IR Light for Night Vision

Best IR Light for Night Vision – Top 5 Selection for 2023

Whether you are going hunting or just want to see clearly the surroundings of your house in the dark night, only one thing can help you out and that is the best IR light for night vision.

The light vision lights help the user to see things clearly at night. These types of lights help you keep night vision. When you turn off the white light illumination, it reduces the recovery period and leaves the eye’s night vision ready once the low-intensity light is turned off.

Here we would provide all the necessary details of the top night vision lights followed by some buying guides and frequently asked questions of the customers

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Tendelux IR Light for Night Vision | 2 Years Warranty
Tendelux IR Light for Night Vision | 2 Years Warranty

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Univivi IR Light for Night Vision | Aluminum Housing
Univivi IR Light for Night Vision | Aluminum Housing

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Jchenh Security IR Light for Night Vision | 4 LED
Jchenh Security IR Light for Night Vision | 4 LED

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Streamlight IR Light for Night Vision | Portable
Streamlight IR Light for Night Vision | Portable

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ORDRO IR Light for Night Vision | 2100mAh
ORDRO IR Light for Night Vision | 2100mAh

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Best IR Light for Night Vision Reviews

The following section provides details about the top five IR Lights.

1. Tendelux 80ft IR Illuminator | AI4 No Hot Spot Wide Angle Infrared Light

Do you have cameras in front of the house and have trouble seeing things at night?

Then the Tendelux ir illuminator for Night Vision can solve your problem. The camera needs support from the night vision light.

When there is no external light source, I can only rely on the IR lights from Tendelux. With this light now my camera can capture the movement of any animal, vehicle on the road.

This thing surely illuminates the dark and ensures full security.

You are equipping your house or company with a layer of security that will bring you peace of mind, regardless of the time, by using Tendelux’s IR range, which provides additional invisible light only the camera can see.

With the light, you are getting a 1 x 4W infrared illuminator, 1 x plug and play 12VDC 0.5A power adapter, 1 x user manual, 2 years warranty, and lifetime support. Show us another brand that provides that much in one light.

Most Liking Features

When viewed through the headset, the IR Illuminator is quite brilliant. The construction quality is outstanding. Moreover, the 4 LEDs illuminator is made of high-quality material and the black coating gives off a sophisticated look

Probable Drawbacks

This is small in size, so the light does not cover a big space at once

Key Features

  • 4 mini LEDs includes
  • Reduce hot spot on the light
  • Easy to use as it is low maintenance
  • 5A power adapter

2. Univivi IR Illuminator 90 Degree Wide Angle 8-LEDs IR Infrared Light

If the night vision light is exposed to rain or water then it is important for it to be water resistant. The Univivi IR light is made of heavy-duty aluminum housing and a thick heat sink and has an IP67 water resistant rating.

I am a hunter and the area where I live gets too much rain. So the obvious reason behind purchasing the light is it is water resistant. Without having fear of getting the light damaged.

Another amazing part of the light is, I don’t have to switch on the light. The light is automatically switched on when it is dusk and switched off when it dawns. In this light, the light is able to have the same energy.

Usually, the lights cannot be turned up to 45 degrees but in the case of Univivi IR Light, you can turn it 90-degree wide-angle. And this helps to provide a good vision at night.

Most Liking Features

The length of this best DIY IR light for digital night vision is only 850nm, so it is nearly impossible to be noticed in naked eye at night. Try to install the light in the same direction as the camera to get an accurate result.

Probable Drawbacks

As the quality is high, the price is higher than usual IR lights

Key Features

  • IP67 water-resistant safe the light from rain
  • Can be turned into a 90 degree
  • For Outdoor and indoor use
  • Has a wide angle to cover a large area

3. JC Infrared Illuminator 4 Led High Power LED IR Array Illuminator

Are you looking for a night vision light to cover a large area? Then what can be a better choice than the Jchenh Security light. There are 4 pieces of high power IR Array LEDs and can cover a distance of 65 feet.

This infrared illumination is identical to the more expensive Jchenh Security brand IR LEDs available on Amazon. I mean exact, as in manufacturing at the same factory and using the same circuit board component numbers.

With an 850nm wavelength, they have developed a night vision device that can take high pressure and strong water sprays. As a result, regardless of the weather, you may enjoy hiking in the woods.

The price is very low, you can find no good deal like this one. The highly secure light is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. And can illuminate any low light situation.

Most Liking Features

This is the right choice for setting behind the camera. The different manufacturing systems let the light cover up to 65 feet. Moreover, you are getting exactly what you are promised to get.

Probable Drawbacks

This won’t last for a longer period, but consider the price before coming to any conclusion. You can never find a better night vision light within this range

Key Features

  • Can survive strong water sprays
  • With the technology, this is made Highly secure
  • 4 pieces of LEDs included
  • Reasonable price compared to its quality

4. Streamlight 88704 Super TAC IR Long Range Infrared

This is one of the most powerful infrared illuminators available for all types of nighttime activity. This is why this is considered the best IR light for night vision. It is substantially lighter than many less powerful illuminators, weighing only 7.1 oz.

When used with night vision gear, it’s a powerful long-range illumination with all the functionality is all that I need. It’s a portable illumination that’s simple to operate. Moreover, It can also be mounted on a rifle because it is compatible with the 69100 rail mount.

Because of the removable pocket clip, this powerful device is easy to carry.

It’s powered by lithium CR123A batteries which ensure high performance. The Super TAC is a well-built IR illumination that is shockproof and has a lifespan of 20,000 hours.

The high-power LED emits infrared light with a wavelength of 850nm, which is the most remarkable feature of any IR illuminator. The focus system is very strong and will give the exact view of what you want to see.

Most Liking Features

The Super Tac is a CR123A Lithium-ion flashlight with exceptional performance. This light has a high-power infrared 850 nm LED and a tactical tail cap switch with a push-button momentary or continual “on” switch for one-handed operation.

Probable Drawbacks

The better quality comes with a higher value. So you can understand the price is higher.

Key Features

  • The light has 20,000 hours lifespan
  • This is constructed as lightweight
  • High powered 850 nm LED
  • Lithium-ion flashlight gives exceptional performance

5. ORDRO LN-3 Studio IR Light USB Rechargeable Infrared

Do you like to take photos in the dark? But taking pictures in the dark night is very challenging. And to do the job properly you need the right night vision light. Our final product by Ordro is specially designed for taking pictures.

The shape is just perfect to keep in the pocket. Because it’s so small, I’ve taken it outdoors to play at night. It’s quite bright and directed, so you’ll need to bounce light off the ceiling, floor, or anything else to avoid it going straight into the headset.

The light includes a built-in 2100mAh lithium battery, which lets the light perform continuously for 2.5 hours.

The box also includes a micro USB connector for charging. Moreover, this device is both robust and comfortable to use.

The weight is unbelievably light. So carrying it is so comfortable that you won’t even feel that you are carrying some equipment. It is actually amazing how they managed to equip all things in this little light.

Most Liking Features

Cold shoes allow the IR light to be attached to DSLR cameras as an external IR lighting device, and a 1/4 inch thread hole allows the IR light to be mounted on an external tripod.

Probable Drawbacks

ORDRO IR Light has uneven irradiation, this is one disadvantage of the fine light

Key Features

  • 20pcs IR lamp beads
  • High power with 2100mAh lithium battery
  • The premium material makes it long-lasting
  • Can be charged with USB connector

Things to Consider Before Buying IR Light for Night Vision

Best IR Light for Night Vision

Those who have security cameras or go hunting know the value of IR lights. But picking the right one is not easy. As there are many companies offering various features, you have to understand exactly what features you have to look for. When you are purchasing the best DC plug IR Infrared light for night vision, you have to be aware of the range of illumination, weather resistance, durability, and other features. All of them are described below.


The range of illumination refers to how far the device can light up. While some versions are designed for short-range illumination, others are designed for longer-range illumination. Choose the right model for the activities you intend to do with the device. There are also some that are adaptable. If you are picking the light for the CCTV camera, the range should be higher so that it can cover the whole range that the camera covers. And for regular hunting less range of illumination is alright. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the gun belt for appendix carry.

Weather Resistance

The water resistance of the light can mature by the rating of the light. As you are placing the light outside, it is obvious that it will expose to the light. That is why it is important for the night vision light to be water or dust resistant.  It is impossible to overstate the importance of resilience and resistance to natural elements. You’ll need an illuminator that you can use without worry on rainy nights. Before purchasing, make sure to verify the Ingress Protection (IP) rating. Checking the holster for 1911 commander will be helpful as well.


Many will disagree that weight matters a lot in the case of night vision light. Let us tell you why. When you are putting the light in front of your house and are not carrying it, you would want to have a light that is heavy-duty and not lightweight. And for hunting or carrying, a light weight light is more preferable because those are portable. So before buying know the need and preference, then buy according to it.


You are investing a lot of money in the light, so you don’t want a device that breaks down after a few months of use. The material utilized in the construction of a gadget, as well as the manufacturers, plays a large role in its durability. The majority of high-end infrared illuminators are built of aircraft-grade aluminum. Durability is also enhanced by the fact that it is shockproof and waterproof.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Are the lights waterproof?

Yes, the good quality lights are usually water and weather-resistant. So that the lights do not get damaged even in the rain and other natural calamities.

2. Can I see IR light with naked eyes?

Although night vision applications with an IR wavelength of 850nm emit a red glow when looking straight into the light source of your device, infrared light is nearly invisible to the human eye.

3. How many feet does the light cast out?

The range depends on the brands, but usually, it can completely fill a room, about 30 to 65 feet to be precise. Or sometimes more than that. It works great within buildings and rooms, but it also works well outside.

4. Are IR lights visible to animal eyes?

Some animals can sense the infrared light that other creatures release, which aids in their search for food. Infrared light can be seen by cold-blooded animals such as blood-sucking insects, snakes, fish, and frogs.

5. Can IR light cause harm?

Infrared light can cause eye damage in large quantities; however, this is extremely uncommon to happen in ordinary life. So try to use it only when it is necessary.

Final Words

Among thousands of options, we picked the five best IR Light for Night Vision. Those offer different features and for different purposes. But there is one thing in common, all of them are durable, water-resistant, and secure. One piece of advice from us, to not pick a light because you are impressed with the appearance of the light, rather look for the features and other things.

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