How to Camouflage a Rifle with Burlap

How to Camouflage a Rifle with Burlap – Ultimate Guide for 2023

No matter where you are out to hunt, blending into nature is imperative to be successful. And when camouflaging, why leave your firearm?

It is hard to find a hunter who would disagree on the utility of gun camouflaging.

One reflection from the gun is enough to make the game of you. And no one wants to return empty-handed after so much toil.

On that account, knowing the in-order tactics for camouflaging is crucial for every hunter. You can camouflage a gun using different methods.

Among all, burlaps are one of the most common and easy methods to implement. You can get done with the process following a few simple steps.

In this article, we will be explaining the ways to camouflage a rifle with burlap. Additionally, we will share some secrets to make the process easygoing.

Let’s get started!

What is a Burlap?

What is a Burlap

A burlap or a scrim is a light fabric with a gauze pattern weave. You can find it in the covering of hardcover books. Burlap is also used in photography and in theatres to reflect light.

What makes burlap a substantial camouflage tool is its weaving. Despite having a net-like appearance, scrims are sturdy enough to resist tears.

Added to the benefits, the fabric is transparent. For that, you can use it to cover your head as well.

Overall, burlaps are a suitable camouflage pick when you are out in the woods or rainforests.

Considerable Factors While Camouflaging a Rifle with Burlap

We can’t stress enough on picking up a camouflage that fits your hunting spot. All the toil will go to vain if the gun peeps out from the camouflage.

If you are opting for burlaps, you are probably up for hunting in the woods. To know more about the choke for 00 buckshot, click here.

On that account, we recommend you pick up your outfit and gear accordingly. The camouflage works best when the accessories and outfit are in harmony.

Things You Will Need to Camouflage a Rifle

Using burlaps to camouflage your rifle does not require much toil. Once you have the tools sorted, the process won’t take more than one hour.

But before starting with the task, you will need to pick a few things from the hardware store.

Here is all you will need to camouflage a rifle using burlaps-

  • Burlap or scrim fabric
  • A few strings
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Spray paint of different tones (black, brown, and green)

Steps to Camouflage a Rifle with Burlap

Steps to Camouflage a Rifle with Burlap

There is no hard and fast rule to follow while camouflaging your firearm with burlap. Nonetheless, following a sequence makes the procedure of no sweat.

We have designed a step patterned schedule for the procedure. Let’s check that!

Step 1

The first step will be to prepare the burlap fabric for wrapping. For that, you will need to get the burlap of your choice and cut strips out of it.

Take out a sharp scissor and cut out 1 foot wide strips from the fabric.

Adding dimensions can make the camouflaging more accurate. You can pull out a few strings from the edges to get the desired texture.

Step 2

When you get the burlap, it is not in the tone that you will need. Nevertheless, this fabric acts as a great canvas for any paint.

To get a color that merges with the woodland, you can use spray paints. That’s what we will do in this step. If you are looking for 22LR snap caps, you can find recommendations here.

Lay the scrim strips evenly over the ground. You can use different tones of greens, browns, and blacks to paint here.

You can place leaves over the cloth and spray around. That will help to form a leaf-like pattern.

We recommend using hues that blend with the environment in which you will carry the gun. Ideally, this will add more depth and dimension to the fabric.

Step 3

Burlaps are relatively thinner than other fabrics. Thence, it doesn’t require much time to dry out the paint. However, our suggestion will be to let the paint dry before wrapping.

If you begin with a relatively wet burlap, it will leave stains on the rifle. Herefore, let the strips dry for about an hour or two before the wrapping procedure.

Step 4

Now let’s start the wrapping process. Take the scrim pieces and wrap them around the rifle. Start from the muzzle and run it through the stock.

Don’t cover the receiver as it creates obstacles in the ejection of fired shells.

Step 5

Once the entire rifle is covered, you will need something to hold the burlap in place. To do that, you can use either glue or some strings.

Other than that, you can take thick strips out of the remaining burlap and get away with it. The more strings you add, the more dimension the gun will get. And that brings us to the end of the process.

Aftercare for a Burlap Camouflaged Rifle

Wet burlaps can dampen the gun surface. Plus, it can leave stains as well. Considering all these aspects, we recommend taking off the strips after use. Just clean the gun and use a new piece of cloth for your next hunting.

Final Words

Burlap Camouflaged

Irrespective of the scenario, appropriate camouflaging can level up your hunting game. You can ramp up your expertise in catching a game by adapting a few techniques.

Apart from the quality of the burlap, opting for an accurate wrapping technique is crucial. Leaving some room near the trigger will help in moving the keys.

Now it is time you pick up some scrims and get into the wrapping procedure. Good luck!

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