How to Polish Nickel Plated Gun

How to Polish Nickel Plated Gun – Easy Method Explained in 2023

Did you recently get a nickel-plated gun or use one for the long term? If so, then knowing the gun polish techniques is imperative.

While you can opt for any metal polishes for ordinary guns, the case is different with alloy guns. Using a harsh polishing liquid will rub off the alloy layer.

Multiple questions revolve around gun polishing. Is it necessary to clean the gun? Which metal polish should I use. How often should I polish the gun?

Well, we will try to address all queries related to polishing nickel plated guns today.

In this article, we will deep dive to find the significance of polishing a gun.

After that, share expert instruction on how to polish nickel plated guns. Here, we will focus on some tips and tricks to get a mirror like shine.

Let’s begin then!

Polishing Gun- But Why?

Polishing Gun- But Why?

Polishing helps in keeping the gun in order for the coming days. It helps to keep the gun usable in the longer term.

Proper helps to keep the gun working for long-term usage. Plus, the overall look of the gun is elevated with good polishing. You can get the reflective shine that everyone craves with a newly polished gun.

And when it comes to guns with alloy coating, it demands some special care. This care includes specialized polishing. If you are curious to know the techniques to make a flat spring, you can click here.

Consider checking the the next portion of the article fr a polishing guideline.

Things You Will Need to Polish Nickel Plated Gun

Things You Will Need to Polish Nickel Plated Gun

In most cases, alloy guns are sensitive to specific reagents. And nickel plated guns are no exception.

Anything that has hydrogen embrittlement in it will cause severe corrosion to nickel. Other than that, you can use anything of your choice to clean the nickel plated gun.

As far the polishing goes, you do not need any fancy things.

The first thing you will need is a lint free cloth to clean up the gun. Having a metal cleanser is imperative for in-depth cleaning.

For polishing, you can opt for any compatible metal glo polish. That will work just fine.

Skip on the homemade polishes. Use them on other projects.

And that’s all!

Steps of How to Polish Nickel Plated Gun

Steps of How to Polish Nickel Plated Gun

To make the procedure easy to understand, we will divide it into multiple steps. That will make the work procedure easy to follow as well.

Here is a piece of recommendation- keep all the tools within your arm’s reach. Once you start working with the polish, things will get messy. For that, keep a spare cloth handy for cleaning up.

Let’s begin then!

Step 1

The first step will be to disassemble the nickel plated gun. Dismantle the entire revolver to detachable parts.

Next, take out the nickel attachments from each of the components. Don’t leave any removable parts on the gun. That way, cleaning the interior of the gun gets easier.

Step 2

The next step will be to pick a suitable cleaner. While choosing a cleaner, consider checking if there are any harsh chemicals in the ingredient list.

If there is use of any corrosive chemicals, skip on the cleaner. Nevertheless, if the observation is negative, you can move to the next step.

Step 3

Now let’s move to clean the gun. Take out a generous amount of metal polish on the cloth. Then spread it over the fabric with rapid finger movements.

We will use this cloth to clean all the polished parts of the gun. For optimum results, use round and gentle strokes.

Step 4

After you are done polishing the nickel plated gun, all that is left is a final cleaning. For that, take the clean and dry end of the fabric.

Buff the newly polished gun to remove any remaining extra metal polish. That will help to bring out the shine that you are looking for.

We recommend going for a double buffing for better results.

Step 5

With the last step, the polishing part is all done. All that is left now is to reassemble the gun.

This step demands extra precaution. The polish is still raw. On that account, any fingerprints will easily make indentations over the surface.

Once assembling the gun is done, store the gun in a clean and dry place to avoid dust and discoloration.

And polishing your nickel plated gun is all done!

Tricks to Polish Nickel Plated Gun

Tricks to Polish Nickel Plated Gun

While many might opt for homemade polishes, we don’t recommend that.

We agree on such polishes making the procedure economical, but it won’t give you the desired sheen. DIY metal polishes can be a bit harsh for a nickel plated gun.

Are you thinking of investing in a shotgun choke? If so, then you can find the ways to measure the shotgun choke size by clicking in this link.

Therefore, we recommend investing in quality metal polish. This little expenditure pays off with longevity in the long run.

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Final Words

Polish Nickel Plated Gun

You can hardly go wrong with gun polishing. Nevertheless, it is always good to have some guidelines, especially for beginners.

The polishing process is very subjective. Over time, you will develop your own techniques. That makes the process more convenient and provides the best results.

We are always open to modifications. Share your techniques so that we can improve our polishing process.

Stay safe!

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