Rifle Rest for Benchrest Shooting

Best Rifle Rest for Benchrest Shooting – Top 5 Selection for 2023

As a benchrest shooter, the importance of a rifle rest is not an uncommon thing to consider. Rifle rest helps to keep the rifle held in a right place on the objects during shooting. So for making a nice and stable shot, it’s necessary to have a finest rifle rest.

We have collected many well-manufactured rifle rests for the professional benchrest shooting experience and selected the five best of them so that it would be easier to choose the best rifle rest for benchrest shooting for your required rifle.

Let’s go through them.

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Caldwell Steady Rifle Rest for Benchrest Shooting | Ambidextrous
Caldwell Steady Rifle Rest for Benchrest Shooting | Ambidextrous

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Caldwell Lead Sled Rifle Rest for Benchrest Shooting | Rubber Feet
Caldwell Lead Sled Rifle Rest for Benchrest Shooting | Rubber Feet

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VANGUARD Rifle Rest for Benchrest Shooting | Anti-Vibration
VANGUARD Rifle Rest for Benchrest Shooting | Anti-Vibration

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Primos Hunting Rifle Rest for Benchrest Shooting | All-Steel Construction
Primos Hunting Rifle Rest for Benchrest Shooting | All-Steel Construction

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Guide Gear Rifle Rest for Benchrest Shooting | Adjustable Portable Stand
Guide Gear Rifle Rest for Benchrest Shooting | Adjustable Portable Stand

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Best Rifle Rest for Benchrest Shooting Reviews

Rifle rest shooting case is a crying need for equipment for a pro shooter to keep his rifle secure and place the rifle in the right way.  And so, for those who seek a good rifle rest bench we’ve gathered five top high quality rifle shooting benches.

1. Caldwell Steady Rest NXT Adjustable Ambidextrous Rest

Those who want a good and customized shooting rest for keeping their rifle steady in one place, they can surely have a look upon this Caldwell Steady NXT rifle rest. The rest has a proper dimension with an adjustable cradle section.

This rifle shooting case has top class accuracy and preciseness. It includes vertical adjustability with a soft as well as rear cradle along with a neoprene hand support that gives comfort at its best. Plus, these features ensure highest durability.

Besides these, the shooting bench provides maximum ease of use. Its knobs are so freaking convenient for using that they are easily adjustable as per any requirement. Even such adjustments are made without displacing the weapon from the rest.

Moreover, this case has a very nice and amazingly versatile nature that other few rifle rests hardly have. The rest can easily be connected or disconnected as per the length of the pistol, long rifle or any handgun.

Most liking feature

The non-destructive nature and tough construction makes the case more strong and solid for carrying the rifle in its right place.

Probable Drawback

This shooting bench is overall a good tool for benchrest shooters but the price of this rifle bench seems quite high that might be an issue.

Key Features

  • This shooting bench has perfect dimension with adjustable cradle
  • Soft & rear cradle with neoprene handle gives comfort and durability
  • This case is very easy to use and made with a tough construction
  • Ensures non-destructiveness and versatility with ambidextrous nature

2. Caldwell Lead Sled 3 Adjustable Ambidextrous

If you want to have a light weight rifle bench, then the Caldwell Lead Sled 3 will work the best for you in this regard. It is functioned with modern Lead Sled 3 technology that reduces the weight and the recoil up to 95%.

This benchrest shooting case is so precisely manufactured with ‘no wobble’ elevation ram that it can easily be elevated and adjusted with the soft cradle. It even includes micro rear adjusted elevation and recoil reducing pad that absorbs the shock.

Besides, this rest possesses a skeletonized front rest with rubber feet that keeps it always free from destruction. Plus, its non-marring material helps to hold the gun with a strong grip while creating any damage in any point of contact.

Moreover, this rest has the ability to carry a variety of weights from 25lb barbell weight to 100lb lead shot that makes it the most firm rifle rest than other rifle rest in the market. That’s why this is considered the greatest quality Caldwell shooting rest.

Most liking feature

The adjustable knobs which make the rest more convenient for using are considered the most preferable characteristic of this rifle rest.

Probable Drawback

This rest is a good rifle rest but the only problem is that the clearance between the weight tray and bottom bar is too small that requires much elevation.

Key Features

  • This rest is perfectly well dimensioned and precisely manufactured
  • This rest provides adjustable elevation and reduces recoil
  • It can absorb too much shock by reducing recoil and weight
  • It is ambidextrous as well as non-destructive and can carry heavy weighed rifle

3. Vanguard Porta Aim Gun Rest. Compact and Portable Bench Rest

Vanguard has always provided the highest quality rifle rest for the benchrest shooter. Similarly, this Vanguard rifle rest is manufactured with rugged aluminum that gives a long-lasting durability for a long time as well as a strong hold.

This rifle rest is very light-weight and compact for use. It has a single handed center column ring and quick height design that can be adjusted easily. Such compact and well-designed gives the rest more portable effect and stability.

Besides, this rest has introduced an amazing anti-vibration bag that swivels 360 degrees that helps to get on objects fast and pointing on target. Even for being light-weight nature the rifle rest is very easy to move anywhere in one-hand.

Most importantly, this rest gives stable and steady shooting support that every benchrest shooter wishes for in a rifle rest. Even this rest includes an innovative porta-aim unit in itself that ensures great adjustment. Plus it can easily be set-up and break-down in a matter of time.

More liking feature

Its ultra fast set-up and excessively light-weight design make it distinguished from other rifle rests as well as become the most preferable one.

Probable drawback

This rifle rest is overall a better rest than other available in the market but for budget-friendly rest, this won’t be that much suitable for its high cost.

Key Features

  • Includes an innovative porta-aim feature that gives ultra fast set-up facility
  • Ensures compact and light-weight design with a rugged construction
  • Provides the highest portability and durability
  • Gives steady and long-lasting shooting support

4. Primos Group Therapy Bench Anchor Adjustable Shooting Rest

Those who want a strong, stiff and long-lasting hard body rifle rest; they can go for this Primos all-steel constructed rifle rest. This rifle rest is the top most rigid bench for shooting and also gives the highest shield to the gun during shooting.

This rifle rest has steel-made studded feet that ensures a solid and rigid shooting anchor as well as keeps the bench in the right place. Plus, it is made with butt plate guard that reduces recoil and thus gives the utmost experience in benchrest shooting.

Besides, this rifle rest adds a shooting bag in front side as well as other necessary accessory tray to preserve gear or weight bags in a safe place. Even it includes a coarse adjustable elevation with finest elements in both front and back side.

Moreover, this rifle rest is ambidextrous so that for both left and right-hand shooters this rest will be the best rifle rest for benchrest shooting. Many rifle rest includes various innovative features but a few of them include such ambidextrous features in their rifle rest.

Most liking feature

This rifle rest has the capability of keeping the rifle locked on target during shooting with so much accuracy. And this would probably be the great feature of this rest.

Probable drawback

The rest is very easy to assemble but it will need to fix some issues in regards to durability and bring some new modifications.

Key Features

  • This rifle rest has steel-made tough body that gives highest strength
  • This rest includes shooting bag with other accessories to restore gears & weights
  • It is a good rifle rest for both left and right hand shooters
  • It keeps the rifle locked during shooting and reduces recoil

5. Guide Gear Shooting Rifle Bench Rest for Outdoor Range

If you want a strong and stable support feet for the rifle, then it will be the best option to go on with the Guide Gear rifle rest. It is because it gives the highest stable and dependable support platform to the rifle that one shooter needs during shooting.

This rifle is constructed with strong steel material including with a power-coating finishing that ensures top most durability and sturdiness to the shooting bench. Even the rifle rest is engineered with such stationary that it keeps the rifle locked tightly during shooting.

Besides these, this rifle includes all fitting adjusted rear yoke and elevation front cradle that can be easily adjusted and so that it can easily hold the rifle. Thus it will make the shooting more comfortable and firm.

Most importantly, this rifle rest includes anti-slippery feet with soft rubber that ensures a stable hand to hold the rifle during shooting as well as prevents marring. This exclusive feature makes this rifle stand distinguished from others.

Most liking feature

Its stable nature and non-slip feet giving the steady and firm support to the shooting bench will be the most hyped and preferable feature of this rest.

Probable Drawback

This rifle rest is an all-rounder rest but the only faulty part of it is its V shaped grip in the buttstock as it is much thinner for protecting the rubber stock.

Key Features

  • This rifle gives the most strong and stable support to shooting platform
  • Ensures the greatest durability and sturdiness with a power-coated finishing steel made feet
  • Includes anti-slippery rubber feet that gives stable hold to the shooting
  • Provides adjustable elevation and rear yoke that makes it more comfortable

Things to Consider Before Buying Rifle Rest for Benchrest Shooting

Best Rifle Rest for Benchrest Shooting

Every product has some crucial things that make them more important and noticeable before purchasing. Likewise, rifle benchrest has some fundamental things that every shooter needs to look at carefully to have the rifle rest bags for benchrest shooting.


Dimension is the only range that can fit the rest with any rifle. So the selective shooting bench should have proper dimensions to be fit with any range of rifle. It should have accurate height and length on both front and back side. Don’t forget to check the choke for 00 buckshot reviews.


The stronger the construction of a rifle rest will be, the more sturdy and strong will be the hold of the shooting rest. The steel-made constructed body gives a strong and rigid hold to the rifle during shooting. Thus it helps to keep the rifle locked in the right place.

So it would be better to go for an all-steel-made rifle rest to have a great shooting experience without any trouble. Check out the most essential Review for rifle sling for backpack hunting.


Feet are the only thing that holds the bench and gives the utmost support to the shooting rest. That’s why make sure the feet of the rifle rest is strong enough to carry the weight of the rifle and keep the rifle locked on the target during shooting.


There will be no compromise with the durability and sustainability issue of the rifle rest. The rifle rest should be made with adjustable set-up and light-weight design that makes the rest more compact and comfortable for use.


The chosen rifle rest must have adjustable rear and elevation adjustments in both sides so that it can eliminate recoil and give enough comfort as well as convenience feeling during shooting. So make sure your rifle rest has elevation adjustments accurately.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can it be used for M1A?

Yes, surely it can.

The rifle rest can work well with the M1A greatly depending on the capacity of the magazine. If you have a medium range capacity magazine, then you may consider it without any further thinking.

2. Will this work with Crossbows?

Yes, definitely it will.

The rifle rest has a proper dimension to fit with crossbows. So you can use it with the crossbows without any confusion.

3. Does the swivel lock the rifle in place perfectly?

Yes, surely it does.

The rifle rest works the best than the cast-iron ones to the range as when using them, it may seem that the rifle will fall off anytime. But this rest is so helpful that it locks the rifle in place during shooting.

4. How can I get the best AR rest for benchrest?

For having the desired rifle rest for shooting, at first check properly the dimension range, height and length of the rest. Then accordingly look on the feet, strong manufacture, durability, adjustments etc.

If these things seem right and accurate to you as per the above mentioned section, then you can have a good AR rifle rest.

Final Words

Those who are professional benchrest shooters, they know how important it is to maintain the durability and stability of the shooting bench to make a perfect shot. So for having the best rifle rest for benchrest shooting, you must carefully check all the necessary things.

Have a great shooting!

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