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Best LCP Holster – Our Top 5 Selection from 99+ Models

Ruger 380 is always the go-to solution for concealed carry. The size and structure of this firearm are unerring for personal everyday usage. Undoubtedly, it is an apt pick for self-defense.

With the humongous popularity of Ruger LCP, brands have brought up countless holsters to use with it. Nevertheless, the problem arises to pick one, as all are supposedly the best LCP holster.

In such a perplexing state, we will suggest you go beyond the claims. Look for something that will match up to your requisites.

To make your venture undemanding, we have listed five holsters as the starting point. Let’s have a look!

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

POLE.CRAFT LCP Holster │ Water-resistant
POLE.CRAFT LCP Holster │ Water-resistant

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Relentless Tactical LCP Holster │ IWB
Relentless Tactical LCP Holster │ IWB

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Federal Holsterworks LCP Holster │ Ambidextrous
Federal Holsterworks LCP Holster │ Ambidextrous

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CYA Supply Co. LCP Holster │ Affordable
CYA Supply Co. LCP Holster │ Affordable

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DESANTIS Super LCP Holster │ Unstitched
DESANTIS Super LCP Holster │ Unstitched

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Best LCP Holster Reviews

The following are some of the finest LCP holsters available in the market. We would request you to go through the reviews thoroughly to decide on which one to get.

1. Ruger LCP 380 Holster IWB Kydex Holster Custom Fit

Want to use your holster in all weather conditions? Then you might need to pick something other than leather. For instance, you can go for Kydex. And for Kydex, what can be a better choice than Pole.Craft?

Apart from durability, there are some functional facets of this holster. The retention of it is estimable. One can customize it without any trouble. Once clipped in the belt, it’s almost invisible.

Left-handed people often find it troublesome to get a sheath. Pole. Craft is one of the few brands designing holsters for a left-hand draw. This holster can be a solution for such necessity.

The goods of this Ruger LCP 380 holster don’t end here. When you buy it, you get an option to replace it. In addition, they offer a warranty for a lifetime. Thence, people with a decent budget can get this as an investment.

Most liking Features

There are no issues of hitching with this holster. Even while running, we didn’t experience any juggling noise.

Probable Drawbacks

Right-handed people won’t be able to use this holster.

Key Features

  • Resistant to water and sweat
  • Fiberglass and nylon clip
  • Suitable for left-handed people
  • Lifetime warranty

2. The Defender Leather IWB Holster

We all like a premium leather holster? But leather holsters demand a lot of maintenance, and that refrains many from buying a leather holster. Nonetheless, Relentless Tactical comes midway in this term.

Despite being a leather holster, it doesn’t require much care to upkeep. And the attributes match up for the best LCP2 holster. Here to mention, this holster fits both LCP and LCP2.

There is very little to complain about this holster. The gun draw was effortless and swift. Furthermore, we didn’t found it creating itching with contact to the skin.

This holster is an inside waistband by pattern. If you have an intent to get IWB holsters, you can check Relentless Tactical.

Most liking Features

Pure leather tend to loosen up with use. However, there was no such instance with Relentless Tactical. The fitting is like the first day of use.

Probable Drawbacks

We are afraid that the holster won’t conceal up to par.

Key Features

  • Apt for LCP and LCP2
  • IWB holster
  • Premium quality
  • Three different colors

3. Federal Holsterworks Holster for Ruger LCP & LCP II Pistol

If you are looking for something other than an automated lock, you can look into holsters from Federal Holsterworks. They offer a clink opener in their holsters.

While most of the holsters cover till neck, this holster covers the barrel as well.  If you want something beyond this, you might also like to check the holsters for springfield XDS.

We won’t claim that the holster fits like a glove, yet the adjustment is not the worst. This elongated holster provides a commendable fit.

Whether you are a right or left-handed person, you can use this holster. One can go for it without worrying much about hand orientation.

Most liking Features

For the convenience of carrying outside, there is a belt clip in this holster. This clip does a decent job for OWB carrying.

Probable Drawbacks

The exterior is somewhat coarse. We will suggest you carry the holster over clothes.

Key Features

  • Extended covering
  • Comes with a belt clip
  • Neutral to hand orientation
  • Snapped straps

4. CYA Supply Co. Base IWB Concealed Carry Holster

Tracking down on the best LCP holster with accurate conceal is not big a deal. But getting it to work with shorts is difficult. For such demands, CYA comes into action.

As the holster is compact, you can easily use it for IWB or carry it in the bag. Not only the covering, but this holster can also survive through sweat and rain.

To achieve a level of comfort, we might need to fix some features of a holster. On that account, the CYA sheath allows you to adjust the hold and carrying angle.

Other than LCP and LCP 2, this holster is fit for some more firearms. Thence, it can be a one-stop solution if you own multiple handguns.

Most liking Features

Despite having a single clip, there is no juggling or cases of falling off from the holster.

Probable Drawbacks

It often gets taxing to draw the gun from the holster.

Key Features

  • Flexible usage
  • Single clip holster
  • Reasonable price
  • Damp-proof

5. DESANTIS Super Fly Pocket Holster Ambidextrous Black

An unstitched pocket holster is quite unconventional in the market. Nevertheless, DESANTIS Super is often known as Ruger holster pocket fit. And the holster stands up to its regard.

The pattern of the Nemesis holster is atypical. The exterior has a sticky feature that molds into the pocket. As it attaches to the fabric, it didn’t come out while drawing the gun.

In contrary to the exterior, the inner part has a smooth layer. This texture prevents all the frictions. For more suggestions, you can read about CZ 75 Holster.

If you are to carry the holster in your pocket, you can place an order for this. This open holster won’t be a waste of money.

Most liking Features

The cost of the Nemesis holster is not a cut in the pocket. And we must say, the price point is decent for its features.

Probable Drawbacks

Although it’s an unstitched holster, it doesn’t accommodate space for a laser.

Key Features

  • Sticky outer layer
  • Even interior
  • Fits in the pocket
  • Affordable

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Does the holster creates scratches on the pistol?

Not really.

The inside of the holster is designed with a flat material to avoid scraping. This layer also helps in the smooth withdrawal of the gun.

2. Can I use the holsters to carry in my pocket?

You can use the pocket holsters for this purpose. Holsters of other kinds will not act accordingly for the purpose and may cause accidents.

3. Is the click audible?


In the automated holsters, there is always a click sound to ensure the lock. The sound is audible in most cases. However, we can’t guarantee that in a crowd.

4. How to fix the metal screw?

If you need to fix the screw, you can take help from a local hardware store. Or else, you can do it yourself with a hex screw.

5. Are these holsters apt for left-handed people?

Unfortunately, not all of them are apt for the need.

Nonetheless, there are quite a few options for you. Look for ambidextrous holsters. And they will do the job for you.

Final Word

Best LCP Holster
Finding the best LCP holster should not be a dispiriting job. Once you have set your penchant and demands, you are halfway there. All you need to do is balance out the requirements within your budget.

Nonetheless, be aware of its use and the lock. After all, it’s a safety apparatus. No one wants to get hurt by the holster. Still and all, with time, practicing will help you ace the use.

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