How to Grip a Revolver

How to Grip a Revolver – Definitive Guideline for Newbie and Experts in 2023

Did you just get a new revolver and holster? Then knowing how to handle the gun is imperative for maintaining safety.

Let’s face it, handling a gun is no child’s play. It can save you and harm your safety at the same time. You cannot risk your life with poor gun handling skills.

In order hand grip over a gun reduces shaking and helps in improving the accuracy of shooting. Thence, there is no room for compromising on this issue.

That is what we will do today. In this article, we will be digging deep to explain the ways to get the perfect grip on a handgun.

So hold tight while we guide you through the tactics. Probably it can help you in combat with an intruder; and even in an actual fight in the future.

Significance of Gripping the Gun Correctly

As we are stressing about the right way to grip a handgun, you might have a few questions. Do I really need to learn to handle a gun? Is there any difference if I follow this technique?

Well, the answer is yes. To know about the 22LR snap caps for your revolver, you can click on this link.

As per the experts, one cannot compromise on holding the revolver correctly. It is a crucial yet difficult step when you learn to shoot.

Many of us might limit its utility with safety. But that’s not the scenario. Knowing the technique to grip a revolver has its use in the technical field as well.

Aiming the target is easier when you are holding the revolver correctly. Working with a revolver can be risky, especially for a novice.

But when you have the right grip, the chances of missing the target come down to a minimum.

The jerks from the shooting are enough to injure your hands. Proper grip works on reducing that as well.

Overall, good revolver handling can ramp up your shooting experience by manifold. Self-defense adds up to the benefits too.

Techniques to Grip a Revolver

Grasp or Grip?

If you are acquainted with guns, you probably have heard about gripping and grasping. But do you know the difference between these two?

Although these words resemble the same meaning in regular life, they hold different meanings here. Grasping is the technique of holding a revolver.

The techniques may vary depending on the firearm you use. It is dependent on one’s comfort as well. Additionally, you can know about the gun belt for OWB by simply clicking here.

On the other hand, the part of the gun you grasp is a grip. It is an instrumental part of the revolver. You can alternate it as per your convenience.

How to Grip Your Revolver?

Grip Your Revolver

The art of gripping a revolver requires a certain degree of expertise. And it doesn’t come in a day.

Nevertheless, following a few techniques can help you hone your skills. Here are some tips that might come up as helpful while gripping revolver-

Keep Your Shoulder Wide and Feet Apart

While handling a gun, it is crucial to cope with the backward thrust. For that, you need to have a firm body posture.

So, you have to spread out your shoulder and place your feet wide apart. Such a posture is full proof to absorb the shock from shooting.

Wrap Your Dominant Hand Around the Handle of the Revolver

Holding the handle of the gun with your dominant hand helps in getting better control.

Check if your thumb can cover the other side of the revolver. This step, too, helps in better thrust absorption managing. Elsewise, the gun may move upward from the reactive force and miss the target.

Placing your index finger in the right spot is important as well. It should rest outside the trigger but not over the trigger. That will lower the possibility of misfiring.

Place The Other Hand Around to Support Your Dominant Hand

Wrapping the other hand around the dominant one will amplify your strength. You should do it in a way that the thumb of the non-dominant hand covers up the thumb of your dominant hand.

Avoiding this step may cause trouble in cross dominance aiming.  So, bring your non-dominant hand into action.

Keep Your Elbows Straight

With all the setup, you are now ready to aim. Now, straighten your elbow and move your arms upward towards your eye level to set an aim. While aiming, we recommend to go by your dominant eye.

How Not to Do While Gripping a Revolver?

While many gripping techniques may seem enticing, they are not apt for firing. Experts recommend avoiding a few grips while you are holding a gun.

Here are a few styles and finger positioning you should avoid getting a secure grip on the revolver-

Finger crossing

While it may appear as simple, crossing your fingers can be a dangerous way of gripping. Placing your finger over the gun in such a posture can result in severe injuries.

Herefore, we recommend placing the fingers in an open pattern.

Teacup Grip

In this style, the dominant hand is on the grip and the support hand of the shooter rests beneath. That way, the supporting hand is creating obstacles for your domain hand.

Index finger Before the Trigger Guard

If you are placing your index finger in front of the trigger, it is not a wise move. Instead of controlling the coil, the finger loosens it up. On that account, the possibility of missing your aim increases.

Wrist Gripping

A firm wrist grip doesn’t help much for accurate shooting. Alternatively, we recommend using the fingers aptly will provide better results.

Final Words

Revolver Grip

While it might be easy to get a new revolver, handling it like a pro can be taxing. Some generic yet effective tactics will make your shooting experience safe and enjoyable.

We hope this article helped you to have an overview of the ways to grip a revolver aptly. Just remember the points and be confident.

Stay safe!

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