Best M42 Lenses – TOP 10 models reviewed by an expert.

There is something special about vintage lenses. You can capture images of elusive characters with this. Old lenses make you unique and let the other see the world from a different view. This is a good way to express uniqueness.

The best M42 lenses can give you a different personal experience. You can create your personal style, resolution numbers, characters with this. But for buying M42 lenses you need to go through a lot of crucial details.

If you are not a lens expert, you may face many difficulties choosing the right lens. So here we are trying to help you in your decision making by presenting the top M42 lenses in the market.

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Jupiter M42 Lenses | Smooth Focusing Ring
Jupiter M42 Lenses | Smooth Focusing Ring

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Helios M42 Lenses | Lightweight
Helios M42 Lenses | Lightweight

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Helios M42 Lenses | Longevity
Helios M42 Lenses | Longevity

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7artisans M42 Lenses | Super Color Rendition
7artisans M42 Lenses | Super Color Rendition

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Pentax M42 Lenses | Perfect Length
Pentax M42 Lenses | Perfect Length

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Best M42 Lenses Reviews

There are many features in M42 lenses. Different lenses have different specialties. In this section, we will be discussing the top M42 Lenses to make your buying experience easier.

1. Jupiter M42 Lenses | Smooth Focusing Ring

If you are looking for a lens with good quality and a soft-focus, you can look for this one. Jupiter lenses have an excellent out of focus rendition. This has the perfect focal length and helps you to capture the perfect picture.

This Jupiter lens is a replica of Carl Zeiss Sonnar. This lens is highly appreciated by the portraiture photographers. This lens has a focal length of 85 mm. And this has a wider viewing angle with a range of28 degrees.

Premium quality materials have been used in this lens. For making this lightweight aluminum has been used.

So this is very comfortable to hold. This has rounded blades that help to maintain the circular shape.

The Jupiter 9 has a great build quality. This has a soft focusing system. So you can get the dreamy glow from your picture. That will help you to capture glamour portraits. This is able to blend the tones and will create a softer look.

The lenses are scratch proof. The lenses are free of dust, scratches, and fungus. The lenses are clean as well. The focusing and capturing rings are very smooth and work very gently. This lens is very easy to use

Key Features

  • Good build quality
  • Free from scratches and fungus
  • Lightweight for aluminum construction
  • Easy to use

2. Helios M42 Lenses | Lightweight

Helios is a renowned brand and famous for its good quality product. Many professionals choose Helios M42 lenses as their first choice for vintage lenses. This lens is one step ahead of the market in terms of price, quality, and durability.

The lens is more well constructed than any plastic lens. Helios is one of the top vintage camera lenses because of its construction. You can get a quick focus once you get used to its manual focus system

At first you might not understand the value of the lens but once you capture a picture, you will be surprised by the quality of the picture.

The pictures come out very nice with this lens. And the color contrasts of the pictures are just on point.

You can control the angle of the lens as you want. You can reduce the angle of viewing. Not only that, but you can also convert the lens into a portrait lens. The lens is well constructed and sturdy.

This vintage lens is ideal for landscapes and portraits. If you want to take macro shots this will not let you down. The lens is enough for producing artistic pictures. This can portray artistic pictures from the smooth background color and color reproduction.

Key Features

  • Professional choice
  • Ideal for macro shoot
  • Produce artistic pictures
  • Adjustable angle viewing

3. Helios M42 Lenses | Longevity

Every photographer wants a camera lens that is durable and provides a great performance throughout its useful life. If you are a student of portrait or art photography, you must have this lens.

This old lens has many effects. You may need some time to get used to those effects. This lens has some specific features that you can find in other lenses. This has a swirly broken effect that attracts many photographers towards the lens.

We all know about the famous Zeiss Biota lens. The internal design of Helios M42 Lenses is inspired by Zeiss Biota lens. This lens has excellent working conditions.

This lens will fit all Canon DSLR, EF, EOS, and SLR cameras.

You can control the diagram of the lens manually as there is no ROM connection on the ring. The lens has auto forecasting features. You can shoot with aperture priority mode and manual mode.

The price of the lens is very reasonable. If you are passionate about photography and started your photography career recently, this will be the perfect one for you. The main advantage of the lens is these fits in almost every camera.

Key Features

  • Thick durable material
  • Ideal for nature and street photography
  • Sharp image
  • Great performance

4. 7artisans M42 Lenses | Super Color Rendition

Not all the camera lenses provide an excellent balance. Many photographers have complained about this. So if you have faced such a problem, you can trust 7artisans M42 Lenses in this. That is why this is one of the best M42 Lenses for vintage photos.

The lens provides an excellent natural transition between the bokeh in the image and the focused object. This has an ideal depth of field.

This blurs the background very smoothly and focuses on the main object. This lens can blur the background very naturally.

7artisans M42 Lenses have superior optical design. This lens will give you a distortion-free image with proper brightness. This will also provide a super color rendition and resolution. The light transmittance is also improved in this model.

The lens is multi-layered with a high optical coating. This has seven layers of premium quality optical coating. The coating on the flare, lens, ghost, and chromatic are perfectly minimized in images. And all of this help to increase the image quality.

You will be able to shoot in the low and high light with this camera. You can also do video shoots and you will get a feeling like a studio. This lens is perfect for any kind of professional project for vintage photography.

This lens can be fit on any camera. And this is mainly designed for professionals. You can do movie shooting with this lens as well. Altogether this is a must-have lens for any photography enthusiast.

Key Features

  • 7 layers of optical coating
  • High image quality
  • Provides proper brightness
  • Suitable for professionals

5. Pentax M42 Lenses | Perfect Length

This is the perfect choice for those who are looking for old time classic lenses. Pentax promises to provide the vintage lenses that are not commonly found in the market. They have some unique features and configurations.

This lens is suitable for street photography and portrait. This lens has a very nice length for portrait photography. The color and the texture of the photo is very smooth. The lens helps the camera to produce good color rendition.

Getting a 3D effect on a vintage lens is a dream for photographers. This lens can create an almost 3D effect. This has a lovely color rendition.

The minimum focusing distance is about 16 inches. So you can capture small objects with this lens.

The lenses are scratch proof. The lenses are free of dust, scratches, and fungus. The focusing and capturing rings are very smooth and work very gently. This lens is very easy to use.

The size of the lens is just perfect. The high aperture of this lens will let you shoot in low light. You shoot at night and indoors with low light. This will focus manually on the object and will blur the background.

Pentax vintage lenses are very easy to operate. The focus rings of the lens are very smooth. It does not need much movement. Very good quality materials have been used. So this will look new even after prolonged use.

Key Features

  • Perfect length
  • 16 inch minimum focusing distance
  • Easy to operate
  • Premium material

6. Bounce Generationinn M42 Lenses | 58 Millimeters

As a beginner many people try to get a lens that has a reasonable price and easy to use. But it is quite tough to find a good lens at a reasonable price. Here we have come up with a solution. Bounce Generationinn lenses are good quality yet affordable.

You can place an order for this lens from anywhere in the world. You will get the product before the estimated delivery time. The lens is in great shape. These lenses are able to capture nice portraits. When you will practice with it, it will not have the swirly bokeh.

Bounce Generationinn has used very clever features to this lens.

You will find the actual aperture ring at the tip of the lens. You need to move the outermost ring to the desired aperture. After a few uses you can easily adapt all the functions of the lens.

The lens will give you a live view of exposure. This has a great focusing ability. Not strictly needed for a mirrorless camera. This will provide you with good quality vintage photography. This has a very nice length for nature and portrait photography.

Overall this is a great choice at this price. The service is also very fast and hassle-free. You will get this product within a few days after ordering this. They also provide a warranty. You will get a 1 year warranty with this lens.

Key Features

  • Fast delivery
  • 1 year warranty
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect for portrait

7. KMZ M42 Lenses | Sharp Image

If you want your image to come sharp and full of contrast, you can look for this one. Every object of your image will be equally focused and the details of the images will be crisp and clean.

This lens gives a very clear picture. if you take a picture of a person’s face, his/her eyelashes will be clearly visible after zooming in. The lens has four elements and seven aperture blades. This will allow you to take photos with a soft background and sharp subject.

If the subject of your photo is isolated from the background, the lens will make it pop and significant.

And the out of the focused portion of the photo will be bokeh automatically. The bokeh will look very natural, smooth, and non-distracting.

The materials of the product are very high in quality. For the front element, the coating is done. And the rear element is an anti-reflective coating. The focus sets manually. The design is inspired by top lenses.

With all these facilities this vintage length comes at a very reasonable price. Anyone can afford this lens. You can carry this one with you anywhere you want to. This is just a perfect piece of M42 lenses for every vintage shot.

Key Features

  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Very clear picture
  • Bokeh looks natural
  • Focus is significant

8. Industar M42 Lenses | Decent Bokeh Effect

The next product that we are going to discuss is an old school lens. Industar M42 Lenses are the cheapest and the smallest top-notch vintage lens that you can buy in the market in 2021. This lens is mainly designed for M42 camera mounts.

You can also use this lens with your modern camera. You only need to use an adaptor to use this with a modern camera.  Industar lens has a very strong metal build. This lens is very small but it has all the features like a normal big size lens

The lens had manual focus control and aperture. The lens consists of 7 aperture blades.

So this helps to prove smoother and out of focus background effects. The aperture rings prevent unwanted turning because of their hard stopped rings.

The focus ring is very easy to turn over. You can smoothly control it. You can turn this up to 300 degrees. So you will get a more precious focus. That is why many photographers choose this lens as the top vintage zoom lens. This is a great choice for portrait photography.

You can get really sharp images with this lens. This also provides very decent contrasts. This has previous control over its aperture and focus. The bokeh effect of this lens is very unique and smooth. This carries a natural look in its bokeh. This can perfectly blur your picture.

Key Features

  • Designed for M42 camera mounts
  • Decent bokeh effect
  • Blur pictures perfectly
  • manual focus control

9. Mir M42 Lenses | Wide Angle

Mir M42’s design is inspired by Sipex Plus. This can take beautiful photos with perspective control. The lens is in a great wide range. Perfect for taking landscape photos. You can control the depth of the lens as well.

This lens is small yet very effective. This can bet any modern camera lens available in the market. You can use this lens on any modern mirrorless cameras. You will just need an adapter to connect.  This lens is made with metal and good quality glass.

There are seven blades inside the lens. You can control them by the aperture ring. The ring is very smooth to control.

This will provide you a nice manual control. Mis lenses are very wide. You cannot find such a wide lens at this price.

You will get amazing sharpness with this lens. But this will need appropriate aperture control and focus. While lowering the aperture, the sharpness of the center will be improving and will give you a vintage look in your photo.

The bokeh effect of the lens is dreamy and beautiful. And this is the best part of this camera lens. When the aperture is fixed properly you will get a very decent bokeh. Or you can just set the bokeh according to your personal preference.

This product is quite versatile. This offers impressive sharpness to your image. And you can control the sharpness to produce a soft image.

Key Features

  • Beautiful bokeh effect
  • Appropriate aperture control
  • Impressive sharpness
  • Amazing sharpness of the lens

10. Oumij1 M42 lenses | Fixed Focusing

Oumij1 M42 lenses are extremely popular and this is considered as one of the first-class vintage lenses with a big cult following. This brand is dominating the market many times. You can get this top quality lens at a very reasonable price.

This model of M42 lenses is selected by the professionals as the top model among vintage lenses. This lens has a large aperture. The aperture of the lens is F1.7. you can get a shot effect of a plane model even without going to a studio.

This lens is built with pretty solid material and this is designed uniquely.

The engineers have ensured the sharpness as well as the resolution. You can use full-frame lenses in full-frame SLRS for ensuring the light quality of the image.

This vintage lens creates a misty and dreamy photo. The image quality of the photos that are taken by this lens is absolutely outstanding. This lens is far better than the other high price lenses in the market.

This has a lovely bokeh effect. When you are shooting portraits you can see an amazing blur background. The sharpness and the contrast of the image is just on point. The color rendition is also amazing. The performance of the lens is unquestionably impressive.

The size of the lens is small. The small size adds a great advantage to this. You can carry this lens anywhere you go. So you will never miss having the opportunity to capture the perfect scene.

Key Features

  • Small is size
  • High resolution
  • Blur background amazingly
  • Pretty solid material

Things to Consider Before Buying M42 Lenses

Best M42 Lenses

M42 Lenses are the perfect ones for taking vintage photos. But choosing the right one is a bit difficult. As there are many functions and options in a lens. So to make your work easier we tried to bring the list of top vintage lenses with details. By now you may be selected as the one that you want to buy. But your job is not done yet.

There are few more things that you need to know before purchasing. There are some elements and features that you need to consider to get the desired product. Therefore we are providing those elements in the following section. Besides, you can choose some vintage portrait lens.


Different cameras require different models of lenses. You can not just buy a lens because you like this. You have to check the adaptability. This is the most important thing to consider before purchasing vintage lenses. You have to get the lens that goes with your camera.

Most of the modern cameras are adaptable with M42. Sometimes you might need a cable to connect it. But it is important to check the lens and your camera twice. If for some reason the lens is not set to your camera, the money and time will be wasted. Make sure you also check our guide for vintage wide angle lens.


An aperture is the opening portion of the lens through which the light travels. This determines the angle of a bundle of rays which helps to focus the image. In a simple word, aperture determines how much light can go through your lens.

Some vintage lenses allow less light to enter and some allow more light. So you need to determine what lens you need. If you want high light photography, you’d want to pick a lens with a smaller aperture or low f-stops. For low light photography, you would need a bigger aperture. Low f-stops are good for daylight and indoor photography. Check out the most essential Review for vintage lenses for fuji.

Image Quality

Image quality is one of the most important elements. Almost everyone who buys a lens wants to have a great picture quality. No matter at what price you buy the lens you will want your photos to come perfect. With the best M42 lenses you can get a good picture quality, even if the price is cheap.

Being extremely affordable, some vintage lenses are capable of producing gorgeous photos. So before buying you can check out the image quality but the lens that you want to purchase. So based on the quality and elements you can take the right buying decision.

Customer Reviews

Knowing from the people who have already used the lens is a great idea. You will get an honest review from them. And also you will find the answer of many questions in the customer review. So if you have any confusion about a product this will go away.

Customer reviews will tell you how good the product is that you want to buy. You also get image samples of the lenses. So before buying it is wise to read the customer review. This will help you to make the right decision.

Advantages of Using M42 Lenses

If you love vintage photos and perfectly blurred image backgrounds, M42 is the best option for you. There are many advantages of this lens.

The first advantage of this lens is it is affordable. You can buy vintage lenses at a very low price. So if you are a beginner in photography and want to take the experience with vintage pictures, you can get the cheapest M42. though the price may be low but the quality of the image will still be great.

M42 lenses last for a long time due to its building quality. Most of the M42 lenses are built with strong materials and high-quality glasses. Some of the lenses have an aluminum coating that makes the lens lightweight. So this lens is not that heavy and easy to carry.

M42 lenses can live forever. Because they don’t need any electricity to function. These vintage lenses fit in almost all kinds of cameras. This is also adaptable with modern cameras. You will need only an adapter to connect the M42 lenses with the modern camera.

The lens is suitable for all kinds of shooting. You can take portrait photos, do street and nature photography with this lens. The bokeh of the lens is outstanding. This provides just the perfect blurred background.

M42 has manual focus and aperture. This can automatically focus on the object. M42 lenses are undoubtedly a great choice for every photographer. This will give a vintage look to your photo. And this is also very easy to use.

FAQs一Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Are these lenses safe for my camera?

Yes, it is.

There are no such cases where the M42 lenses damaged the camera. In extremely rare cases this can happen. The components of the lens balance you perfectly with the camera. Almost every vintage lens is very safe to use.

2. Are M42 lenses suitable for any camera?

Yes, it is. M42 goes with almost every camera.

You can use an M42 lens with any vintage camera. You can also use this lens with most of your modern camera. You only need to use an adaptor to use this with a modern camera. There might be some cameras that do not support M42 because of different configurations. So it is better to check whether the lens fits in your camera or not.

3. Can the lens autofocus?

No, vintage lenses do not have the option to autofocus.

M42 is an old vintage model. This is not capable of connecting directly to the modern camera. Technology is not that advantage. This is incapable of electrically connecting between the camera and lens. So the focus system is totally manual and controllable. Using the turning rings you can control the focus as you prefer.

4. Where can I find M42 lenses?

The production of the M42 vintage lenses stopped in the 80s. So you can not find it at any showrooms or stores. But you can get this online marketplace. At Amazon, there are many M42 lenses. We have already provided ten top vintage lenses that are available at Amazon. There are also links to the products. The links will directly take you to their webpage.

5. Is the lens costly?

M42 lenses are very unique and provide vintage photos. This is different from the modern camera lenses. That is why many photographers use this lens to bring uniqueness to their photography.

Although these lenses have a high demand in the market, the price of the lenses is very reasonable. You can get an M42 lens at the cheapest price. There is also some vintage that is high in price.

6. Can M42 perfectly blur the background?

Of course, it does.

M42 lenses are mainly famous for their amazing job on the background. The bokeh effect of this lens is very unique and smooth. This carries a natural look in its bokeh. This lens can blur the background very smoothly.

Final Words

So by now, you may see that M42 lenses offer a lot more than any other lenses. If you compare the price and quality with any other lenses in the market, you will see no one offers so many options at this price. We have provided the best M42 Lenses. So by now you probably decided on the lens that you want to buy.

With the products, we have also provided the elements and buying guide. So hopefully you can get the M42 lens that you have desired for many years. And now you can add a new value to your photography.

Have Good Photography!