How Do Paddle Holsters Work

How Do Paddle Holsters Work – Definitive Guideline for Newbie in 2023

There is no scope to question the practicality of a holster. A holster with durable material and a snug fit can guarantee safety and maximum utility anytime you need it.

And when it comes to feasible usage on the go, there is hardly any replacement for paddle holsters.

OWB or IWB, concealed or open- no matter what your demand is, paddle holsters have a way out. The durability adds up to the efficacy of such holsters.

Paddle holsters make your gun carrying easier with their varied functionality. Yet the question persists- How does a plain leather sheath offer so much utility?

Well, we tried to find the answer as well. In this article, we will explore anything and everything about the work method of paddle holsters.

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Paddle Holsters, But Why?

Paddle Holsters, But Why

In most cases, users pick a paddle for the feasibility of withdrawing the gun. This holster is utilitarian to use a firearm on the go.

It is a classic and safe pick if you are in security or confidential fields. Police, bodyguards, and lawyers can get the most use out of a paddle sheath.

Again, users store a wide range of holsters. In such cases, paddle holsters are for shooting within a limited range. These holsters are highly effective in training and competitions as well.

Nonetheless, it is just a brief outline of the usage of a paddle holster. You can use it anytime and anywhere you want to.

The best part about using a paddle holster is you can take it off anytime you want. The button adjustment allows users to attach and remove the sheath within seconds.

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Herefore, if you are out and about, a paddle holster allows you to draw the gun whenever you need. So, check for your needs and pick accordingly.

Concealed or Not?

Paddle holsters come in variations of open or closed carrying as well. Depending on the requirements and situation, you can go for either concealed or open sheaths.

A tight and sleek paddle holster is an apt pick for concealed carry. This holster will easily get covered beneath your jacket or any loose-fitted cloth.

On the other hand, you can use bulkier holsters if you are into open carry. This holster will stick high out of your pocket. Such sheaths are apt for OWB carry on a daily basis.

Nonetheless, heavier OWB sheaths are sturdy and provide an easy gun draw.

Hence, check on every point and go for either open or concealed carry. If you are looking for the Holsters for Sig P365 XL, you can find the recommendations here.

How to Use a Paddle Holster?

How to Use a Paddle Holster?

If you are carrying a gun for safety purposes, you won’t need to wear the holster all day long. You can easily skip on wearing it by carrying it in a bag.

When it comes to wearing a paddle holster, there are two different options. You can either attach the holster over your belt or slide the sheath beneath the belt.

Which is the best method to wear the holster?

Well, the “best” is subjective here.

If you decide to use the paddle over your waistbelt, it will sit over your skin. On that account, you are going to sense the shape and texture of the gun. This method can be uncomfortable when you are out for long days.

For those who prefer comfort over anything else, on the belt carry is the way to go. If you are looking for the CZ 75 Holster, you can find recommendations here.

Although the holster rides a bit low, there is no trouble in drawing the gun. Nevertheless, you might need to compromise on the concealing.

The other considering factor is the portability of these holsters.

If you attach your holster over your waistband, you might face hitching issues. The case will not be the same when you opt for an orthodox OWB slide carry.

Practically you cannot overcome the gun juggling inside the holster. It will persist, no matter what. However, the severity will be less for slide carrying. The belt helps to mitigate the shake to some extent.

So, here is the bottom line- if you prefer concealed carry, the waistband is the way to go. And if you use a holster over hours, belt attachment will give you the best results.

What Features to Look for While Picking a Paddle Holster?

As we are opting for paddle holsters, the paddle shines over everything. Nevertheless, there is no room to compromise on the holster itself.

So, we will check on a few points of both the paddle and holster.

Let’s begin with the paddle first.

A solid paddle will spread over a wide area. That way, it can hold the gun in its place aptly. In addition, the connection between the holster and the paddle must be sturdy.  Poor stitching may result in tearing the holster after a few usages.

Do not forget to check the kind of attachment the holster provides. The retention lip must be easy to attach over a belt or any cloth. As a result, you will get a solid hold over the waistband or belt.

When it comes to the holster, here are the factors to consider-

No matter which holster you pick, it should be a snug fit for your gun. The holster should have adjustable passive retention for a smooth draw every time.

The base idea behind a paddle holster is easy attachment and release. It is more or less a tool of convenience.

Final Words

Paddle Holsters

It is demanding to pick the right holster in the first go. But with all this information in hand, you are now ready to explore the world of holsters and get the apt pick.

With that, we come to an end to the discussion. We hope our article helped provide you with ample information about the mechanism of a holster. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us.

Be safe, and keep safe!

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