Best Ripping Chain for Milling In 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Models

Choosing a ripping chain for milling is not like choosing a chainsaw chain for home improvement work. Chain for professional cutting requires much cutting precision and sharpness than other chains.

Milling saw chain has engineered to cut the most hardwood and frozen woods. That’s why the ripping chain is preferable for milling.

It takes professional skills to choose the best ripping chain for milling. That means you have to consciously measure the chain pitch, gauge, and cutter while buying. Otherwise, it leads to serious accidents.

However, don’t be worried! We have done this for you. Sometimes professionals get confused while choosing the quality chain out of an ordinary one. That’s why our expert discovers 5 top-notch ripping chains.

Keep reading to find your desire chainsaw chain. Let’s get them.

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Oregon Ripping Chain for Milling | 115 Drive Links | 3/8
Oregon Ripping Chain for Milling | 115 Drive Links | 3/8" Pitch

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Oregon Ripping Chain for Milling | 3/8
Oregon Ripping Chain for Milling | 3/8" Pitch | 105 Drive Links

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Anihoslen Ripping Chain for Milling | 36
Anihoslen Ripping Chain for Milling | 36" Chain | 115 Link Parts

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Oregon Ripping Chain for Milling | 114 Links | Low Vibration
Oregon Ripping Chain for Milling | 114 Links | Low Vibration

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Oregon Ripping Chain for Milling | 81 Drive Links | 3/8
Oregon Ripping Chain for Milling | 81 Drive Links | 3/8" Pitch

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Best Ripping Chain for Milling Reviews

Choosing a milling chain for professional purposes is a bit tricky. That’s why we are showcasing the essential features of the ripping chain here. It will help you to get your intended chain. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Oregon Ripping Chain for Milling | 115 Drive Links | 3/8″ Pitch

Are you looking for a heavy-duty ripping chain? Then take a look at it. Oregon brought a search-ending ripping chain for miller. Let’s unlock the other features of the chain.

First, know about the manufacture. Oregon has a good reputation in the chainsaw industry since 1947 due to the chain’s quality and customer loyalty. Therefore, you can rely on this professional ripping chain.

The chain comes with a standard chassis and cutter. That’s how it maintains a cutting precision on any type of wood and becomes popular among millers.

If you look at the chain’s basic mechanism, you will understand the quality of the chain. It comes with a 3/8″ pitch and .063″ gauge. That means it has maintained the perfect thickness and distance of the cutter. Besides, it has 115 drive links, which is perfect for cutting huge tree-logs.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a high performing ripping chain for milling. So, the manufacturers discourage using the chain for hand-held use in spite of less vibration. To enhance the performance of the chainsaw, you can use premixed oil routinely.

Therefore, for those who want a quality chain within a reasonable price, Oregon ripping chain would be most suitable for them.

Key Features

  • Pitch and gauge are 3/8″ and .063″ respectively
  • Comes with the standard cutters
  • Make sure the cutting precision
  • Not for hand-held chainsaw

2. Oregon Ripping Chain for Milling | 3/8″ Pitch | 105 Drive Links

Our runner-up ripping chain is also from the same manufacturer. Most of the lumberjack and the millers can rely on this chain due to its unique features. Let’s get them.

Miller always prefers a big chain for easing their job. It is such a kind of chain. It comes with a 3/8″ pitch and .050″ gauge. Plus, the chain has 105 drive links. That’s how the chain provides 100% precision while cutting.

For fast cutting, a ripping chain demands a sharper cutter. That’s why Oregon makes sure a standard cutter that has perfect thickness and sharpness.

While cutting the large log, some chainsaw starts vibrating. It happens due to the chain’s fitting. However, this ripping chain ensures exact fitting and reduces the vibration by 25%. In fact, the maximum vibration has been reduced by the Vibe-Ban chassis design.

Those who want to use this chain in their hand-held chainsaw they aren’t encouraged to use it. In fact, it has designed for the milling chainsaw.

Therefore, if the chain’s gauge and pitch are perfect for milling, you can add the chain to your cart. Plus, it also a cost-effective ripping chain for milling.

Key Features

  • Comes with 105 drive links
  • Pitch and gauge are 3/8″ and .050″
  • Make sure low vibration and less kickback
  • Not for hand-held chainsaw

3. Anihoslen Ripping Chain for Milling | 36″ Chain | 115 Link Parts

If you are on a tight budget but looking for the best ripping chainsaw chain, then this ripping chain is for you. Anihoslen makes sure all the features of a premium ripping chain in this pack.

The chain’s overall length is 36″. Plus, the pitch and gauge of the chain are 3/8″ and .058″ respectively. That is quite enough for cutting huge logs.

Anihoslen ensures enough lubricity while manufacturing. As a result, the chain can easily penetrate through the harder logs. Besides, the lubricity of the chain prevents premature wears and tears.

The fascinating feature of the chains is its cutter. You can encounter any type of wood by this chain, and you will have a smooth cutting experience. It has possible due to the sharp cutter.

Some of the aftermarket chainsaw chains produce much vibration while cutting. It is quite bothering and dangerous for milling. Some of them are having numerous kickbacks at cutting. However, there is no such issue in this chain.

So, you will have a safe and comfortable experience if you use the chain for long-time cutting.

Key Features

  • Brings a 36″ ripping chain for milling
  • Pitch is 3/8,” and the gauge is .058″
  • Low vibration and less kickback
  • Chain lubricity prevents wear and tear

4. Oregon Ripping Chain for Milling | 114 Links | Low Vibration

For those who prefer a budget-friendly ripping chain for milling, there is good news for them. Oregon brought another quality ripping chain, which includes all premium features.

First, start with the chain cutters. As you know, the sharper cutter means the smoother and faster cutting at all. That’s why this chain is preferred for milling. Besides, the standard chassis design makes it different from others.

Mill chainsaw chain demands a specific measurement in pitch and gauge. However, you will find the standard pitch and gauge maturement in this chain.

The chain comes with a 3/8″ pitch and .050″ gauge at all. Plus, it has a total of 114 drive links.

All the professional-graded ripping chains are not recommended to use in hand-held chainsaw. It is the same kind of chains that should not use in a hand-held chain.

The more fascination feature of the chains is its safety measure. The Vibe-Ban chassis design minimizes the vibration by 25%. It is a big achievement for the milling chain. So, the beginners also have a precise cut by this chain.

Therefore, most auto genius considers it as the best ripping chain for milling due to its overall performance and the budget-friendly price.

Key Features

  • Comes with a 3/8″ pitch and .050″ gauge
  • The total drive links are 114
  • Able to minimize vibration up to 25%
  • Standard cutter and chassis design ensure cutting precision

5. Oregon Ripping Chain for Milling | 81 Drive Links | 3/8″ Pitch

Last but not least, the ripping chain collection is also from Oregon. If you are searching for an 81-drive links chain, it would be most suitable for you. Let’s get the other features.

The more exciting feature of this chain is its lubricity. Oregon engineered the ripping chain with a substantial amount of lubricant. As a result, the chain is cutting faster, even in hardwood. Plus, this oily substance helps the chain to keep its sharpness for a long time.

Though some features of the same manufactures are identical, the chain’s measurement isn’t the same.

The pitch and gauge measurements are quite standard for this chain. You will have a 3/8″ pitch and a .050″ gauge in this chain.

The safety measure of the chain is quite satisfying. If the chain vibrates so much while cutting, that means you are heading toward a disaster. However, you are safe while cutting with this chain because it reduces the chain vibration up to 25%.

So, if you think the pitch, gauge, and drive links is suitable for your operation, you can take the chain into your cart. Along with the other features, it comes with a standard price.

Key Features

  • Comes with 81 drive links
  • Pitch is 3/8,” and the gauge is .050″
  • Make a precise cut due to the sharp cutter
  • Vibe-Ban chassis design make sure low vibration

Things to Consider Before Buying Ripping Chain for Milling

Best Ripping Chain for Milling

Buying professional-graded ripping chains need much consideration for choosing the right one. So, you must evaluate some factors before buying. Otherwise, it may lead to after-buying frustration.

As a result, we have come up with some crucial points to choose the best ripping chainsaw chain. Let’s get them.

Chassis and Cutter Design

The overall cutting performance of a ripping chain depends on the chassis and cutter design of the chain. If the chassis hasn’t well-engineered, the chain can’t fully perform at cutting.

Besides, the cutter-design also makes sure the cutting precision of the ripping chain. The cutter should be much sharper and 10 degrees for the ripping chain for milling. Otherwise, you cannot have 100% cutting precision.


The chain resistance makes sure the longevity of the chain. Sometimes it helps to retain the sharpness of the chain for a long time. The premium ripping chain comes with resistance against corrosion.

If you choose a resistance included chains, it can easily prevent premature wear and tear. So, choose a chain that has resistance to fight against the outside environment.


During extreme operation, the vibration of the chain can lead to a severe accident. That’s why it is not recommended such a chain for milling.

Even an amateur operator can handle a lower vibrating chainsaw. So, choose a chainsaw that vibrates less.

Here selected ripping chains can reduce the chain vibration maximum of 25%. So, it’s better to go with such a milling saw chain.


Kickback is another drawback of the ripping chain. Though you aren’t using the hand-held chainsaw for milling, that not means you encourage the chain’s kickback.

That’s why it would be wise to choose a milling chain which can minimize the kickback.

Chain Lubricity

A quality chain always comes with oily substances. If the ripping chain has enough lubricity, it can effortlessly cut the hardwood.

Besides, it can help to retain the sharpness of the cutter. Plus, an oily chain prevents wear and tear.


As you choose the milling chain, you have to make sure the chain’s measurements before buying. A standard ripping chain comes with a 3/8″ pitch. The gauge of the chain should be between .050 to .063-inch.

Apart from that, you can choose the drive links for your milling saw chain. The drive links of the ripping chain have 81-114.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the best ripping chainsaw chain?

Milling a chainsaw requires a much longer chain than the other hand-held chainsaw. That’s why you must ensure the measurement, quality, cutting precision, and so on for the milling chain.

If the basic features are okay for milling, then you can go with that chain. However, if you are in a rush, then pick a ripping chain for milling from the above list.

2. Are these chains have a heat dissipation feature?

Yes, they have.

As the ripping chain always uses for cutting hardwood, they have to work for a long time. As a result, the chain produces huge heat. If it doesn’t have the heating dissipation, then it will wear soon.

That’s why the heat-reducing capacity has been included in the ripping chain.

3. What is the perfect pitch measurement for the milling saw?

Actually, it depends on your milling saw. But the standard pitch measurement is 3/8″. If you need a long saw, then you can choose the 114-drive links for the chain.

4. How to reduce chainsaw vibration?

In fact, the vibration of the chainsaw depends on the chain quality. If the chain comes with a good chassis design, it can fit with the guide bar. It means the chains produce less vibration.

So, choose a chain that can reduce maximum vibration.

5. Can I use these chains for my hand-held chainsaw?


The manufacturer recommends these ripping chains only use for milling chainsaw. So, it is better to avoid using it on a hand-held chainsaw.

Final Words

The milling chain always needs to cut various types of hardwood. So naturally, the milling chain should be sharper and more durable. That’s why choosing the best ripping chain for milling is mandatory if you want the exact cutting precision.

Hopefully, you have found your suitable ripping chain as you have scrolled down.

Have A Precise Cutting!