How to Remove AR 15 Stock without Tool

How to Remove AR 15 Stock without Tool – Easy Discussion in 2023

AR 15 plays an important role in the performance. This makes a significant difference in the performance of the rifle than anyone can even imagine. It’s not just about comfort, no it is not limited to it, it’s also about the shooting. The buttstock makes direct touch with the shoulder and face, so it must be comfortable while also providing exactly the proper amount of kick.

Though replacing or removing the stock on an AR-15 seems to be a easy task, it can be quite complicated if you dont know the right procedure. That is why many people are afraid of the name of replacing the buttstock. However, if you understand the various sizes of AR tubes, stocks, and buffers, things become a lot easier. So here we are to help you out and to make the process easier and simpler for you.

Why Remove the AR 15 Stock

There are numerous reasons why you might need to remove the buttstock from your AR-15 rifle. Some of these causes could include:

  • To purge your inventory
  • To replace your stock with a new one, you must first repair it.
  • There is some issue to fix

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How to Remove AR 15 Stock Without Tool

Remove AR 15 Stock Without Tool

AR buttstock mounting systems are available in four basic designs. All four make use of an extension tube that protrudes from the back of the receiver and houses the recoil spring as well as the buffer itself. The confusion originates from the fact that systems exist in three lengths: A1 rifle, A2 rifle, and carbine. To add to the confusion, carbine extensions are available in two diameters: mil-spec and commercial. Mil-spec tubes have a diameter of 1.148 inches, while commercial tubes have a diameter of 1.168 inches. Fortunately, the buffer insert itself comes in only two lengths: rifle and carbine.

Step 1

The initial step is to detach the existing stock from its extension tube. To access everything in the next steps, you’ll need to remove the upper receiver first. A magazine-well vise block is really useful. Lifting the adjustment lever, you can entirely remove the stock from the extension tube.

Step 2

Now, take the buffer and spring out of the tube. Simply press down on the detent pin to release them. Using an AR armorer’s tool, carefully loosen the locking ring. When viewed from the back, it will rotate counter-clockwise. Please be aware this time. As you begin to remove the tube, the buffer detent pin and spring may pop out.

Step 3

As you remove the old extension tube, the rear takedown pin spring will be revealed. Slow down and pay attention to this one as well! We can now screw in the new extension tube. Screw the new extension tube only halfway into the receiver. You’ll need to insert the pin and the buffer detent spring, try to hold it in the right position, and then get done with screwing the extension tube into place.

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Step 4

When the tube is finger tight and all springs are securely in place. After that tighten the extension tube with the receiver. Most AR tools have a cutout for attaching a torque wrench, such as the one seen below. Tighten the extension tube with a force of roughly 35 foot pounds.

After you’ve inserted the tube, just slip the replacement buttstock into position. Make sure the takedown pin spring is correctly in place before pushing all the way to the receiver body. That should be pushed into the receiver without kinking by the new stock.

Step 5

The new rifle buffer and spring, at the bottom, are now ready for installation inside the extension tube. Take note of how much shorter the carbine buffer is. Simply reverse the removal process to install. While placing the spring and buffer into the extension tube, keep the detent pin in place. Once the buffer past the pin is pushed, release it, and the buffer and spring should be held captive inside the extension tube.

Now we are finished and the AR stock has been replaced properly.

Final Words

AR 15 Stock

By now you must know that replacing AR 15 stock without a tool is super easy. You have to be steady and patient while doing it. Most of the guns require the same procedure. So now, there will be no problem changing the stock. If you find this article helpful, share this with your friends. And let us know if you have any queries.

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