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Top 5 Best Shotgun Case – The Must Have Selection for 2023

As a shooting hobbyist or professional gun keeper, safety is always the foremost concerning matter of the firearm. And for that, the importance of a shotgun case is beyond explanation because it keeps them away from all damage in extreme situations.

But for that, it is very necessary to find the right soft gun case as per the weapon. We’ve done a lot of research work and now we’re confident enough to give a broader idea about our premium collections of the best shotgun case for keeping the gun safe.

No more waste of time. Let’s see them.

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Flambeau Outdoors AR Shotgun Case | Zerust Technology
Flambeau Outdoors AR Shotgun Case | Zerust Technology

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Plano All Weather Shotgun Case | Premium Airtight
Plano All Weather Shotgun Case | Premium Airtight

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Savior Equipment Shotgun Case | Lockable Zipper
Savior Equipment Shotgun Case | Lockable Zipper

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Allen Company Daytona Shotgun Case | Adjustable Sling
Allen Company Daytona Shotgun Case | Adjustable Sling

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HUNSTEN Shotgun Case | Adjustable Shoulder Strap
HUNSTEN Shotgun Case | Adjustable Shoulder Strap

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Best Shotgun Case Reviews

As a professional shotgun owner, you always have to take care of your firearm’s protection and safety. That’s why we’ve provided you five best shotgun cases with their pros and cons in detail to help you find your suitable gun case.

1. Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR AR Tactical Gun Case

Flambeau Outdoors gun case can be an ideal storage box to keep the firearm safe and secure. Its exterior design is built with hard plastic that keeps the firearms from hard impact and heavy tear & wears issues.

Besides, its interior construction is made with a convoluted foam material that gives extra support. Plus the foamy pad inside keeps the gun-free from shock. Even this case helps to organize the gear by its amazing storage accessories.

Besides, this case is constructed with four safety closures that keep the gun secured during heavy transport and tactical use.

Plus it includes storage dividers that keep the gun free from corrosion. Thus this case serves excellent service.

Moreover, the case is specially designed with Zerust technology that has an anti-corrosion effect that forms a secured layer on the metal in order to stop dust and rust. Thus this extraordinary technology makes it attributable to others.

Most liking feature

Its anti-corrosion feature creates a vapor upon the metal that keeps the firearm from rust and gives a maximum of five years of unbeatable protection.

Probable drawback

For the casual hobbyist the plastic case seems good but for the professional shooter the plastic case seems thin and not that robust.

Key Features

  • Gives strong protection
  • Interior keeps the gun from shock
  • High technology saves the gun from rust
  • Provides amazing anti-corrosion effect

2. Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case, 42-Inch

In regards to a shotgun case, it is very necessary to be all-weather friendly for the case. Similarly, Plano has presented an all-weather-friendly gun case that keeps the firearm safe from any damage as well as creates a superb defense against any dirty elements.

Plano has upgraded their look and modulations in the case to give better protection. They improve functionality by using the AW2 line.

Even it gives a very strong and superior exterior protection by its heavy construction and dri-loc seal.

Besides, this case is equipped with a soft look floating bristle arrow retainer that keeps the gun from dry-firing. Even it cares about safety first so it includes safety reminders in its package including string and rail lube wax.

Moreover, its internal construction is manufactured with pluck-to-fit foam that is very much airtight and sealed the case with much pressure that dusty particles can hardly enter in the case. This distinguished feature makes it the shotgun case for mossberg 500.

Most liking feature

Its AW2 case makes a watertight shield and dual-stage locked latches that save the firearm from extreme tactical situations during bumping in travelling.

Probable drawback

Though the case is great, it doesn’t have enough space to carry two shotguns together. Sometimes it needs to cut off some inner foam to make space.

Key Features

  • Gives all weatherproof protection
  • Saves gun from bumping and tactical situation during traveling
  • Keeps the firearm from dry-firing
  • Highly airtight and heavy durable

3. Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Gun Case

Savior Equipment case is a proud urban warfare tactical double gun case. It is built with full padded material that saves firearms from unwanted movement and damage during movement. You can also turn this case into a single rifle case within a second.

Both of its interior and exterior construction is made with heavy-duty industrial PVC Nylon Fiber that gives strong protection to the gun.

Even it possesses extra space for two Rifles including an additional pocket and lockable zippers.

Besides, its double stitching seamed design reduces the danger of unraveling and tearing in tactical situations. It even lays flat completely, which saves zippers from extra pressure. Plus it can contain all components in its pocket.

Moreover, its stunning sleek design makes it extraordinary from other cases because of this it can be carried in any heavy-duty shooting range. It even carries adjustable and removable backpack straps that make it more worth a gun case.

Most liking feature

Its lockable and anti-theft zipper sliders give it enough strength to create a strong protection against any hard tactical issues during carrying.

Probable drawback

This case is an overall all-rounder for heavy tactical use. But it seems a little bit pricey for those who are searching for a budget-friendly shotgun case.

Key Features

  • Saves the gun from unwanted damage
  • Provides strong lockable zippers
  • Includes extra pocket for carrying other things
  • Has additional space for two pistols

4. Allen Company Daytona Soft Carrying Gun Case

The Allen Daytona case is a very great case to keep your rifle safe and protect you from heavy damage. You can travel anywhere freely by carrying your pistols stored in this case and keep them secure from outside dust and damage.

The case is made from rugged-end fabric that comes with an easy-clean lining and an adjustable sling by which the case can easily be carried anywhere.

Even easy clean lining helps to clean the inside space very quickly.

Besides, its interior construction is manufactured from a thick foamy pad that gives extra protection inside to the firearm as well as keeps it free from shock and damage. Thus we can say that if it is used properly, it can be the best shotgun case.

This case includes four essential pockets by which all other necessary accessories, suppliers, equipment, shooting targets, holsters, and eye protection etc. can be carried easily. This amazing integrity can hardly be found in other cases in the market.

Most liking feature

Ultra spacious feature is the most liking feature of itself. It provides extra space for carrying other accessories besides rifles for a perfect shooting.

Probable drawback

This backpack for shotgun is very amazing but there is one zipper on the main compartment. It would be better to have another adjustable zipper.

Key Features

  • Ensures easy clean & stunning finish
  • Provides adjustable sling & a zipper
  • Gives extra space with four additional pockets
  • Ensures strong protection by interior foamy pads

5. HUNTSEN Soft Double Shotgun Rifle Case

HUNSTEN has come with an innovative case that has a classic interior case that possesses enough space not only for one rifle but also for another rifle. It provides extra pockets also to contain other shooting accessories.

Even the foamy interior padding ensures 360-degree protection to the firearm. Plus, its exterior design is made with water-resistant elements and a thick pad secures the rifle’ life.

It also has a large capacity by assuring a large zipper.

Besides, it can be attached with other tactical bags accessories by its Molle loops. And to add more security it includes a dual way lockable zipper. Even it includes a heavy duty padded carry handle by which it can easily be carried without any trouble.

Apart from these, this shotgun ensures a unique removal foam section with an adjustable strap that other cases available in the market can hardly ensure. This section allows you to hold the rifle very easily and attach to large metal D-Rings.

Most liking feature

Its foamy padded adjustable shoulder strap and carrying handle gives that easy accessibility to carry the backpack with firearms safely to any tactical jobs.

Probable drawback

Though the case claims extra large space but it is suggested to remove other shooting accessories if there requires carrying two rifles together.

Key Features

  • Ensures a unique removal internal padded section
  • Provides adjustable shoulder strap
  • Includes heavy duty padded handles
  • Provides two lock secured zipper

Things to Consider Before Buying Shotgun Case

Best Shotgun Case

In order to carry your firearm safely in the selected backpack, at first, it is very important to know the criteria which make a case ideal for carrying a shotgun. We’ve explained some prominent things about a gun case to provide you with the best soft shotgun case.

Soft Case

There are two types of cases- hard case & soft case. Soft cases are made from comparatively soft Nylon Polymer or other fabric that is very light and easy to carry than hard cases. Soft cases’ interior is made from foamy materials that give much protection.

So make sure the desired gun case is very soft and convenient for you during carrying in extreme tactical situations.


Size of the case has very much important in choosing a soft rifle case. Whatever case is chosen, it is always necessary to ensure the right side of the gun case. The extra big or too small case is not suitable. Rather it will be wiser to select the right size for your rifle. Additionally, you can check our review on gun range bag.


Water-resistance is a very significant safety measurement for a gun case. If the case is water-proof, you won’t need to take any tension in carrying your gun in rainy weather or being wet. Then the rifles can be carried to any situation no matter what weather it will be.

So make sure that the rifle case is properly water-proof and moisture friendly so that there will be troubles. Besides, you can choose some CZ 75 holster.


No matter what case you choose, firstly make sure that the case is built from premium heavy-duty material. Hard cases are generally made from wood or heavy material. On the other hand, soft cases are manufactured from soft nylon or light fabric.

So hard cases are comparatively heavyweight but the soft cases are light-weight to carry. If you often feel necessary to carry your weapon while traveling, then it would be better to choose a soft shotgun case for easy use and handling.

Locking & safety

The main function of a gun case is to provide extra safety and protection to the firearms. So the safety measurements of a gun case must be of top-notch quality. That’s why the case’s locking mechanism must be properly measured with a strong lockable zipper.

So make sure all necessary arrangements for ensuring great locking and safety measurements for your gun’s case. Otherwise, it will be a failure to give enough protection to your weapon.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I customize the foam inside?

There’s no need to do customization all-time but if you wish to do so, you can customize the foam. The inside foam is claimed to be pluck-able. So it doesn’t need to be customized but if you want to customize, you can definitely do it.

2. Can I wash it?

There is no need to wash or dry cleaning the case. Rather you can clean it by using a damp towel or cloth and sponge over the dirt and debris on the case. So you won’t be needed to wash the case.

3. Will it be able to fit with my Mossberg 500?

Yes. It definitely will.

The case has a great configuration of large barrels and other accessories. And these modulations are perfect totally to fit with the Mossberg 500.

4. How can I get the best shotgun soft case?

Finding the right gun case is not that tricky if you are aware of some important things such as its material, right size, heavy-duty protection capability, waterproof, safety measurements, durability, etc. If you get these things right, you’ll get the ideal gun case.

Final Words

In order to keep the firearm safe and protected always during carrying, it is very necessary to have a good shotgun case. And for that, you’ll have to ensure all necessary safety measurements and configurations properly.

If these early mentioned criterions are properly managed, then we can claim that you’ll be able to have the best shotgun case.

Have great protection!

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