J Frame Pocket Holster

Best J Frame Pocket Holster – Top 5 Selection for 2023

Do you have a J frame revolver? Revolvers like the S&W Bodyguard or the Colt Cobra have been loved by enthusiasts all over the world. But, as it is illegal to open-carry weapons in most states of the US, to carry one of these beauties, you need a holster.

As J frame holsters are one of the smaller choices, carrying with extra care is even more important. Because, though these look small, they possess incredible power and can cause accidents if not taken seriously.

So, having the best J Frame pocket holster for your revolver is a must. But, there are so many types of holsters and so many brands to buy from! It can be overwhelming to choose one among so many.

That’s why our researchers spent hours searching for pocket holsters and made a list of the top five. Keep reading to find out about them.

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Relentless Tactical J Frame Pocket Holster | Ultimate Suede Leather
Relentless Tactical J Frame Pocket Holster | Ultimate Suede Leather

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Kosibate J Frame Pocket Holster | IWB
Kosibate J Frame Pocket Holster | IWB

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Houston Gun Holsters J Frame Pocket Holster | Eco Leather
Houston Gun Holsters J Frame Pocket Holster | Eco Leather

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Fobus J Frame Pocket Holster | Paddle Holster
Fobus J Frame Pocket Holster | Paddle Holster

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Lilcreek J Frame Pocket Holster | Budget Option
Lilcreek J Frame Pocket Holster | Budget Option

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Best J Frame Pocket Holster Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your needs. So, choose a holster according to your necessity.

1. Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster

Do you want a good quality suede leather holster that does its job perfectly? Well, who doesn’t? So, we searched for something like this and found this gem.

Relentless Tactical made this slick-looking suede leather holster fitting most J frame revolvers.

However, there are too many fake leather products on the market. That’s why these are hand-crafted in the USA and made with only genuine suede leather from the USA. Buyers all over the world are loving the material quality for sure.

Also, as these holsters fit most J frame revolvers, you don’t need to worry about your revolver being safely carried. Although, relentless tactical offers a lifetime warranty for these. So, in reality, you don’t have to worry about anything if you buy these.

To be frank, when comparing with other pocket holsters on the market, these holsters are better even if you just consider the lifetime warranty and beautiful American craftsmanship.

Most Likeable Features

As these are IWB holsters, these need to be comfortable enough. So, being made of suede leather helps with this too. Leather holsters are usually more comfortable and easier to carry than nylon. These holsters offer a long, safe and dependable performance.

Probable Drawbacks

According to some users, they faced problems with the belt clips. Although the holsters hold the gun well, the belt clips are loose and come off easily.

Key Features

  • Covers the entire trigger guard
  • Fits most J Frame revolvers perfectly
  • Quick and effective draw and concealment
  • Lifetime warranty from Relentless Tactical

2. Kosibate IWB Leather Holster, Fits Most J Frame Revolvers

Different people like to carry their guns differently. Some may want to appendix carry and some may want to carry behind the back. That’s why having a holster that can be carried almost everywhere is always helpful.

That’s what makes these holsters from Kosibate the best pocket holster for J Frame. Kosibate holsters can be carried safely in many different ways and all of them are comfortable and provides quick access to the gun.

Also, these are made of high-quality suede leather. This makes sure that these are comfortable for longer carry and performs well even after years.

However, Kosibate provides a lifetime warranty for its holsters. So, they must believe in themselves.

Although, when compared to other leather holsters, these aren’t made in the USA and thus they are cheaper. Also, the belt clips for these holsters are sturdy and long-lasting.

Most Likeable Features

For any holster, fitting the gun perfectly is most important for safe carrying. That’s why Kosibate holsters fit most J frame revolvers universally. Also, gun retention is perfect. So, these are safe, comfortable and inexpensive!

Probable Drawbacks

The leather is not very high-quality and looks pretty cheap. Although, no user has complained about the leather.

Key Features

  • Easy to put on and off the belt
  • Ultra-low profile to minimize printing
  • Durable and strong belt clip
  • Perfect retention for quick and easy draw

3. Houston Gun Holsters IWB Tuckable Revolver Holster

Do you want the comfort and luxury of leather but the environmental cost and guilt it comes with? Well, eco-leather products are perfect for you. Eco-leather is so much better for the environment and they even perform better!

That’s why Houston gun holsters make their holsters with Eco-leather. Also, these open-top holsters provide maximum retention for safe carry. So, you don’t need to worry about your gun accidentally falling off the holster.

However, nobody wants their guns to be catching attention unless necessary. So, better concealment is always appreciated.

That’s why Houston gun holsters made these holsters so that they can be concealed perfectly.

In addition, comparing these holsters with other J frame holsters, these holsters are tuckable under a shirt! So, you don’t need to worry at all about printing and accidental gun reveals!

Most Likeable Features

These holsters are hand-crafted in Argentina and the craftsmen do an amazing job! These are triple stitched for durability and long-lasting performance. Also, as these are made of eco-leather, they are safe and comfortable to carry for long use.

Probable Drawbacks

Because of their tuckable design, these holsters are allowed to shift a little bit left and right around. Some users may not like that.

Key Features

  • Sturdy metal clip provides maximum retention
  • Safe, easy and quick draw and re-holstering
  • Universally fits any J frame revolver
  • Good for the environment and your safety

4. Fobus Concealed Carry Paddle Holster S&W J Frame

Well, if you are not very fond of Inside the waistband carrying, you need a paddle holster. Paddle holsters are perfect for concealed carry if you want to go OWB. For someone who wants to OWB holsters, Fobus have the best J Frame pocket holsters.

Paddle holsters are usually a lot more comfortable and stable than most belt holsters. However, Fobus takes it to another level by introducing rubberized paddle and steel reinforced rivet attachment systems. With these, Fobus holsters are very comfortable and secure.

Also, these holsters use a passive retention system. So, these don’t need any security strap or mechanisms.

The passive retention system is very secure and holds the gun perfectly in place while allowing easy and quick draw.

If you compare other holsters with Fobus holsters, you’re making a mistake. These were originally designed and made for the Israeli security forces and SWAT. So, you must understand, these are the real deal!

Most Likeable Features

For a small J frame revolver, you wouldn’t want to bring a lot of attention to your gun. That’s why Fobus holsters have a low-profile design and can be concealed easily. Also, these are very durable and strong because they are mould injected with RX18 polymer.

Probable Drawbacks

These holsters don’t have any gun holstering click sound which may be helpful to many users.

Key Features

  • Passive retention allows rapid draw
  • Rubberized paddle for extra comfort and stability
  • Fits listed guns perfectly
  • Very durable but also offers a lifetime warranty

5. Lilcreek IWB Leather Holster, Fits Most J Frame Revolvers

If you want an inexpensive but decent leather holster, Lilcreek has the perfect solution for you. These holsters have a simple design and work well enough for daily use. Then, why don’t you check one of these out?

Lilcreek makes these holsters with decent-quality suede leather. So, these are comfortable to wear and durable enough. Also, the leather is breathable which solves the muggy issue most suede holsters have.

However, for any holster, safe carry is the most important thing to worry about.

That’s why, even though these are made as a budget option, Lilcreek holsters fully conceal the trigger and are very dependable for quick access and re-holstering.

Although, when compared to other leather holsters, these are half the price! So, if these work for you, why not try out one?

Most Likeable Features

As these are belt holsters, the belt clip needs to be strong enough. That’s why Lilcreek ensures that the belt clip is made of good quality metal and won’t bend or break off. Also, compact but simple design makes it easier to conceal and carry.

Probable Drawbacks

As these are pretty inexpensive, some users complained about the leather quality. But, you get what you pay for, don’t you? These are pretty good for the price.

Key Features

  • Fits most J frames and .38 weapons
  • Breathable material to solve muggy issues
  • Dependable and rapid access to the gun
  • Great value for the price

Things to Consider Before Buying J Frame Pocket Holster

Best J Frame Pocket Holster

For any gun enthusiast, J frame revolvers like the S&W Bodyguard or 638 are things of admiration. Everyone loves these compact but deadly weapons and these are just perfect for concealed carry.

But, for the safety of the gunman and the people around, it’s important to buy a good holster for these small arms. Because these are smaller in size, it’s easier to lose control out of carelessness. That’s why a good holster is even more important for these revolvers.

However, finding the best J frame IWB holster isn’t an easy task. There are thousands of options available and it can get quite overwhelming to choose one. So, first, you need to consider what you need and map out your options.

There are specific things that different holsters offer. Like materials, retention, IWB or OWB carry or many other different criteria. So, first, you need to know exactly which one you want and then choose the best option.

That’s why we listed below some things for you to consider before you buy a pocket holster. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the kydex holsters for revolvers.


This is a very important question for concealed carry. IWB means inside-the-waistband, and OWB means outside-the-waistband carry. This is more of a personal preference for users.

IWB holsters are concealed inside your beltline and are very much close to your body. So, they are safe from onlookers. However, IWB holsters can sometimes be uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

That’s why some people like OWB holsters more. These holsters are easier to carry and move around with and don’t bother much. Also, they are more comfortable to carry for a longer time.

However, these don’t conceal the weapon totally under your clothing. So, some people may think you’re a jerk, showing off your gun in public! So, choose wisely! Checking the LCP holster will be helpful as well.


There are leather, nylon or synthetic leather-like eco-leather holsters available on the market. Each of these has different ups and downs.

Leather holsters are usually more comfortable and stylish-looking. They are easier to carry and have a popular appeal because of their slick design and beauty. However, they don’t provide as much safety as nylon holsters.

Nylon holsters provide the best retention and are sometimes considered the safest for IWB or concealed carry. They provide adjustable cant and many other features. But, they are not as comfortable as leather because of their harder material.

So, if you are looking solely for a workable holster, nylon or Kydex holsters work fine. But, none of them can provide the luxury and comfort of real leather.

Adjustable Retention

Retention is the grip of the holster on the weapon. The holster holds the weapon tightly enough so that weapons don’t fall out easily. But, the grip needs to be loose enough so that weapons can be drawn quickly.

However, everyone has different preferences for their retention grip. That’s why having adjustable retention can be very valuable to some. If you are someone like that, make sure you buy a holster with adjustable retention.

Consider these things before buying any pocket holster and you will find the perfect one most suitable for you.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Are IWB holsters comfortable to wear?

Yes. But, you need to buy good quality IWB holsters if you want comfort. Comfortable holsters offer adjustable cant and good material.

So, if you buy a good enough IWB holster there’s no reason that it won’t be comfortable to wear.

2. Do I need a gun belt for concealed carry?

Actually, you do. Regular belts aren’t built strong enough to support a weapon. They aren’t even built to accommodate your guns or accessories that come with them.

Gun belts are made for tactical usage and are sturdy enough to support your weapons. That’s why you need a gun belt. Although, consider reading about choosing the right gun belt for you.

3. Is it legal to pocket carry?

Most probably yes. It may vary in different states but according to Californian law, concealed carry simply means not completely out in the open. So, even if your shirt is partially covering your weapon, it’s perfectly legal.

However, it may not be a good idea to pocket carry a weapon. Because it involves significant risk factors.

4. Are leather gun holsters still available?

Yes. There are many leather gun holsters available on the market. However, you need to search for the perfect fit for your weapon. Consider reading about this from relentless tactical if you plan on buying one.

5. Is Demantis the best pocket holster J frame?

Demantis pocket holsters can be considered pretty good. But, calling a single holster “the best” may not be a good idea. Because people can have different preferences over the same thing.

So, if you like them you may consider buying one.

Final words

J frame revolvers are small but majestic weapons. They deserve just as much respect as any other revolver because these weapons also have considerable power.

That’s why having the best J frame pocket holster for your revolver is necessary. But, as you read this far in this article we sure hope we helped you in this process. Follow the guidelines and you surely will find the most suitable one for you.

Be safe and carry safely!

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