Kydex Holsters for Revolvers

Best Kydex Holsters for Revolvers – Recommendations for 2023

Is your leather holster unable to provide you with perfect retention and safety? Doesn’t matter if you are new to guns or a pro, you need a holster for your revolver. Open-carry is illegal in most areas and holsters are essential for safety.

But, the old style of leather holsters, doesn’t provide enough retention. Many users complain about how their gun falls out of the holster very easily! That can be dangerous in any situation let alone life-threatening ones.

However, Kydex holsters are the new norm. Kydex holsters provide perfect retention and re-holstering. Also, they are cheaper than leather in any case!

But, there are many types of Kydex holsters available. That makes it hard to choose a good one. That’s why our researchers spent hours finding the best Kydex holsters for revolvers and saved your day! Keep reading to find out about them.

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Tactical Scorpion Gear Kydex Holsters for Revolvers | IWB
Tactical Scorpion Gear Kydex Holsters for Revolvers | IWB

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Fobus Kydex Holsters for Revolvers | S&W K+L Frame
Fobus Kydex Holsters for Revolvers | S&W K+L Frame

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Sunsmith Kydex Holsters for Revolvers | M&P Bodyguard 38
Sunsmith Kydex Holsters for Revolvers | M&P Bodyguard 38

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Skydas Kydex Holsters for Revolvers | J-Frame
Skydas Kydex Holsters for Revolvers | J-Frame

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Best Kydex Holsters for Revolvers Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your revolver. So, choose a holster according to your necessity.

1. Tactical Scorpion Gear Concealed Inside Pants IWB Polymer Holster

If you have a Taurus 85, this is the best holster for you. Taurus 85 revolvers have a small frame. That’s why they need just the perfect fit holster if you want to keep them locked and safe. That’s why tactical scorpion made one fitting them perfectly.

These Taurus 85 holsters are made with the finest craftsmanship. As it’s a matter of life or death with any gun, these are made to be reliable and comfortable altogether.

Also, with an adjustable clip angle, you can draw your gun in any way you want to.

However, the main significance of any holster is in their safety. So, these holsters have trigger guards that keep accidental releases out of your head. With the self-lubricating USA made polymer material, these provide the perfect draw in any given situation.

Although, if you compare these with other holsters for Taurus 85, Tactical scorpion holsters provide the most accurate retention and as these have IWB concealed carry holsters, you don’t need to worry about weird situations!

Most Likeable Features

Fits Taurus 85 and S&W 637 642 638 43 442 Revolvers. Also, these are designed by CAD engineers to provide the most accurate draw and consistency.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have claimed that the holster is not comfortable enough for them. But, that’s what every leather user says!

Key Features

  • It Fits Taurus 85 and some S&W models
  • Usable as concealed carry IWB or OWB
  • Lifetime warranty and no questions asked return
  • Trigger guard cover for safety

2. Fobus SW4 Standard Holster for Smith & Wesson K&L frame revolvers

Do you need a lightweight holster for your Smith and Wesson K or L frame revolver? Fobus has the most accurate Kydex holster for K or L frame revolvers on the market. These also fit Taurus 660, 65 and 431.

Anyway, holsters are supposed to conceal a weapon. But, bulgy designs make that impossible. That’s why these Fobus holsters have a low profile design for concealability. These are lightweight and easy to carry too.

Although, for daily carry, comfort and stability are very important. Some people suggest that Kydex is not comfortable enough.

Although, these holsters might prove them wrong! Because they are very comfortable to carry all day.

Well, if you compare with other L or K frame Kydex holsters, not many can provide you with the retention and rapid draw these Fobus holsters can. So, choose wisely!

Most Likeable Features

Being made of high-quality material makes these perfect for fast draw and re-holstering. Also, these have a rubberized paddle insert for extra stability. Also, they have steel-reinforced rivet for heavy durability.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have reported that their guns didn’t fit the holster properly. So, check the description if your gun is listed.

Key Features

  • Perfect retention for quick draw
  • 100% Lifetime warranty
  • Right-handed lightweight 2 Oz holster
  • Rubberized paddle insert for stability

3. SunSmith Holster – Compatible with Smith & Wesson

If you have an S&W M&P Bodyguard 38, there isn’t any other Kydex holster that can be better than these! Sunsmith holsters are comfortable, adjustable and safe. That makes them perfect for daily carry.

With their ambidextrous design, these holsters provide the perfect draw. As you can adjust the gun retention and the carry angle (cant), you can have them placed anywhere you find comfortable.

However, users carry IWB holsters in many places. That’s why, these can be appendix carried, hip carried and back carried.

These have 0.80 Kydex for safety and a 1.5” belt clip for reliability. As these are USA-made, you can fully rely on them.

Although other M&P bodyguard holsters in the market may seem like a good deal, they are not perfectly fitting. Thus, holsters other than Sunsmith can’t provide you with the perfect draw if you have an M&P bodyguard 38. You may also be interested in some of the LCP holster from our list.

Most Likeable Features

Gun locks with an audible click, so you know your gun is safely stored. Also, the cant can be adjusted from 0-15 degrees. This provides comfort for daily usage. You can also adjust the gun retention for a quick draw.

Probable Drawbacks

The only drawback these Sunsmith holsters have is that they are specially made only for S&W M&P Bodyguard 38 Special. These don’t fit any other guns.

Key Features

  • Adjustable for deep concealment
  • Can be carried any way you want to
  • Secures the gun with an audible click
  • Safe, comfortable and reliable for any situation

4. Kydex Holster S&W 442, 642, 638 Revolver AIWB Tuckable

If you have a J-frame revolver, you need to consider buying one of these fast. Skydas holsters claim to provide quality and peace of mind or your money back! Well, that’s a win-win situation, isn’t it?

Although, many Kydex holsters are strong not many of them provide the comfort that leather holsters do. Kydex is a strong material, unlike leather. However, Skydas holsters with their unique design will provide you with the most.

Also, with an adjustable carry angle, these holsters are perfect for IWB or Appendix IWB carry if you are right-handed.

These will fit S&W 442, 642, 638, 640 Pro, 43C, 340PD, & more. So, if you have a J-frame revolver, don’t think twice!

Anyway, other J-frame holsters can be quite uncomfortable for appendix carry. That’s where Skydas holsters shine! You can safely and comfortably carry your gun with one of these. Our guide to the holsters for springfield XDS is also useful products for you.

Most Likeable Features

Skydas holsters are made of 0.08-inch Kydex inside their Dallas, GA facility. So, they use high-quality material and won’t damage your gun. Also, other features like adjustable cant make these the best Kydex holsters for revolvers with J-frame.

Probable Drawbacks

The flared top design of the holster has proven to be uncomfortable and pain-inducing for some users. Although, they got adjusted later with usage.

Key Features

  • Perfect for AIWB carry
  • Adjustable cant and perfect retention
  • Fits most J-frame revolvers
  • Very lightweight making it easy to carry

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Do Kydex holsters damage handguns?

Like any other holster, Kydex holsters too can rigid the finish of a gun. Although, the limited damage is only to the aesthetics and not in any mechanical way.

So, you don’t have to worry about your gun damaging unless you want an absolutely fresh-looking gun for daily usage!

2. Is leather better than Kydex?

This is more of a personal preference. Unless you use both, you can’t possibly know which is most suitable for you. However, leather holsters are soft and stylish. Because leather because a soft material.

On the other hand, Kydex holsters provide the perfect retention, fit and re-holstering. They also are comfortable enough.

So, you need to find out which suits you better.

3. Is Kydex durable?

Kydex is a relatively hard thermoplastic. These have a hardness of 90 on the Rockwell R scale. This hardness combined with the grainy surface they have, make Kydex very durable.

So, you don’t need to worry about the durability of Kydex.

4. Does Kydex “Break-in” like leather?

No. Kydex doesn’t have a break-in period. Don’t expect them to soften and break in over a period.

However, you can soften the material with a hair-dryer and remould the tight spots to your likings. Read this discussion about loosening up a tight Kydex holster.

5. At what temperature does Kydex soften?

Between 305 to 320 degrees Fahrenheit makes Kydex a bit softer. If you want to loosen up a bit tight Kydex holster, you may heat the tight corners with a hair-dryer and soften it up to your likings.

Final words

Best Kydex Holsters for Revolvers
Holsters are very important for the safety of you and the people nearby. Guns are not toys and should be respected in every way possible.

That’s why choosing one from the best Kydex holsters for revolvers for yourself is very important. However, if you follow our list, you surely will find the best one for you and your gun.

Better to have and not need than need and not have!

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