Rifle Sling for Backpack Hunting

Top 5 Best Rifle Sling for Backpack Hunting – Recommendations for 2023

Are you a backpack hunter? Backpack hunting has increased in popularity over the past decades. Every hunter loves the idea of being out in the wild, enjoying occasional hunts and especially the wilderness!

However, backpack hunting has some disadvantages too. First of all, you need to carry all of your supplies in a backpack! That alone is quite tough. But, you need to carry your weapons too.

So, you undoubtedly need the best rifle sling for backpack hunting if you are planning such a trip. A good sling will help you carry your weapon comfortably. Although there are different types of slings, only a few provide enough anti-fatigue support.

But, that’s a problem. Because there are many options available, it’s hard to choose one. That’s why our experts spent hours searching for the most useful rifle sling in backpack hunting situations and made a list of the top five.

Keep reading to find out about them.

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TLO Outdoors Rifle Sling for Backpack Hunting | Paracord
TLO Outdoors Rifle Sling for Backpack Hunting | Paracord

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S2Delta Rifle Sling for Backpack Hunting | Quick adjustments
S2Delta Rifle Sling for Backpack Hunting | Quick adjustments

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Allen Rifle Sling for Backpack Hunting | No Slip
Allen Rifle Sling for Backpack Hunting | No Slip

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Boosteady Rifle Sling for Backpack Hunting | Hunting Bundle
Boosteady Rifle Sling for Backpack Hunting | Hunting Bundle

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Sling Saddle Rifle Sling for Backpack Hunting | Hands-free
Sling Saddle Rifle Sling for Backpack Hunting | Hands-free

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Best Rifle Sling for Backpack Hunting Reviews

This section contains multiple options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your needs. So, choose a rifle sling according to your necessity.

1. TLO Outdoors Paracord Gun Sling – Tactical 2-Point Rifle Sling

Do you want the most durability for your backpack hunting trip? That’s why TLO slings are placed before anything else. While most rifle slings are made of nylon, TLO outdoors made their slings out of parachute cords!

TLO slings are made with 17 inches of  550-paracord, which means that these cords can hold up to 550 lbs of static weight! Your weapons undoubtedly weigh less than that!

However, rifle slings are worn for a long time. So, they need to fitting and very comfortable to wear. That’s why TLO slings are adjustable from 33” to 44”. With this, you can have the perfect and most comfortable fit for you.

Anyway, when compared to other rifle slings on the market, TLO slings can be very helpful in survival situations too. You can use these as Kernmantle rope, belts, tourniquets, or even shoelaces! This is very helpful for backpack hunting.

Most Likeable Features

TLO rifle slings are designed for over-the-shoulder carry. With their unique design and very high-quality paracord material, these are very comfortable as two-point rifle slings. Also, TLO offers traditional or QD swivels.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users have reported that the swivels won’t fit their guns and the swivels aren’t very high quality.

Key Features

  • Extra ¼” width for added stability
  • Adjustable size between 33” to 44”
  • Built with lightweight but sturdy 550 paracord
  • Multifunctional in survival situations for backpack hunters

2. S2Delta – USA Made Premium 2 Point Rifle Sling

Well, if you don’t compromise the quality for the price, then you have come to the right place. S2Delta slings are designed and assembled in the US and like a true patriot, these don’t compromise their quality for anything.

However, every backpack hunter needs to use their slings for a long period. So, the slings need to be very durable and comfortable too.

That’s why, S2delta slings have 2” adjustable webbing for long, comfortable usages.

Also, the nylon material used to make these slings are very high quality. As nylon is very durable and water-resistant it’s a perfect material for backpack hunting trips.

Although in comparison to other hands free rifle slings S2Delta slings cost more but provide a comfortable experience with their unique design and different approach to traditional rifle slings.

Most Likeable Features

S2Delta slings offer quick adjustments with one hand. Also, you can adjust the overall sling length too. With this, these slings offer a personalized and fitting experience. S2Delta also offers four different modular connections that are sold separately.

Probable drawbacks

These slings are USA-made. So, these are in a higher price range than normal rifle slings. Also, the edge of the straps is sharp and sometimes irritates the neck skin.

Key Features

  • 2” webbing for comfortable usage
  • Adjustable lengths for a personalized experience
  • Good value for the price
  • Stylish but sturdy for long use.

3. Allen Company Aspen Nubuck Rifle Sling with Swivels

Backpack hunting can present the hunters with many tough situations. One may need to run, jump or do many other physically challenging works. So, the rifle needs to be tightly attached to the body during these situations.

That’s why the Allen company store designed the rifle slings with Baktrak technology. This ensures that the rifle sling doesn’t slip and keeps attached to the body.

However, some slings make too much noise and that sometimes can scare the hunt. That’s why these slings have cleated tread grip backs. With this, you won’t have any sling related noises and won’t scare the hunt.

Anyway, if you compare Allen slings with other rifle slings, these are specially made for backpack hunting purposes and perfectly fits all the criteria needed for this task.

Most Likeable Features

Allen rifle slings have a nuback leather face. That looks awesome and further strengthens the sling. So, you can have a nice, hunter look and do nice, hunter work! The included swivels are also tested to withstand 300 Lbs.

Probable Drawbacks

Although everyone who bought one of these likes them, some have reported that the slings are a bit on the shorter side.

Key Features

  • 25 in heavy-duty webbing for strength
  • Baktrark shoulder grip ensures tight attachment
  • Very strong and durable metal swivels
  • Quick one-handed adjustments for a better fit

4. BOOSTEADY 2 Point Rifle Sling, Adjustable Strap Multi Use Gun Sling

Do you want to be prepared for anything that may happen on a backpack hunting trip? Well, most hunters have faced getting injured, their backpacks getting busted, or their rifle slings getting torn!

That’s why, Boosteady is offering the hunting bundle, which includes not one, but two rifle slings for your next trip. Because, what’s better than a good rifle sling? Two good rifle slings of course!

However, a sling needs to be strong, fitting and comfortable altogether. So, they need to have a flexible design with good materials.

Well, you don’t need to worry about that if you buy one of these. These have bungee designs on the end of the sling for better mobility.

As most rifle slings don’t come as a package, being in a bundle makes Boosteady slings the best rifle sling for backpack hunting. Because this can bring down your total cost and support you totally on your trip.

Most Likeable Features

Boosteady slings are two-point rifle slings. So, they keep the rifles comfortably close to the body. Also, the elastic part of the slings can be removed. With this, you can attach the sling directly to the rifle if you don’t want the elastic part.

Probable Drawbacks

Some users complained that the bungee straps make their rifle jiggle sometimes and that can be pretty dangerous if not handled properly.

Key Features

  • High-density nylon material for durability
  • Sling hooks can fit all sling mounts
  • Steel clips ensure rapid deployment
  • Flexible design and materials for movability

5. Sling Saddle Right Handed Pouch Combo | by Creed Outdoor Products

Do you want to keep your hands free when carrying a rifle? Then, you need to consider buying one of these new design saddles from Creed outdoors. These are not slings but they are sling saddles.

Rifles can be tough to carry in long hikes. Slings don’t usually hold them perfectly in place and the rifle dangles around because of that. That’s why Creed outdoors made these shoulder clips and belt pouch to keep the slings in place.

However, you need to already have a sling if you want to use sling saddles.

These hold the sling attached to your body and takes almost all the weight off your shoulders. With one of these, you can transform your normal sling into a hands-free rifle sling.

Although, you can’t compare the sling saddles with regular rifle slings. Because these should be considered as reinforcements to your rifle sling. With this, you can have the comfortability of a pricy sling with a cheap one.

Most Likeable Features

Sling saddles include a belt pouch for carrying extra ammunition in your hunts. Also, the spring-loaded tab and the shoulder clip ensures that the rifle securely keeps out of your way in long hikes and provide very good comfortability.

Probable Drawbacks

If you don’t already have a sling, you need to buy a sling if you want to use a sling saddle. These don’t come with the slings.

Key Features

  • Keeps the rifle from swinging around
  • Keeps the rifle attached to the body
  • Awesome tool for backpack hunters
  • Makes your sling a hands free sling

Things to Consider Before Buying Rifle Sling for Backpack Hunting

Best Rifle Sling for Backpack Hunting

A sling keeps your rifles safely attached to your body and in difficult hunting situations, this can come very much in handy. A safely attached rifle can make the difference between life and death! That’s why having the best rifle sling for mountain hunting is a must for backpack hunters.

However, there are different types and designs of slings available. But, different shooters have different necessities. So, even if a sling is perfect for someone else, it may not even be good enough for you.

That’s why you need to understand the basic features of rifle slings and then consider which of the features you need. Different slings provide different experiences and should be used in different situations.

So, if you consider some key things before you buy even one rifle sling, you are most likely to find the most suitable rifle sling for you and your weapon. We decided to help you out with the list of things to consider before buying rifle slings. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the holster for beretta 92fs.

Points of contact

There are mainly three different types of gun slings. Single point, Two points and Three points slings. The points simply refer to the number of points the gun is attached to.

Most shooters use single point or two points slings. Although some prefer three points slings they are not very common. However, two-point slings are the most common and widely used type of rifle slings.

Two-points slings are called traditional slings. In any two-points sling, the front and rear of the weapon are connected to the sling. That allows the shooter to carry the weapon in many different ways.

Because of this flexibility and comfort, most shooters prefer using a two points sling. However, single-point slings too have their sets of advantages. With a single point sling, users can easily switch between shoulders and these are very easy to use.

Although, single-point slings can’t provide enough stability and anti-fatigue support. So, these are not very suitable for long-term usages.

On the other hand, three-point slings have three connection points including one being the shooter’s body. These slings are strapped to the shooter and one can even let go of the weapon with one of these!

Anyway, three points slings are usually expensive and not very comfortable for usages.

Learn more about different points in gun slings.


Rifle slings need to be very adjustable and customizable. Only then, shooters can have a pleasant and personalized experience. Because there are many different types of rifles and the shooters to come in many different sizes!

That’s why a sling needs to be easily adjustable. With adjustable slings, you can have a properly fitting experience and your rifle will be safe and secure.


Rifles slings are made of many different types of materials. However, leather and nylon are the most common now.

Leather has been a material of choice for many people since long ago. Leather is very comfortable, looks great and lasts a long time. So, naturally, people love leather slings. However, like any other leather product, leather slings are very expensive now.

On the other hand, Nylon is a type of thermoplastic, usually made from petroleum. Nylon too is very strong and durable. However, nylon is a lot cheaper and provides enough comfort at a cheap price.

Although Nylon isn’t as comfortable as leather, it’s good for the price. However, there are some exceptional materials like paracord. Paracord too is a type of nylon but it’s very handy, strong and comfortable as slings too.

So, you can choose one that fits your necessities. Checking the plate carriers for law enforcement will be helpful as well.

Read this quick guide to rifle slings to learn more about them.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Is a sling really necessary?

Slings are not expensive and there is a pretty big chance that you’re going to need one. So, it’s better to have it and not need it rather than needing one and not having one!

Slings can support your weapon, help it keep it safe, provide you with additional anti-fatigue support and help your hunt. So, buy a rifle sling for yourself.

2. What are the different types of slings?

There are mainly three types of slings. One point, two points, and three points. Read a complete guide about rifle slings.

3. What should I look for in a rifle sling?

You should mainly consider three things. The type of your rifle, the material of the sling and the adjustability of the sling you plan on buying.

Then, you can find the sling you are looking for.

4. Do use troops use one point or two points sling?

Two-point slings are the USMC standards and usually, those are standard issues for all soldiers. However, depending on the person sometimes one point or three-point slings are issued too.

5. Which is the best rifle sling for elk hunting?

This depends mainly on your preferences. However, as elk hunting requires long hikes, you need to find a very comfortable and flexible rifle sling for your weapons.

So, consider buying a two-point sling that feels comfortable and flexible for you.

Final Words

If you want better stability and less stress, buying the best rifle sling for backpack hunting is the least investment you can do. A good sling will help you in your hunts a lot more than you can imagine.

Although, finding the perfect sling for you is tough, as you read this far in this article we hope to have helped you through this journey. Consider the things necessary beforehand and you will find the most suitable sling for you.

Keep calm and go hunting!

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