Best Lens for Fashion Photography in 2021 – Pick from Top Rated Models

If you are stuck with the question of what is the best lens for fashion photography? You are landed at the right. As a professional photographer, you cannot be picky while choosing a lens. Fashion photography requires some particular lens to get the best quality photo.

Before dive into your favourite fashion photography lens, you must consider the focal length, weight, and aperture of the lens. Most of the professional photographer prefer a prime lens over zoom lens due to its image quality and blurring capability.

To give you the best photography experience, our expert team comes up with some top-notch lens for fashion photography.

Keep reading to have your desire lens for photography.

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Zeiss Lens for Fashion Photography | 35mm | F1.4 | Wide-Angle
Zeiss Lens for Fashion Photography | 35mm | F1.4 | Wide-Angle

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Canon EF 50mm Lens for Fashion Photography | F1.4 | USM Standard
Canon EF 50mm Lens for Fashion Photography | F1.4 | USM Standard

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Zeiss Milvus Lens for Fashion Photography | 85mm | F1.4
Zeiss Milvus Lens for Fashion Photography | 85mm | F1.4

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Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR Lens for Fashion Photography | 20mm | F/1.8
Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR Lens for Fashion Photography | 20mm | F/1.8

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Nikon AF-S NIKKOR Lens for Fashion Photography | 85mm | F/1.8
Nikon AF-S NIKKOR Lens for Fashion Photography | 85mm | F/1.8

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Best Lens for Fashion Photography Reviews

In this section, we will showcase the features and function of these selected lenses. It will help you to find your intended fashion photography lens. Let’s dig into the reviews.

1. Zeiss Lens for Fashion Photography | 35mm | F1.4 | Wide-Angle

To kick off the list, we always prefer a premium quality lens. In fact, 35mm lens is recognized as the most suitable for fashion photography. Zeiss Ikon brought other exciting features for this lens.

While choosing a prime lens for your professional shoot, you can consider the lens between 16-50mm. In fact, it can be varied according to your projects. That’s why Zeiss Ikon makes sure a 35mm focal length.

The fascinating feature of the lens is its body design. It comes with a Distagon design. So, you would love the lens if you are a big fan of rangefinder photography.

If you are concern about the picture quality on your existing lens, you can undoubtedly replace the lens with it. It will provide uncompromising picture quality.  Plus, it will ensure you the universal angle of view.

Zeiss Ikon manufactures the lens through the special glass, which is consist of anomalous partial dispersion and aspheric optical surface.  As a result, it can easily reduce the color fringe and distortion.

Therefore, the price of the lens is a bit expensive. But it is a premium, professional and the best lens for studio photography.

Key Features

  • focal length 35mm
  • Made through a special glass
  • Ensure the best quality photo
  • Comes with the Distagon design

2. Canon EF 50mm Lens for Fashion Photography | F1.4 | USM Standard

For those who are searching for a 50mm lens for fashion photography, there is good news for them.  Canon brought a search ending lens with 50mm focal length. Let’s discover the other features.

First, The EF 50mm consider as the versatile lens. You will have the standard focal length for your street, wildlife or wedding photography beside fashion shooting.

Though it has designed for the Canon full-frame EF-mount DSLR, you can use the lens with APS-c models. In this instance, you will get 80mm focal length in this 50mm lens.

Sometimes fashion photographer needs to shoot inside the hall, so you need extra brightness. However, you will get maximum image quality even in the low-light ambience due to its f1.4 aperture size.

Let’s see the design. The Gaussian optics design has 2 high-refractive index elements. It is quite enough to diminish astigmatism and spherical aberration, which also ensure the exact rendering and perfect sharpness.

To bring better image quality, it has come with the super spectra coating, which easily reduces the flare and ghosting—that’ how it ensures the high color and contrast even in critical lighting.

Key Features

  • Most cost-effective lens
  • Max focal length is 50mm
  • Comes with the super spectra coating
  • F/1.4 aperture make sure lightness

3. Zeiss Milvus Lens for Fashion Photography | 85mm | F1.4

Are you looking for a high-end premium lens for professional purpose? You are about to have the best lens for fashion photography. Zeiss brought the lens, which including some fascinating features.

While picking the lens for a professional purpose like fashion, wedding, travel or street photography, you need a medium focal length lens. That’s why Zeiss measures focal length at 85mm.

You may prefer manual focusing for video shooting or still photography. Zeiss lens comes with a large rotation angle that provides the exact focusing. Plus, it will ensure the smooth moving without having a backlash.

The lens has a bright F/1.4 aperture that is good enough to provide maximum brightness. So, if you usually are working in an indoor environment, you will have enough bright pictures, even in critical lighting.

Thanks to its lower-level stray lights that produce high-contrast pictures with sensors’ HDR (high dynamic ranges). Besides, it diminishes astigmatism, coma and spherical aberration, in order to maintain the high-regulation consistency over the field images.

The metal-housing of the lens protects it from dust and provides some weather protection as well. Along with that, the planar optical design makes sure the sharpness in the entire focusing at a wide range of photo scaling.

Key Features

  • Manual focusing for still photo or video
  • Maximum focal length at 85mm
  • F/1.4 aperture ensure enough brightness
  • Excellent capturing even in critical lighting

4. Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR Lens for Fashion Photography | 20mm | F/1.8

If you are Nikon lover and still looking for the best lens for fashion photography, then Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR would be the best choice. This is a prime lens that comes with all latest features of the Nikon lens.

Those who are usually doing a photoshoot in indoor, this lens is perfect for them. Indeed, the lens comes with a 20mm focal length which is ideal for indoor photography. Besides, you can use it for outdoor photography as well.

The fascinating feature of the lens is, it can fight against chromatic aberration and sagittal flare that ensure a superb and accurate rendering throughout the frame. Thanks to the Nano Crystal Coat that make it possible.

The Nikon AF-S NIKKOR has an acute autofocusing technology through ultrasonic waves. Thanks to its Silent Wave Motor (SWM) features that make sure the superfast, accurate and quiet autofocusing within 78” closer to the object.

The lens is performing fantastic for both videography and still photography. Within a minimum brightness, it will produce a high-quality image due to its maximum aperture of F/1.8.

Therefore, if you prefer a lightweight lens for fashion photography along with these features, you can consider the lens.

Key Features

  • The focal length of the lens is 20mm
  • SWM ensures quiet and fasts autofocusing
  • Ensure low-light performance due to F/1.8
  • Reduces sagittal flare and chromatic aberration

5. Nikon AF-S NIKKOR Lens for Fashion Photography | 85mm | F/1.8

Last but not the least lens is also from Nikon. If you prefer a mid-range focal length lens, then you can have everything in this Nikon lens. Let’s dig up other exciting features.

The focal length of the lens is 85mm. But you will get the minimum focal coverage is .8 meter. However, you can effortlessly use the lens for capturing the interior and exterior photography.

Nikon is always generous in autofocusing. This lens has Silent Wave Motor. Thanks to its SWM technology that ensures the fast, accurate and quiet autofocusing.

Suppose you are often shooting a photo in the interior ambience. In that case, you can rely on this lens for a better outcome. Thanks to its F/18 aperture that has the capacity to produce high-quality images even in low light areas.

NIKKOR 85mm fixed lens comes with a super integrated coating. Basically, Nikon uses this coating to enhance the performance of the optical lens elements. That’s how it also reduces the ghost and flare at the minimum level.

Therefore, if you consider the overall features and performance of the lens, you cannot overlook it. Besides, it offers a very reasonable price for the lens.

Key Features

  • The maximum focal length is 85mm
  • SWM ensures a fast and quiet autofocusing
  • Has a better low-light performance due to F/18
  • Super integrated coating reduces ghost and flare

Things to Consider Before Buying Lens for Fashion Photography

Best Lens for Fashion Photography

While buying a professional-grade lens for fashion photography, you must consider some crucial points. Otherwise, you may not get the quality lens or suffer from its low performance.

Not to worry! We have put together these essential factors of the lens so that you can easily find your best lens for studio photography.

Wight of the lens

A professional photographer always prefers a lightweight lens. They have to move throughout the fashion show rapidly. Apart from, a lightweight lens also suitable for a novice photographer.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using the lens of still or videography, try to choose a lightweight lens for ensuring the convenience at shooting.

Focal length

The focal length is an important aspect of your particular photography. Likewise, fashion photography demands a particular lens to produce maximum output.

Most of the photographer prefer a prime lens, which focal length in between 23-84mm. However, you should determine the length according to your work.

For example, if you usually work inside studio or hall rooms, then you can choose the lens between 16-84mm. For outdoor photo shooting, you can go with 50-104mm or more.

Lens Aperture

For fashion photography, you have to work in both indoor and outdoor environment. As, a result, you must consciously choose the perfect lens aperture.

For instance, while doing the indoor or low-light shooting, you must choose a larger lens aperture between f/1.4 to 2.8. Conversely, for outdoor shooting or high-light exposure, you can go with a smaller aperture like f/4.


Choosing the focus function of the lens depends on the photographer. If you are always in a rush or rapid clicker, then you need a high-speeding autofocusing lens. Some professional photographer or videographer love to use manual focusing lens.

So, choose the focusing function of the lens according to your convenience.

Size of the lens

Some manufacture comes with a bulky lens which is difficult to manage some time. Most of the photographers prefer a high-ending lens with a slim look. I would help to make the camera lighter.

So, you must consider the lens design and its size before confirming your lens.


You may capture in outdoor for fashion photography or street shooting. As a result, the lens is always prone to damage due to long exposure to weather. The lens easily gets affected by fungus, mold and other bacteria, that can easily damage your pricey lens.

Therefore, choosing a high resistance lens for fashion photography would be recommended. Plus, the lens body must be quite durable.

If you are still hesitating about the resistance and durability of the fashion photography lens, you can undoubtedly pick a lens from the above list.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use these lenses as a beginner?

Yes, of course.

It doesn’t matter whether you are professional or amateur, you can effortlessly use the lenses as it designs for all. Moreover, choosing a professional-graded lens will help you to know the more advanced functionality in photography.

2. What is the better focal length for photo capturing at the hall?

In general, it is good to go with a medium focal length lens for indoor. You can choose the lens in between 16-50mm. In some cases, you can use the length up to 85mm.

3. Do these lenses come with resistance?


You will have the highest resistance against dust, fungus, bacteria and mold. The hard body surface resists cracking. So, you are always safe for photo shooting in the outdoor, because some of the lenses have huge weather protection.

4. Can I use the lens for another photo shooting?

Yes, you can.

It depends on your photography types. If you choose a prime lens between 16-50mm then it is better of capturing on indoor and wedding photography. If you come with a medium focal length lens, then you can use it for travel, street and even use for wildlife photography.

5. How to get the best lens for studio photography?

It’s simple.

First, you must consider some factors to choose the best one. For example, you can measure the features such as focal length, aperture, weight, resistance and price. If all these things are favourable to you, that means you are going to have the desired lens.

Final Words

Aperture and focal length are important for fashion photography. That’s why you must consciously consider these features while choosing the lens. If these things are perfect, that means you are about to get the best lens for fashion photography. Besides, you can measure the quality, design, and cost of the lens.

I hope that you will have an excellent photo experience and a high-regulation photo if you choose any of the above fashion photography lenses.

Have a Great Photography!