How to Mount a Scope on a Rifle Without a Rail

How to Mount a Scope on a Rifle Without a Rail – Easy Discussion in 2023

Most of the modern rifles are pre- drilled and attached with rail. So, it’s easy to mountain a scope precisely without imparting arduous effort. However, the classic or older rifles are not pre-drilled and don’t have any rail. Therefore, it’s not easy to mount a scope up. Older rifle might not have any rail but it’s usable as a modern one with several changes.

What are the Necessary Tools Required

Rail-less Rifle- As you are going to mount a scope on a rail-less rifle, you must need a classic or older rifle without having a rail. It’s a must for you.

A scope you choose- Then, you have to collect a perfect scope that works with and suits your rifle. In terms of choosing a scope, you can take advice from a renowned gunsmith because he knows which one is preferable for a particular gun.

Mounting ring and Scope rail- Scope rail and ring are integral parts for a rail-less gun in order to mount a scope accurately.  Basically, it’s quite impossible to mount a scope without a rail and ring. The two tools, actually, keep a scope stable. There are several types of rails and rings in the market, therefore, you should take suggestions from a well-known gunsmith to select a perfect rail and ring.

A good gunsmith or necessary tools-When you are expert at drilling and tapping, you might do it on your own but there remains some risk of screwing up since you are not a professional one.

In this case, it’s better to hire a skilled gunsmith. A skilled gunsmith drills your rifle and taps the new base plate with it, places the plate and rifle’s rail, then scope. However, appointing a gunsmith is costlier but he will meet your expectations undoubtedly.

Boresighter-Boresighter is another necessary tool. After finishing all the process carefully, a gunsmith uses a boresighter in order to check whether everything is lined up accurately or not. Don’t forget to check the Shotgun Case reviews.

How to Mount a Scope on a Rifle Without a Rail

Mount a Scope on a Rifle Without a Rail

After collecting all the tools, you may start to mount a scope on a rifle without a rail. Since it needs propriety, you have to be careful from the very beginning. To do this you have to follow some crucial steps which are given below. Check out the most essential Review for Holster for Beretta 92fs.

Step 1:Let the gunsmith handle

Mounting a scope on a rifle without a rail, you need to install a base scope and rail, and it’s not at all an easy work. So, it’s better to leave the gun to an expert gunsmith who will do the work of installing scope and rail with precision. It will also save your valuable time.

Step 2:Drill and tap the receiver

At first, the gunsmith will disassemble the rifle down to the receiver and secure it. Then he will place a special jig on top of the receiver  to make a hole on the accurate place. The special jig holds pre-drilled holes to make the drilling perfect. However, if the gun is pre-drilled, then, you need to skip this particular step and go forward. Caution is mandatory while you are drilling and tapping otherwhise it will ruin the whole process.

Step 3:Base plate installation

Now, installing the base plate is the next process after drilling and tapping. This process is to attach the rail to the receiver. Loctite, an adhesive, is used so that the attachment gets more stable and permanent, and no moisture gets underneath the mount.

Step 4:Rail attachment

It’s time to attach the rail with the base plate. Most of the gunsmiths all over the world use Picatinny rail in this case. Rail attachment may be called a semi permanent fixture that relies on your installing rail type. When you are fixing the rail, keep patience and be careful.

Step 5:Put up scope ring and scope

When you are done with all the steps mentioned above, then, you can set the scope ring as well as scope simultaneously. You need to be careful when you choose a scope for your rifle beause there are various types of scope which might not match to your rifle.

Step 6:Bore Sighting

The last process is called boresighting. In most cases, a gunsmith uses a boresighter in order to bring into proper parallel alignment. You can use a laser bore sighter for testing the scope whether it’s correctly aligned or not. Sometimes boresighting is attained in naked eye though it’s not an easy task and there are the possibilities to retain some flaws. Therefore, using boresighter is a wise decision for you.

What does it mean to drill and tap

Drillinga and tapping are must necessary process. Drilling means to create a new hole for the screws and tapping is

for fitting the screws. One thing to be remembered, some  old rifles are pre-drilled but don’t have any base plate when other need to create a hole and set a new one . In this case , a particular jig is used for perfect drilling. Make sure you also check our guide for IR Light for Night Vision.

How much may it cost to tap and drill

Normally, drilling and tapping charges around $25 per hole, and usually three or four holes are needed for mounting a scope. So, it costs $75 to $100 for tapping and drilling without mounting. Sometimes, it also varies on gunsmith. That is why, it would be better to hire a competent gunsmith instead of thinking about the prize because he would do it properly within a short period of time.


Mount a Scope on a Rifle

Now, it’s pretty clear from the above discussion that firstly you have to collect all the necessary tools and then, have to follow the mentioned steps one by one in order to mount a scope on a rifle without a rail. Doing it on your own is a bit difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, it’s much better to deliver the whole process to a gunsmith. He will do it with a skilled hand and minimize your time.

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