Best Vintage Wide Angle Lens – Most Recommended for 2021

Vintage lens lovers are always looking for an exquisite collection. If you are one of them and searching for some vintage wide angle lens, you are in the right place.

These days people are using vintage lenses for various photography. In fact, vintage lens photography got resurgence due to the social photo challenging trend. Even some professional photographers prefer vintage lenses.

Finding the best vintage wide angle lens is a somewhat tricky job for someone. However, we have done this for you by choosing some top-notch vintage lenses for your Fuji, Sony, Olympus, and other cameras.

Keep reading to unlock your most desired vintage lenses.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Neewer Vintage Wide Angle Lens | Manual Focus | 35mm | F1.7
Neewer Vintage Wide Angle Lens | Manual Focus | 35mm | F1.7

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7Artisans APS-C Vintage Wide Angle Lens | 25mm | F1.8 | Silver
7Artisans APS-C Vintage Wide Angle Lens | 25mm | F1.8 | Silver

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Canon EF Vintage Wide Angle Lens | 35mm | F/2
Canon EF Vintage Wide Angle Lens | 35mm | F/2

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Meike MK Vintage Wide Angle Lens for Sony | 25mm | F1.8
Meike MK Vintage Wide Angle Lens for Sony | 25mm | F1.8

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Voigtlander Pan Vintage Wide Angle Lens | 35mm | F/2.5 | Black
Voigtlander Pan Vintage Wide Angle Lens | 35mm | F/2.5 | Black

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Best Vintage Wide Angle Lens Reviews

In this section, we are going to unleash the features and specs of these selected vintage lenses. In fact, it will help you to choose your most suitable wide-angle lenses. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Neewer Vintage Wide Angle Lens | Manual Focus | 35mm | F1.7

While looking for a wide-angle lens, it is better to go with a 35mm prime lens, isn’t it? Yes, the focal length is perfect for covering multiple photographies. Neewer brought this excellent wide lens with other exciting features.

Let’s talk about lens’ construction. Neewer has constructed the lens through 6 lens elements in 5 groups. Along with that, the lens got a multi-layer coating that will help to reduce the ghost and flare. Plus, it enhances the light transmission of the lens.

As we see, most of the vintage lenses are just suitable for few models.

However, the Neewer lens has provided maximum compatibility with various camera brands. So, you use this vintage lens on your Olympus, Panasonic, and Kodak as-c cameras.

If you are looking for a reliable vintage lens for portrait photography, you can undoubtedly pick this one because it is considered the epitome of the vintage lens for portrait photography. It is able to provide superb photo quality by reducing vignetting and flaring.

Finally, if you prefer a budget-friendly vintage lens, you can go for it. It offers a very reasonable price with its exceptional photo quality.

Key Features

  • The focal length is 35mm
  • Aperture range from F/1.7 to F/22
  • Offers huge compatibility rates
  • Used multi-layer coating for better quality

2. 7Artisans APS-C Vintage Wide Angle Lens | 25mm | F1.8 | Silver

For those who are looking for the best vintage portrait lens, there is an exciting collection for them. Thanks to the 7artisans for bringing such a lens which includes all modern photography features.

While looking for a wide-angle lens, you may prefer a lens between 16-35mm. In this instance, the lens can meet your desire because it has a 25mm focal length. Indeed, it will allow covering up to 37.5mm.

Some lenses cannot perform in low lighting conditions. However, there are no such issues with this. The lens has an aperture of F/1.8. That means it is able to provide high-quality photos, even in critical lighting conditions.

Though the lens’ body has made of metal, it is still a very light-weight lens. Besides, the lens has been constructed through 7 lens elements in 5 groups. So, you can use it for both interiors to exterior photography. Even the beginner photographer can easily use it.

If you choose the lens for street photography, you can try this one because the F/1.8 aperture of the lens provides nice bokeh for such photography.

Key Features

  • F/1.8 aperture ensures nice bokeh
  • Construct through 7 elements in 5 groups
  • The focal length is 25mm but covers up to 37.5mm
  • Makes sure a super-light lens, including metal cap

3. Canon EF Vintage Wide Angle Lens | 35mm | F/2

Are you a cannon love and looking for a vintage lens? Then stop you searching right there. Canon itself brought a wide-angle lens for Canon SLR cameras. Let’s dig up its other features.

As it is a wide-angle lens, Canon ensures a focal length of 35mm for this lens. Basically, the lens has been designed for full Canon EF SLR. That’s why it will provide a maximum focal length of up to 56mm.

If you are mostly working on interior photography, you may suffer from low lighting. However, the lens comes with an F/2 aperture, which works fantastic even in critical lighting conditions. Plus, it has control over the depth of field.

Though it is a vintage model, it never lets you down with its photo quality. It becomes possible due to its super spectra coating technology. Thank this technology that reduces the ghost and flare for high contrasting or intense lighting.

The design of the lens is quite fascinating for an amateur to a professional photographer. It is compact and light-weight, that’s why it is considered as the lens for fashion photography to street photography.

Therefore, if you consider the lens in terms of its features, photo quality, and performance, you cannot overlook it. Besides, you can pick some quality flash for canon 5d mark iii.

Key Features

  • F/2 aperture is suitable for low light capturing
  • Comes with a light-weight and compact design
  • Able to reduce ghost and flare for better quality
  • Focal length 35mm that equivalent to 56mm

4. Meike MK Vintage Wide Angle Lens for Sony | 25mm | F1.8

Whether you are a professional or a beginner photographer, if your priority is to pick the best vintage wide angle lens, then you are landed at the right place. Meike brought the lens, which included fascinating features.

As it is a slightly wide prime lens, it offers a 25mm focal length. The good news is that within this lens, you can cover a maximum focal length of 37.5mm. Apart from that, it has a large aperture of F/1.8, which is performing well in low light photo shooting.

Meike manufactured the vintage lens specially for sony e mount mirrorless cameras.

Besides, it supports other models such as NEX 3, NEX 5R, A5100, A6600, and so on.

Let’s see its construction. Usually, the lens is constructed through 7 lens elements in 5 groups. Besides, it has come with multi-layer coating technology. That means it reduces the ghosting and flare while capturing in critical lighting conditions.

As it is a manual focus lens, it has a minimum closer working ability up to .25meters. Besides, its metal barrel ensures a smooth surface, and the metal bayonet mount makes sure mounting accuracy.

Key Features

  • Focal length 25mm but covers 37.5mm
  • Lens aperture range from F/1.8 to F/16
  • Minimum working distance is .25m
  • The multi-layer coating ensures photo quality

5. Voigtlander Pan Vintage Wide Angle Lens | 35mm | F/2.5 | Black

If you are really searching for a compact vintage lens, there is a search ending wide-angle lens for you. Voigtlander ensures all the premium features for this vintage lens.

The main benefit of choosing the lens is its multiple compatibilities. It will easily adjust with your Fuji X cameras and all sony M43 and NEX models. Besides, it can fit with all Leica M cameras.

As a wide-angle lens, it offers a focal length of up to 35mm. In fact, this focal length is quite suitable for street photography to fashion, wedding, and portrait photography at all.

Some lenses cannot produce the expected quality while capturing in difficult lighting conditions. However, there are no such issues in this lens. Due to its F/2.5 aperture, you will get the same photo quality regardless of the brightness.

It is a manual focus lens. However, you can capture the photo at a minimum distance of 2.3meters. Apart from that, it can easily adjust with an LH-4N lens hood.

Finally, if you directly go for its price, it seems a bit pricey. However, when considering it as a vintage wide angle lens with its function and features, you can easily go for it.

Key Features

  • Lens focal length is 35mm
  • Maximum aperture of F/2.5
  • Minimum capturing distance 2.3m
  • Compatible with various models

Things to Consider Before Buying Vintage Wide Angle Lens

Best Vintage Wide Angle Lens

While buying some technical products, you must consider some crucial features beforehand. Otherwise, the chance is higher to come up with a non-suitable product. This is also applicable for a lens.

However, to ease your finding the best vintage portrait lens, we have assembled some such significant features for you. Let’s get them.

Focal length

While buying the vintage wide angle lens, you must consider the focal length. You cannot randomly choose any focal length lens.

You will get a wide lens in most of the prime lenses. The average wide-angle lens should be between 16-35mm. However, in some cases, you can choose either below 16mm or upper 35mm, which will be in terms of your photography.

Aperture Size

Aperture ensures the quality photo while capturing in critical light conditions. So, to get the optimum photo quality, you can choose a convenient aperture size for your vintage lens.

A larger aperture should be suitable for a low light photoshoot.  You will get maximum light by such an aperture lens.

Coating Technology

Different manufacturers ensure different coating technology for their lenses. The coating technology is mainly responsible for reducing the ghosting, flaring and vignetting. Plus, it also ensures light transmission. As a result, the lens can preserve its photo quality regardless of lighting conditions.

So, these lenses come with this technology. You can rely upon them for better photo quality


Most of the vintage lenses construct through 7 lens elements in 5 groups. Besides, some manufactures use a metal barrel and metal bayonet for mounting accuracy. In this instance, these metal elements can increase the weight of the lens. So, consider these things before purchasing.

Capturing Distance

This is a must-check feature for the vintage wide angle lens. A wide lens should provide a minimum capturing distance. However, the capturing distance depends on the lens to lens. While choosing a wide lens, you should go with a lens that works at a minimum closer.


A costly lens doesn’t mean a quality lens. So, find a cost-effective lens instead of a costly one. However, most of the vintage lens comes at very reasonable prices. But some of them got a higher price. In this instance, you should consider its overall features and check whether it is compatible with its price. If it goes, you can get it.


That means whether the lens is convenient to carry. A portable lens always comes in a light-weight and a very convenient design. If you choose the lens for professional purposes, you should consider the feature.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Which are the recommended lenses for portrait photography?

You can cover your portrait photography with most of the prime lens. To be precise, you can use the lens between 25-35mm. In fact, these lenses can provide you with a maximum focal length of up to 56mm.

2. Can I choose these lenses for interior photography?

Yes, of course!

It will provide the best photo quality even in high lighting conditions since these lenses have a larger aperture range.

3. Do these lenses have weather protection?

Maybe not. There is no clear manufacturer’s information about the lens’ weather protection. So, it is better not to choose these lenses if you have any weather protective issues.

4. How closer these vintage lenses capture?

It depends on the lens to lens.  Some lenses have closer capture at .25m, and some others have a minimum of 2.3meters. So, you can consider the minimum distance in between.

5. What things should I consider while buying the best vintage portrait lens?

First, you can see some basic features such as focal length, aperture, weight, and construction. Finally, consider its price. If these things are compatible with the price, you can lock the lens.

Final Words

Choosing vintage lenses would be easy if you follow the above factors. So, it doesn’t matter whether you choose the lens for professional or personal purposes, you should always choose the best vintage wide angle lens.

I hope that you have found your intended lens as you have scrolled throughout the articles.


Happy Photography!