holster for Beretta 92fs in 2023

As a pistol owner, the safety and security of the gun is a very important factor. And in this regard, there requires a wonderful carrying holster that will be a protector for the gun. Holsters always keep the weapon locked and protected.

In today’s time, we will find varieties of holsters for beretta 92fs. But the question is what holster will be perfect for beretta 92fs? No more confusion! We’ve brought to you some amazing findings of holsters to select the best holster for beretta 92fs.

Let’s find the most desirable one for your beretta.

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TEGE OWB Holster for Beretta 92fs | Adjustable Cant
TEGE OWB Holster for Beretta 92fs | Adjustable Cant

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CYTAC OWB Holster for Beretta 92fs | Paddle Attachment
CYTAC OWB Holster for Beretta 92fs | Paddle Attachment

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HQDA Holster for Beretta 92fs | Tactical Holster
HQDA Holster for Beretta 92fs | Tactical Holster

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Bedone Holster for Beretta 92fs | Right Handed
Bedone Holster for Beretta 92fs | Right Handed

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Anka Holster for Beretta 92fs | Concealed Carry
Anka Holster for Beretta 92fs | Concealed Carry

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Best Holster for Beretta 92fs Reviews

Holsters are a very much-needed tool for keeping the weapon secured all time. And so, in this section, we’ve presented the top five exclusive holster collections that will be perfect for beretta 92fs. So let’s have a look at the holsters to select the most ideal one.

1. OWB Holster for Beretta 92 92FS M9 M9_22

TEGE has assured you an amazing OWB holster that has customized fitting for especially beretta 92fs. Even this holster can fit with Compact 92S full size, Centurion M9 pistols, Compact Taurus pistols etc. pistol series and thus maintains its high compatibility.

This holster offers a great auto-locking mechanism that includes an audible click which becomes active once the weapon is holstered and ensures ultimate safety.

It can also be re-holstered for quick access by using a forefinger.

Besides, this holster is built with premium quality polymer material that is waterproof and requires no maintenance. Even it is compatible with any hard situation. Plus, it can ensure a firm grip and fast and hurdle-free grip.

Moreover, this holster enables a 60 degree adjusted Cant that is very ergonomic and convenient. It seals the weapon under the clothing and it can be adjusted as per requirements. So this feature is hardly seen in any duty holsters that this holster carries.

Most liking feature

The military-grade material and extreme retention that helps to secure the weapon with high impact is one of the most liking features of this holster.

Probable drawback

This holster can fit with almost all beretta series or pistols but those who own pistols with laser or sight find inappropriate this holster to fit with their pistols.

Key Features

  • Excellent retention
  • Exclusive design & high-quality material
  • Ensures firm & huddle-free grip
  • Provides adjustable cant

2. CYTAC OWB Holsters for Beretta 92 92FS 92G 92X 92S

CYTAC has always assured that the products provided are highly compatible with almost all weapons. Similarly, this holster is highly compatible with beretta 92/92fs/96/96fs, centurion, compact, inox, full size, beretta 92 elite ltt, etc. almost all beretta guns.

This holster provides high safety measurement with level II retention. It automatically locks the weapon when it is holstered. Plus, it includes multiple guide stripes that retain the weapon better. Even it eliminates longer barrels sticking out.

Besides, this holster carries an upgraded military-grade polymer that increases its smoothness and thickness.

Plus, it has hidden buttons and skid-proof stripes including with interior screw that keeps the surface smooth and reduces the risk of the weapon’s falling off.

Most importantly, it consists of 360 degrees tooth gear that can rotate Omni-directionally. It is very convenient and extremely temperature-friendly for heavy-duty use. Thus it distinguishes it from others and becomes the best leather holster.

Most liking feature

Its lenient paddle attachment is considered the most amazing feature. It also includes a silicone pad that gives more comfort during carrying with pants.

Probable drawback

This holster provides much security but there is no audible locking system that might be an issue of proper locking safety.

Key Features

  • High compatibility & durability
  • Easy to carry & temperature friendly
  • Very smooth & thick design
  • Reduces the risk of falling the weapon

3. HQDA Beretta 92 92FS M9 M922 Holster

HQDA holster is a compact holster with all the necessary measurements that one holster should have. This holster has a high-end superb auto-locking system that locks the weapon automatically and holds the weapon tightly to give integrated security.

The holster has an adjustable carrying angle including an Allen key or Hex Key. It is an outside waistband (OWB) holster with a rotating paddle that simply adjusts the angle with the gun.

Even this holster is fully compatible with almost all beretta 92 versions.

In addition, HQDA holsters are made with high-quality durable polymer ingredients that are very lightweight and compact. It is impact and heat as well as scratch-resistant also. It is mainly designed for tactical use like military, hunting, tracking, defense, etc. heavy duties.

Last but not the least, this holster includes a unique quick-release button that enables the index finger on the trigger to make a perfect position and draws a fast and swift draw. Thus this amazing feature makes this holster attributable to others.

Most liking feature

Its fast and quick release button which helps to make a smooth grip and quick-draw make it the most demanding holster for tactical use.

Probable drawback

This holster is a great tool for beretta 92fs but sometimes it fits very tightly with the gun that it feels difficult during removing it.

Key Features

  • Enable quick release switch
  • Provides high-quality retention & locking
  • Durable & comfortable for carrying
  • Especially designed for heavy tactical defense works

4. OWB Paddle Holster for Beretta 92/92X/92G/92FS/96FS, GSG92, Girsan Regard MC

If a perfect and superb quality holster for the beretta 92fs is being searched, then undoubtedly the Bedone holster will be proved a lucky charm for beretta 92fs handgun. This right handed holster can definitely be fit not only with beretta but also with Taurus, Girsan Regard MC, beretta 92G etc. pistols.

This holster possesses an extraordinary and integrated ALS (Auto-Locking System) especially for beretta 92 that seals the firearm instinctively as well as grabs the weapon tightly after putting it in the holster. Thus this holster would be the ideal concealed carry holster.

Therefore, the Bedone holster has a premium quality carrying angle that is adjustable as well by up to360 degrees. Plus it can easily be attached and removed by its rotating adjustable paddle also. Moreover, the holster is very durable and compatible with tactical functions.

Apart from these, this holster comes with a fascinating and unique low-cut design that has an ergonomic release button that contains the full grip of the access and quick draw. Thus it becomes the best holster for beretta 92fs from others.

Most liking feature

Its unique design and high quality grip makes it more preferable as well as the ideal holster for any tactical training, hunting, defense works.

Probable drawback

This holster possesses the top-notch quality in compatibility issues but those who have beretta models with rail or beretta compact don’t find it useful.

Key Features

  • Highly compatible with beretta 92fs
  • Unique & strong quality design
  • Adjustable carrying angle & paddle
  • Ensures durability & comfort

5. Anka Holster Concealed Carry OWB Gun Holster

Anka holster is a certified and proven company producing world standards premium quality leather holsters. They especially design the holster in such a way that it can be fit with almost all the guns and keeps the secured & protected as well.

The leather used in this holster includes double stitching and chemical-free vegetable leather.

As the leather is processed through vegetable tanning, it is free from any allergies or toxins. Thus it maintains the natural components very well in it.

Again, not only the leather but also the thread used in this holster are very high quality and made from 100% cotton grade material. Moreover, as the threads are attached with double stitching with the leather, it maintains rich durability.

Apart from these, this holster is an amazing vegetal leather holster that keeps the gun protected from excessive sweating and rusting. It also allows safe transportation of the weapon attached with the clothing. Thus it becomes distinguished from others.

Most liking feature

Its 100% cotton made vegetal leather material that makes it stylish, durable, danger-free concealed carry holster will be considered its most liking feature.

Probable drawback

This holster claims that it fits with almost all beretta series pistols but when it comes to beretta 92G it seems quite difficult to fit with.

Key Features

  • Chemical-free leather holster
  • Double stitched threading
  • Ensures high durability & stylishness
  • Allows safe transportation with the gun

Things to Consider Before Buying Holster for Beretta 92fs

Best Holster for Beretta 92fs

The holster is the most essential tool for keeping the gun protected during carrying. And for that, an ideal holster should have some necessary things for maintaining the safety of the gun. In this section, we’re trying to help you to get the best concealed carry holster. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the kydex holsters for revolvers.


One of the prominent factors relating to the holster is its concealment. If the chosen holster does not have hidden carry, then what would be the benefits of shopping for this? So you’ve got to pick out a well-concealed carry holster to maintain the weapon’s safety and security. Checking the holsters for springfield XDS will be helpful as well.


Another vital factor relating to the holster is the material with which it is engineered. If you want a strong and long-lasting holster, then it would be better to choose a polymer-built military-grade holster. Plus, they are too much convenient.

In addition, if you want to have a chemical-free vegetal holster, then you can freely choose a leather concealed carry holster. A leather holster offers top quality and a solid grip to your gun. For more suggestions, you can read about cz 75 holster.


A holster ought to be factory-made with premium quality, robust and solid materials. It ought to have correct holster retention access and adjustable cants. Plus, you’ve got to pick holsters with superb quality auto-locking systems, inside or outside waistband options for stronger security.


One has to pick a holster with the most comfort and premium performance. It ought to offer that ease to be used and carried. It would be better not to have any finger grab function. Rather, it ought to have straight-forward and auto-locking access for a fast draw.


Last however not the least; one cannot compromise the compatibility factor of the holster. You’ve got to pick holsters with such materials that serve glorious quality and remain the gun free from harm. It ought to be sturdy and compatible with all beretta series.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Will it fit with a Beretta 90two 9mm?

Yes, it will.

The holster is fully suitable with any beretta version. It is because it has all that capability to fit with beretta 90two 9mm.

2. Does it fit with the Beretta M9?

Yes, it does.

If it’s a beretta M9 with plain rail, then obviously it will fit with beretta M9. It is mainly compatible with almost all Beretta pistols.

3. Will it fit with my Girsan with a red dot?

Yes, it fits nicely.

The holster will fit Girsan with a red dot. It is because it has the mounted support on its back side. So it will be fully compatible with the Girsan red dot.

4. How can I get the best shoulder holster for beretta?

To have the standard holster, its material, grip, concealment, durability, comfort, suitability, safety properties etc. must be of top-quality. If these features are properly organized, then you’ll be assured that you’ll get your desired shoulder holster for 92fs.

Final Words

Holsters have a major role in keeping the weapons protected whereas carrying and preventing harm. However, you’ve to be very cautious in selecting the correct one for your gun. The holster should have hid carry and superb performance.

Besides these, it ought to have advanced-quality suitability and retention aspects with different options. If you guarantee all necessary components concerning your required holster, you’ll be ready to get the best holster for beretta 92fs.

Have a robust carrying!

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