Best Vintage Lenses for Fuji in 2021 – Most Popular Collections

Why should you use a vintage lens in modern time?  Sounds weird? Indeed, photographers are welcoming vintage lenses and cameras as a new part of modern photography.

Using vintage cameras or lenses are becoming popular due to social media photography trends. Basically, the expert considers it as an opportunity for young photographers to learn some tricks by using vintage lenses.

Vintage lenses would be worthy if you choose the best vintage lenses for fuji cameras. Though finding the right lenses is somewhat difficult, we have discovered 5 top-notch vintage lenses for your fuji.

Keep reading to have your desired fuji lenses for various photography.

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Rokinon Vintage Lenses for Fuji | 8mm | F2.8 | Fisheye II (Black)
Rokinon Vintage Lenses for Fuji | 8mm | F2.8 | Fisheye II (Black)

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Neewer Prime APS-C Vintage Lenses for Fuji | 35mm | F1.2 | 180g
Neewer Prime APS-C Vintage Lenses for Fuji | 35mm | F1.2 | 180g

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7Artisans Fixed Vintage Lenses for Fuji | 25mm | F1.8 | Black
7Artisans Fixed Vintage Lenses for Fuji | 25mm | F1.8 | Black

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Meike Vintage Lenses for Fuji | Manual Focus | 35mm | F1.7
Meike Vintage Lenses for Fuji | Manual Focus | 35mm | F1.7

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7Artisans APS-C Vintage Lenses for Fuji | 55mm | F1.4 | Black
7Artisans APS-C Vintage Lenses for Fuji | 55mm | F1.4 | Black

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Best Vintage Lenses for Fuji Reviews

In this section, we have demonstrated the all features and specs of these vintage lenses so that you distinguish your suitable lenses. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Rokinon Vintage Lenses for Fuji | 8mm | F2.8 | Fisheye II (Black)

While thinking about the fuji vintage lens, initially, Rokinon lenses come to mind. In fact, Rokinon is dominating the vintage lenses arena due to photo quality and sophistication. Let’s reveal its exciting features.

First talk about the image and video quality of the lenses. Though it is considered the ideal vintage lenses, it will never let you down by its image quality. To make sure of such quality, Rokinon has used Nano Crystal Coating System (NCS)  that reduces the ghost and flare as well as increase the light transmission.

Aperture is an important aspect of vintage lenses. The lens has come with a maximum aperture of F2.8. That means you will have a brighter photo even in lower light. That’s why this lens becomes ideal for night or low light photography.

Another exciting feature of the lens is its three precision lens elements.  These elements include 2 aspherical and an ED. In fact, these elements make sure the superior photo and video quality.

If we compare the price to other vintage lenses, then it seems a bit pricy. However, if you think in terms of features and photo quality, then it would be difficult to skip the Fuji lens. Besides, you can pick some camera flashes to get a better lighting experience at night.

Key Features

  • The focal length is 8mm
  • 8 apertures work great at low light
  • Used NCS to make sure better photo quality
  • The minimum closer focus distance is 9.5”

2. Neewer Prime APS-C Vintage Lenses for Fuji | 35mm | F1.2 | 180g

For those who are looking for the best vintage lens for video, there is good news for them. The Neewer will fulfill your modern photography requirement through this vintage lens. Let’s dig up the other features.

From fashion to wedding photography, 35mm is the standard focal length, isn’t it? So, if you are looking for such a lens, you can try this one. Indeed, 35mm is quite okay for professional or personal photography.

Furthermore, the focal length gives you assurance in both indoor or outdoor photography. The good news is that you will have a minimum focusing distance of .3 meters for this lens and the filter size is 49mm.

A wide aperture is better for low light photo shooting. In this lens, you will find the aperture range of F1.2- F16. As a result, you can use the lens to have a better photo quality at night.  So, it will reduce your apprehension of low-light photography.

If you have to bother with the lens weight, you will be free from that burden. The weight of the Neewer lens is 180g.Thanks to its light-weight lens that makes the photographs easy for a newbie photographer.

Key Features

  • The focal length is 35mm, and the filter size is 49mm
  • The total weight of the lens is 180g
  • The aperture range of the lens is F1.2- F16
  • Total lens construction elements are 7 in 5 groups

3. 7Artisans Fixed Vintage Lenses for Fuji | 25mm | F1.8 | Black

Whether you are searching the lens for professional or personal purposes, the 7Artisans fuji vintage lens will meet all requirements.  You will have everything in this lens if you are in search of a prime lens.

First, speak about the focal length. 7Artisans set the maximum focal length of the lens to be 25mm. However, it will give you more than that. Basically, the lens is equivalent to the lens of 37.5mm focal length.

Another interesting feature of the lens is its aperture range which is between F1.8-F16. The aperture range of the lens provides a better quality photo even in difficult lighting conditions. Plus, it also provides the improved-control over the depth of field.

The aluminum body and the copper core have made it more durable. That’s how it becomes a compact and light-weight lens. The overall weight of the lens is 143g.

The main advantage of the lens is its wide compatibility. Besides using on fuji lens, you can use this on X-M1 XM2 X-A3 X-T10 X-T20 X-Pro1 X-Pro2 and so on.

Therefore, if you are much concerned about the vintage lens price, this lens will fascinate you to have this one. This is because the lens comes at a very reasonable price along with its design and quality.

Key Features

  • 25mm lens cover up to 37.5mm
  • 7 construction elements in 5 groups
  • Copper core and aluminum body made it lighter
  • Aperture range F1.8-F16, which works well in low light

4. Meike Vintage Lenses for Fuji | Manual Focus | 35mm | F1.7

Are you looking for a prime lens for your Fujifilm? Then you are landed at the right place. Now we are introducing one of the best vintage lenses for fuji, which includes all updated features.

Meike has especially constructed the lens for Fujifilm x mount mirrorless camera. However, the lens has wide compatibility with other brands. For example, you can use the lens on X-T3 X-Pro2 X-A2 X-M1 XPro1, and so on.

Let’s see the focal length. The lens comes with a medium focal length, which is 35mm. The good news is that it can cover up to 52.5mm. So, if you look for a prime lens between 25-55mm, it is better to pick this one.

The lens’s construction is quite standard. Meike has constructed the lens out of 6 elements in 5 groups. Apart from that, the lens is ideal for photo shooting even in critical lighting conditions. It becomes possible due to its aperture range, which is from F/1.7 to F/22.

If you have any doubt about the picture quality of the lens, it will go away soon. Meike has used Nano Multi-layer Coating technology in this lens. As a result, it is reducing the maximum vignetting and flaring.

Key Features

  • The aperture range of the lens is F1.7-F22
  • The focal length is 35mm that covers 52.5mm
  • Construct through 6 elements in 5 groups
  • Nano Multi-layer Coating makes sure image quality

5. 7Artisans APS-C Vintage Lenses for Fuji | 55mm | F1.4 | Black

For those who want perfect vintage lenses for travel photography, they need to consider the lens. In fact, 7Artisans brought the lens to meet your outdoor photography desire.

Though 7Artisans has specially designed it for Fuji X mount, you can use the lens on other models too. As it has wide compatibility upon X-A10 X-M1 X-T2 Pro1 X-E2 and so forth.

The focal length of the lens is specially dedicated for the portrait photographer. Though the original focal length of the lens is 55mm, you will get the maximum coverage of 85mm at all. That means you can randomly pick the lens for fashion photography, wildlife, and travel photography.

7Artisans has used 6 construction elements in 5 groups. Plus, it includes 14 diaphragm blades. As a result, these 14 blades are able to produce high-quality transitions and nice bokeh.

The light-weight feature of the lens made it more popular. It becomes possible due to its aluminum body and copper bayonet.

The fascinating feature of the lens is its Multi-Layer Nano Coating. Thanks to the nano-coating technology that reduces the ghosting and flare while working in brighter light conditions.

Key Features

  • 55mm focal length works as 85mm
  • The aperture of the lens is F1.4
  • Compatible with multiple models
  • Nano Coating technology ensures a better image

Things to Consider Before Buying Vintage Lenses for Fuji

Best Vintage Lenses for Fuji

While choosing your favorite vintage lenses, you need to consider some significant factors. Otherwise, you cannot pick the right lens, and that leads after buying frustration. So, to get out of this situation, you must consider the crucial factors beforehand.

However, we have put together such factors, which will help you to find the best vintage lens for video.

Focal Length

It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing the vintage lenses for personal or professional photography, the first thing you must consider about the focal length. You should choose the right focal length in terms of your photography type.

In general, the vintage lenses come with an average focal length of between 8mm-104mm. However, if you need more focal length than you consider some special vintage lenses for fuji, which may be higher in price whatever.

Nano Coating Technology

This technology is limited to some vintage lenses. However, Nano coating technology is responsible for enhancing the photo and video quality. So, if the lens has this feature, that means there is no question about the image quality.


For those who are always working in a critical lighting condition, you must be conscious of the aperture of the lens. The wider aperture length means it produces enough light during photo shooting in low light conditions. So, if you have such lighting issues, then consider wider aperture vintage lenses for fuji.

Lens Weight

A light-weight lens is always preferable for all photographers. Sometimes, some good quality lenses come in a heavyweight. So, if you consider only the quality and features of the lens, then you should not consider its weight. Otherwise, it is better to go with a light-weight lens.

Body Materials

Though vintage lenses are pretty smaller than other lenses, it does not mean that the body materials of the lens should be negligible.

Most of the above fuji lenses come with an aluminum-made body and a copper core. It denotes the quality and durability of the body. These body materials have been used to reduce the extra lens weight.


While choosing the vintage lenses, price should be of much concern. Most of the vintage lenses’ price range between $100-150. Within this range, you will have such quality lenses.

Moreover, before confirming your purchase, check whether the lens price is compatible with the quality and features of the lens.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Which focal length is suitable for street photography?

Generally, the average focal length for the street photo is considered between 25mm-85mm. However, if you think you need more length, then you can extend it. But don’t get below 25mm.

2. Can I use these vintages lensed for professional purposes?

Yes, you can.

Though these are the vintage lenses for fuji, that does not mean they are less in quality. These lenses provide better image quality with all other premium functions. Thus, you will get better performance from these vintage collections.

3. What is the weight range of the fuji lens?

It depends on the lens’ types. However, the weight range is between 120-200g for vintage lenses for fuji.

4. Are they ideal for fashion photography?

Yes, they are.

The focal length range is performed for fashion photography. Moreover, you will get better image quality even in the indoor shooting.

5. How can I pick the best vintage lens for video?

It is very easy.

However, you must consider some factors beforehand. First, look at some major features such as focal length, aperture, weight and compatibility, then consider the price. If these things are okay, that means you are about to have your intended lens.

Final Words

Though some use vintage lenses for amateur photography, one thing is clear that you can undoubtedly use these vintage lenses for professional purposes too. They are not less in quality and overall features.

However, you just consciously pick the best vintage lenses for fuji, so that you can get the maximum performance. Hope that you have come up with a fantastic vintage lens.

Happy Photography!