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Top 5 Best Sling for Benelli M4 for 2023 – Quiet and Reliable

In order to carry a heavy gun, the importance of slings is not unfamiliar to gun owners or shooters. Even during hunting, it is very important to hold the gun on target properly and slings help to hang the gun on the shoulder properly.

On the other hand, there are huge options of slings available in the market which even makes the searching more difficult for the shooters. So we’re here for you with the best sling for benelli m4 gun so that you can get your right sling as per your gun.

Keep following the next section to find your ideal sling.

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STI 2 Point Sling for Benelli m4 | Fast Loop
STI 2 Point Sling for Benelli m4 | Fast Loop

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Ten Point Gear Sling for Benelli m4 | Adjustable Clips
Ten Point Gear Sling for Benelli m4 | Adjustable Clips

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Blue Force Gear Sling for Benelli m4 | Padded Combat Sling
Blue Force Gear Sling for Benelli m4 | Padded Combat Sling

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TLO Outdoors Sling for Benelli m4 | Extra Wide
TLO Outdoors Sling for Benelli m4 | Extra Wide

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Eagle Rock Gear Sling for Benelli m4 | Extra Thick Strap
Eagle Rock Gear Sling for Benelli m4 | Extra Thick Strap

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Best Sling for Benelli m4 Reviews

Slings are a very important tool for every shotgun’s owner for hanging the gun while shooting. And so we’ve brought five exclusive slings for a Benelli m4 shotgun with all of their pros and cons to select the ideal sling among them.

1. STI 2 Point Rifle Sling – Adjustable Gun Sling

In search of a perfect rifle sling with fast-loop, then STI 2 point sling will serve the best service for a Benelli m4 shotgun. It is built with high quality nylon fiber with heavy stitching and a strong impact polymer buckle.

It can be adjusted to 67 inches and used with all 1.25 inches multi-purpose attachment hardware, ITW MASH Hook, HK Hook, OEM Rifle, Swivels etc. Mainly it possesses a simple design with too much smartness that is ideal for any Benelli series.

Besides, it can create fast length changes and there doesn’t require any disconnection in the sling. It even can reduce the risk of tangles and fumbles.

Plus, it is designed with Chafe resistant webbing material that develops target acquisition & firing times.

Apart from these, this sling is tested tube webbing up to 4000 lb weight. So it is the most strongest and durable sling for the Benelli M4 than other slings in the market. This sling is an ideal carrier for all shotguns in close encounters and shooting projects.

Most liking feature

Its webbing resistant body makes it ideal for correct acquisition target application and fit the gun with body position correctly.

Probable drawback

The sling is very good and comfortable for use but it doesn’t seem as smooth and thin as it claims on the description.

Key Features

  • Built with high quality nylon fiber
  • Improves target acquisition & timing
  • Reduces fumbles & tangles
  • Being tested excellent for carrying most heavy gun weight

2. Ten Point Gear Traditional Sling 2 Points 550 Paracord

Ten Point Gear has come with a traditional and more conventional handmade sling material that can be a great tool for carrying benelli m4. It includes a standard swivel connection with adjustable clip management with 550 Paracord.

It can be adjusted from 36” to 47” with great precision. The Paracord and Swivels make this sling suitable for carrying all shooting targets effectively. In fact, it is perfect for any rifle, shotgun even for a crossbow sling.

Besides, the sling includes several adjusted loop connection clips that makes super easy connection with any shotgun.

Even swivel mount slings help to clip in D-Ring style with the rifle. Thus the sling makes it ideal for traditional firearms.

Moreover, the sling offers multiple color options by which it can be used as a different vibrant color. It is a very stunning feature of this sling. This feature can hardly be seen in other slings available on the market and thus it becomes the best tactical sling for collapsible benelli m4.

Most liking feature

The adjustable mounting clip attachments are the most amazing feature of this sling because it can easily attach to any conventional firearm with those clips.

Probable drawback

It claims to fit only with traditional shotguns but it doesn’t seem properly matched with Mossberg 500 or Springfield M3 owners.

Key Features

  • Offers adjustable mounted clips
  • Perfect for all traditional firearms
  • Offers multiple color options
  • Includes standard swivel connection

3. Blue Force Gear BLFVCAS-200-OA-BK Vickers

If you are a professional Benelli M4 owner or gun holder and looking for a perfect and soft sling for carrying your firearm, then Blue Force Gear has brought to you an extraordinary sling model that will serve the top-quality service during shooting.

Blue Force Gear sling is especially made from smooth Nylon fiber so that it doesn’t feel any hard to use as well as it will be very lightweight and convenient.

It is mainly made in the USA. Thus it can assure a great durability and integrity in use.

Besides, this sling is perfectly okay to use as fishing equipment also because it possesses that capability too in itself. It comes with a very nice packaging of 0.2kg weight. Even it includes a molded Acetal adjuster by which it can easily be molded & adjusted in any shape.

Apart from these, the sling has no loop hook. Rather it is associated with TriGlide by which it is very easy to attach with a gun. Plus, it is a 2-point padded combat sling so it doesn’t hurt the arm during hanging. These make it more demanding than other slings.

Most liking feature

Its padded belt is considered the most preferable feature of this sling. It doesn’t hurt at all; rather, it makes the sling very soft and lightweight for carrying.

Probable drawback

Though the adjustment mechanism offers a good quality of this sling but it comes only with a single line stitching that can be questioned.

Key Features

  • Provides padded combat sling
  • Very lightweight & convenient
  • Ensures durability & reliability
  • Offers easy adjustment

4. TLO Outdoors Paracord Gun Sling

TLO Outdoors sling is a superb comfortable sling for not only benelli m4 but also for any shotgun. It has a simple press design with easy release Swivel attachment and Stud. It can be fit with any QD Swivels or stud. You can try this QD sling swivel.

It includes an adjustable clip that enables the sling to extend from 33” to 44” that makes it great for both young and adult people.

Plus it is made with a heavy duty 550 Paracord that is very much comfortable and easy for shoulder carry.

Besides, this paracord sling is compatible with any models and calibers of rifles, pistols, shotguns for hunting and shooting. It involves a very simple push & release clip by which it can easily be attached as well as released with the gun.

Moreover, this sling offers you the most width length than most other slings in the market. It adds an extra length of ¼” width. Thus it is a great tool for any waterfowl hunting and consequently, it becomes the best sling for benelli m4.

Most liking feature

Its ultra long length makes it more convenient and useful for any hunting or shooting applications. It is the most liked feature of the sling.

Probable drawback

This sling is an all-in-one sling for use in any shooting purpose. And that’s why it seems quite a little bit costly for those budget-friendly sling seekers.

Key Features

  • Provides extra long length
  • Compatible in using for waterfowl hunting
  • Ensures easy release & attachment
  • Very comfortable & durable

5. Eagle Rock Gear 550 Paracord 2 Point Gun Sling for Rifles

Eagle Rock Gear sling is an extraordinary sling for shotguns. It is built with an extra large 550 Paracord material that is very strong and lightweight as well. In fact this makes it extra suitable for survival and tactical operations.

Besides, it also has an adjustable length dimension from 43” to 57” which makes it a long length sling. Even it includes an easy pull loop which helps to adjust the length with the gun swiftly and easily.

Thus it becomes a great companion for outdoor shooting projects.

Moreover, it also enables multiple color options for rifle accessories. It has seven color options for the sling for shotguns. Even has a 1.5” extra long cord so that you will feel so much comfort using it with the shotgun, benelli m4, crossbow or Airsoft guns.

Apart from these, it gives the facility to use it as per the attachments without unweaving the paracord. This feature can hardly be found in other slings available outside. Thus the adjustable strap offers unbeatable comfort and excessive durability.

Most liking feature

Using the sling as per the own attachment even without having to unweave the Paracord is considered the fascinating aspect of this sling.

Probable drawback

The sling is overall a good sling but its side plastic buckle is a bit fragile so there might be a risk of dropping the gun on the ground.

Key Features

  1. Highly suitable for survival & tactical situations
  2. Ensures adjusted strap & clip
  3. Provides extra-wide length
  4. Ensures comfort & durability

Things to Consider Before Buying Sling for Benelli m4

Best Sling for Benelli M4

There are a few significant things for buying a sling suitable for a shotgun that every gun owner has to be aware of. We’ve described these things in the following section so that you will be able to understand all necessary measurements for having the best Benelli shotgun sling.


The length is one of the most important measurements of a shotgun sling. If the length is small, then you’ll face difficulty in covering up the gun with your shoulder. So the sling must have ensured extra wide length to carry the gun properly. For more suggestions, you can read about sling for CZ scorpion evo.


The sling should be compatible with all types of shotgun models. It has to be made with useful compatible fabric that keeps the ability to use with any Benelli series, even with crossbows, heavy rifles, hunting guns, etc.

Thus it will be possible to get an ideal sling for use in hunting, fishing, or any shooting applications. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the gun range bag.


The material of the sling should be top-notch quality no matter what type of sling is used for the shotgun. The sling has to be made with soft end Nylon fiber which gives comfort in using it while hanging the gun on the shoulder.

That’s why make sure the material of the sling comes from premium quality soft end fiber that doesn’t create any hurt to the shoulders or fingers.

Attachment facility

The attachment facilities of the sling like straps, clips, buckles, belt loop, etc. have to be properly checked and manufactured. Plastic buckles have the tendency to break easily. Even if the clips are not swift and adjustable that much there will be many difficulties using the sling.

So all the necessary attachment arrangements have to be properly checked then you can hold the gun properly with your shoulder.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Will it be able to fit with my Ruger 14 minigun?

Yes, it will.

The sling is compatible with any gun’s attachment because it has adjustable mounting straps that can fit with any type of rifle or gun. So it will also fit with the Ruger 14 mini.

2. Will it work with Benelli Nova?

Yes, definitely it will work.

The sling has excellent padded combat slings attachments that can be suitable for any type of Benelli version. It is pretty wide and can also be easily trimmed. So it will work great for Benelli Nova.

3. Can I get different color options besides black?

Yes, you can.

The sling has multi-color options available as per your needs. It can give you what color you want. So including with black you will get another more vibrant color of the sling.

4. How can I get the best Benelli shotgun sling?

In order to have a good sling for hanging your Benelli, then you’ll have to take care of its length, width measurement including easy release, adjusted strap, strong buckle, material, comfort, durability, etc. first.

If these are properly measured, you will get your ideal Benelli shotgun sling.

Final Words

Slings are an important shooting accessory for hanging the gun safely during shooting or hunting. But for this, some necessary arrangements like the wide length, material, simple attachment & release factor, compatibility, etc. are properly ensured.

If these above-mentioned things are correctly ensured, then we can say that you’ll be able to get the best sling for Benelli M4 and enjoy shooting.

Have an enjoyable shooting!

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